American Skateboarding Sold Brands


Here is a list of a lot of American skateboard deck providers: 5Boro, Alien Workshop, Almost, Anti Hero, Bacon, Baker, Birdhouse, Chocolate, Consolidated, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, DGK, Enjoi, Expedition One, Element,  Flip, Foundation, Girl, Globe, Grizzly, Hockey, Hoopla, Hopps, Hosoi, HUF, Isle, Killing Floor, Magenta, Meow, Mini Logo, Mystery, Numbers Edition, Otherness, Passport, Polar, Powell, Prime Heritage, Primitive, Plan B, Quasi, Real, Santa Cruz, Skate Mental, Skate Warehouse, Slave, Sovrn, Star Wars by Santa Cruz, Stereo, Suicidal Skates, Toy Machine, Traffic, Transportation Unit, Welcome, WKND, Zero, Zoo York, Black Label, Blind, Dogtown, Habitat, Heroin, Krooked, Lifeblood, Pizza, Shake Junt, Sk8 Mafia, Theories, Tired, Vision. I personally like Deathwish Skateboards because of the experience I’ve had with them. I really like their decks because it lasts long and doesn’t loose its pop to quickly and they do different shaped boards if you don’t like the traditional popsicle stick. Deathwish has some pretty cool lookin graphic on the back of the board. I’ve mostly just road Deathwish but Welcome skateboards are pretty awesome too. I really like welcome boards because they also have many shapes and sizes and they have some pretty awesome lookin graphic on the back.


Here is some American truck providers: Ace, Bullet, Destructo, Independent, Industrial, Krux, LUXE, Silver, Tensor, Theeve, Thunder, Venture, Mini Logo, Royal. I personally like the original Independent trucks because they are just super light and they last a very long time. I have independent trucks on my complete and they have lasted me forever and I have grinded on them a lot and they are still super good. But I also really like Thunder trucks because they look really nice and have some pretty cool graphic on them but they are still not as good as independent trucks.


Here is some American wheel providers: Alien Workshop, Autobahn, Baker, Blind,  Bones wheels, Chocolate, Crailtap, Darkstar, DGK, Element, Enjoi, Ghetto Child, Girl, Gold, Kryptonics, Mini logo, OJ, Orbs, Pig, Portland Wheel Company, Powell, Primitive, Ricta, Santa Cruz, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Sunset Skateboards, Wayward Wheels, Wreck Wheel Co. I personally like Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a lock-in wheels because they have super good grip on the ground, can lock in super good on rails for grinding, have super good powerslides, and can still roll over pebbles pretty nicely also you can still do tricks and land them nicely. Bones wheels are also pretty nice and smooth but for me not super good for tricks.


Here is some American bearing providers: 11:11 , Andale, Beerings Brand, Black Panther, Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co., Chocolate, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flip, Girl, Gold, Grizzly, Hard Luck, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus, Pig, Quickies, Royal, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Speed Demons, Toy Machine, Spitfire. I personally like Bones Reds Bearings because they are super smooth there only around $17 dollars at like the Skate Warehouse. also they are really easy to clean and last a super long time. Another bearings brand that is pretty good are Shake Junt Bearings they are pretty good and smooth and are just a pretty good bearings brand and can cost a little cheaper then Bones Reds.

Grip Tape

Here is some American grip tape providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Black Magic, Blind, Bro Style, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flypaper Griptape, Girl, Grizzly, Habitat, Hard Luck, High Times, Independent, Jessup, Kayo, Krux, Mini Logo, Mob, Mouse, Primitive, Royal, Santa Cruz, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Superior, Zero, Thrasher. I personally like Grizzly Griptape because it grips super good at lasts a long time and also has some pretty cool graphics.

Another pretty good brand is Mob Griptape. Mob Griptape is good because it is the free griptape that comes with any deck you buy at a skate shop and lasts a super long time and grips very nicely.


Here are some American hardware company providers: Diamond, Almost, Bacon, Bones Wheels, Bro Style, Chocolate, Dad’s Lounge, Doom Sayers, Enjoi, Girl, Gold, Hard Luck, Independent, Mini Logo, Modus, Plus Reserve, Shake Junt, Shorty’s, Skate Warehouse, Superior, Thunder. I personally like pretty much any hardware its all pretty good.

Riser Pads

Here are some American riser pad company providers: Diamond, Dooks, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus. I personally like pretty much any riser pads but I don’t like to use them skateboarding because they are just dead wait.


Here are some American bushing company providers: Bones Wheels, Creature, Doh-Doh, Independent, Mini Logo, Thunder. I personally like Independent bushing because they are super nice because you can choose between hard, medium, or loose bushings and they don’t cost a lot of money.


Here are some American wax company providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Bones Wheels, Creature, Diamond, Girl, Royal, Zero. I personally just like to make my own wax because its cheaper. also you don’t need wax to skateboard its just if you want to do grinds or stuff like that.

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The Beneli Super Vinci Review

 About The Benelli Super Vinci

The Benelli Super Vinci is a semiautomatic shotgun sold by Benelli for approximately $1,700. The Benelli Super Vinci is a semi-automatic hunting shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. It’s named after the famous Italian Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci because, Benelli says, like da Vinci, the Vinci is an innovator. What makes the Super Vinci different from the Vinci is the Super can fire magnum loads.

Benelli’s Super Vinci Semiautomatic Shotguns are the evolution of the earth-shaking Vinci design with heavy-hitting 3-1/2″ capability. The rapid-cycling Practical Speed Performance™ (PSP) action handles everything from 2-3/4″ 1-1/8-oz. field loads to 3-1/2″ magnums. Its ComforTech® Plus stock and comb pad soak up recoil for smooth, instant follow-up shots. Revolutionary three-part modular take down design is easy to assemble and disassemble. Sculpted magazine-loading port makes it easy to load magnum 3-1/2″ shells. Crio®-treated barrel. Red-bar front sight and metal bead mid sight. Includes set of shims to customize the gun’s drop and cast. Also includes five Crio choke tubes (C, IC, M, IM and F), wrench and choke case as well as custom-fitted gun case. Over-sized trigger guard, enlarged safety and sculpted forend for use with gloves during inclement weather.

Is the Benelli Super Vinci a Good Waterfowl Shotgun?

Yes, this gun is great for waterfowl hunting. This gun has a lot of great features like the In-Line Inertia Driven action. Being a waterfowl gun it will sometimes get wet and will be very dirty and like every shotgun it needs to be cleaned every once in a while but the In-Line Inertia Driven action keeps the gun in good shape. The choke tubes that come with the gun are also very nice. Not only do they help with your shot pattern they keep your gun cleaner.

What else is this gun good for?

This gun is also good for every other type of shotgun hunting.  it is a great dove gun because it is light weight, semiautomatic, and can shoot and eject 2 3/4 inch shells that are used for doves. It is also very good for big birds like turkeys or swan because it can chamber 3 1/2 inch shells too. if you are not a hunter is good for skeet shooting because of its accurate shoot patterns and fast reloading. ..

The shotgun is one of the best shotguns on the market not only cause it is a great gun but it looks super cool. You can buy it covered with Realtree Max5 shadow grass camouflage. If you want to research more go to the realtree website.

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Lany: The Newest Indie Band from California

The Newest Indie Band:

“Aint never felt this way, can’t get enough so stay, with me” Those few words are the words that started this band’s fame. LANY the newest indie band  from Los Angeles, California. It all started when Paul Jason Klein was working on his solo career, then he met up with then friends, now his bandmates, Les Priest and Jake Goss.

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Their first album, Make Out, has their most famous song, “ILYSB”. They then produced yet another album titled, I Loved You. But the most recent album, LANY, which was released on June 30th of 2017, has had their best songs yet. From their most touching sounds like “The Breakup” or “Hericane”, to their funny songs mocking their moms, “Parents” have you in a good mood throughout the whole thing. They even brought back their most famous song “ILSYB” to be on the album.

Mood Of LANY’s Music:

Whether you are going through a break up, or finally getting over one, the newest indie band’s music can put you in the right mood. Are you mad at your ex being unloyal? Listen to “Good Girls”. Does your ex want to get back together? Pull out and listen to “The Breakup” to remind you that “It’s never the same love, yeah after the breakup.” If you are mad about the whole situation you went through with your ex, LANY has the music for you. Sitting alone on a Friday night eating ice cream while crying? Listen to LANY. Even if you want to go on a car ride with your new beau, turn on LANY for that romantic, night car ride. Do you want to have your first kiss with someone? Turn on “Super Far”. No matter what the mood is, LANY has the music to go with it.

Band Members And The Bands History:The Newest Indie Band

Of course, we have to talk about the band members who are in the newest indie band. Paul Jason Klein is the lead singer, is one of the guitarists, and also plays the keyboard. He is dating singer Dua Lipa. Les Priest is the guitarist and also plays the keyboards. Jake Goss is the drummer of the band. The three were friends, and then decided to create a band. Paul Jason Klein was in Nashville, Tennessee at the time. Then his new band mates flew out, and that is how the band LANY was created. LANY stands for Los Angeles New York. Paul, Les, and Jake are from Los Angeles, and they love New York City, which is where the name came from.

Merchandise:The Newest Indie Band

LANY has amazing music, and has even branched out into making their own clothing. You can buy sweatshirts, shirts, and hoodies. Their online store also provides some of their albums, but in vinyl form.  They also have posters that you can buy, and they are signed by all three band members. The band also sells patches to put on your clothes. You can start looking like your favorite band with all of their merch. If you love the clothes the band wears, then you can be just as aesthetic as them and buy their clothes. You can even make your room aesthetic with their vinyl collection. As long as you have a record player, then you can buy and play the vinyl.


Tours:The Newest Indie Band

Do you live in the United States? What about Australia? Well none of that matters, because LANY travels the world on tour! They travel the world to make sure their fans in all countries can hear them. They start their tour in the United States, but then they travel to Europe and do multiple different countries. Fans stand outside in lines and wait for hours so they can see them perform. While on tour, the band will even interact with the fans. So try and get close to the stage! You never know if Paul will try and crowd surf, or even reach down and touch your hand. Many fans have been amazed to be so close to the band, and it definitely pays off. LANY will also post on their social media and have their fans in the picture with them. And who wouldn’t want a picture with these good looking guys.

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What is the Best Gaming Console?

The Best Gaming Console

This is a question that gets asked a lot and the debates usually get pretty heated. We are entering a generation where it is becoming more normal for people of all ages to play video games. Even though more people are playing video games, the community of gaming is pretty split and divided. Especially when it comes to the gaming console that the players play on because everybody has an opinion and gaming is a pretty passionate subject. Some people grow up along with the games and these consoles and watch them to grow as they do.

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Nintendo Consoles

There is no doubt that Nintendo holds a special place in the heart of millions of gamers around the world. This company has been in the gaming industry since 1972.Nintendo released their first console, Nintendo Entertainment System or known as the NES. Nintendo since then has created a fair amount of consoles that have become iconic. Nintendo makes

amazing consoles that innovate the way you play classic video games. For example, the Nintendo Switch allows you to take the games with you anywhere and play on TV. The Wii and Wii U were revolutionary when it introduced sensors and motion sensitive controllers that changed the field of in house multiplayer. Nintendo’s Switch comes at a relatively low price at $300, however, it doesn’t mention the amount of money that has to be spent on more controllers, games, and protectors.

Of course, consoles have to have more exclusives than just their features. That’s where exclusive games come in and save the day. Nintendo fills their consoles with loads of exclusive games only available on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo owners have some pretty good exclusives such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Metriod series.  However, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and other popular first-person shooters(FPS) will most likely not be on Nintendo Consoles.

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Xbox has been an outstanding success since its original release in 2001. The company that owns Xbox is Microsoft, so that’s a big plus if you already have a Microsoft account. Xbox has been one of the power houses of the console world for the past 15 years. Their newest console, Xbox One X, c


osts 499.99 USD (374.30 GDP). That is fairly more expensive than the Nintendo consoles. However, it does have a bit more variety in games than Nintendo. Another pretty cool thing that you can do with Xbox is customize your own controller and than order it online. This may sound like a really simple idea, but in comparison to Nintendo and PlayStation, this is amazing. Nintendo does make cool controller ideas, but you can’t custom

ize your own official controller. PlayStation really only has basic colors and some unique designs here and there, but they are really simple and usually kind of boring.

Well, into the Xbox exclusives. One of the biggest fan favorites for

Xbox is definitely the Halo series. That’s really the only big exclusive that Xbox has, although it does have dozens of indie and smaller games that are pretty


sick. Cuphead made it’s way onto Xbox One as a console exclusive. Cuphead is on PC, but no other console. Roblox and Cuphead, and others of indie games that are exclusive to Xbox are always awesome to play.

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PlayStation is another console that dominates the gaming world. The

original console came out in December of 1994. The PlayStation was what it’s called, but now its called PS1 for reference as the first console. The newest console that PlayStation has made is the PS4 Pro that released in November 2016 and costs 399.99 USD. Sony makes the PlayStation consoles. They are also known for making other electronic devices such as TVs, Blu-rays, and AV systems. PlayStation has some pretty cool features such as the ability to play Blu-ray discs for when you want to watch a movie.


PlayStation also has some exclusives such as Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and God of War. These games have a high amount of nostalgia since they appeared in older PlayStation consoles. Destiny and Call of Duty are like half exclusives because PlayStation has some bonus perks and exclusive content, but they are available in other gaming consoles.

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The Legend of Zelda

Some of the important history of The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an amazing puzzle game with dungeons that will help you along in the game.  The game series was first started by Nintendo in 1986.  The first game of the franchise of The Legend of Zelda is “The Legend of Zelda”.  The Legend of Zelda  was for the Nintendo Entertainment System and it has over 6.50 million copies sold.  There are 19 different games at the moment with The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild.  Most noteworthy, each game is an original story yet stays true to the story line of saving a princess.  Especially relevant, you play as Link, the hero, who usually has to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from a power crazed person. Hence, these monstrous villains usually are trying to rule or destroy the kingdom.

The Hero

Since Link is the hero of the Games he is a character that you can become very attached to as you travel in his journeys.  In most of the games, you learn about each of Link’s back stories and why they do the things they do.  Link is a small time town boy who somehow finds his way into the middle of the conflicts.  He is usually around 10 years old or 17 years old.  His hair color is between blonde to sandy blonde and is lanky and figures out how to fight.

Link is most notable for his famous Green tunic, his shield and The legendary Master Sword.   He always seems to have a friend to help him fight against the evil people.  An important tidbit is that most of the time Link is a mute.   In addition, he is also an orphan losing his father as he was a solider, and his mother trying to defend Link as she got him to the Great Deku Tree.

The Princess

Zelda is no ordinary princess for she is not helpless.  Though captured often, she fights and works very hard to protect her kingdom.  Zelda is the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia.  There are four goddesses and Hylia was the protector of the world.  Hylia passed down magical powers to help Zelda with her battles.   Another fact about Zelda is that she holds the Triforce of Wisdom which makes her very smart and wise.  It also makes her telepathic and increases her power when she uses it.  Lastly, she is able to create the best plans due to using her great powers.

Zelda and Link usually ends up fighting together in the end.  It seems there is a love connection between these two.  In some stories, it really shows, other games, not so much.  They do argue and fight like brother and sister but there is much more to it.

Main Villain

The main villain or bad guy most people will think about is Ganon or Ganondorf.  As the only male in his tribe, he becomes the king of thieves and traitors.  They are a  very dark, bad, scary, bottom of the pot type of people.  An interesting fact is that males are born only every hundred years and have red hair.   Ganondorf  serves the King of Hyrule after the Hyrule Civil War.  As a result, under that King, Ganondorf learned about the almighty Triforce.  So, the goddesses gave the almighty Triforce power to the people.  Consequently, with this knowledge, he planned a coup to kill the king and steal the Triforce.  This is where the Ocarina of Time takes place.

Important Defeats

Ganon is defeated and sealed in a sacred place called Sacred Realm in one story timeline.  The Triforce is usually stored in The Sacred Realm which is ironic.  Because Link was sent back to his youth, Ganon broke free and attacked Hyrule.  This resulted with the Goddesses flooding Hyrule and locking it away under the great ocean.  Once again Ganon tried using the Triforce to unflood Hyrule but before he could, the King of Hyrule wished that what wasn’t in the ocean was destroyed.

Another important defeat of Ganon was where Link took the Ocarina of Time away and Ganon attacks Hyrule with his tribe to steal the Triforce.  Ganon attempt was met with failure and he was sealed in the Mirror of Twilight. He escapes many centuries later and releases his vengence across the land.  Link’s new reincarnation eventually defeats him with the master sword.

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Tips on how to get good grades in ninth grade and pass

If you have struggled in the past years with your grades here are some tips


Studies show that if you study for a test the day before you will do good on the test. Either write notes on what you are learning or do the worksheets so you can review them at home. Also, another thing that will help you study for a test is having a family member help you study. They can help by quizzing you on your test.  Researchers say that if you eat gum while you are studying it will improve your memorization.  When you go to take the test eat the same gum. It will help you remember better when you take your test.


If you do your homework the day you get it you will get it done faster. If you do the homework right after your brain is still in school mode. Then it will be much easier to do. Also, the homework can be based on what you learned in class that same day. So your brain will still know what to do and it will be easier for you. Also, don’t wait to do your homework and turn it in on the day it is due. If you did your homework and turned it in on time you will get a good grade.

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Grades are super important in 9th grade because if you have bad grades you won’t go to high school. Also, if you get an F you have to do community service and try to get your credits up. I would also recommend to not get a U in any grade not only 9th grade. If you want to get into a certain college, they usually look at your reports from grade 9th-12th grade. They look to see if you are a good student and if you are they will most likely accept you. But if you have bad grades and a bad citizenship they will probably not let you in the college.

Paying Attention

I have some good tips for paying attention. If you are struggling with paying attention you can block out any distraction you have. The electronics are the worst distraction. When it’s your friends that are the distractions, either tell them to stop distracting you. Or if that doesn’t try, just try no talking to them.


The organization is the key to life and school. Being organized is very helpful in school. If your binder is really messy and paper are coming out of it, I would organize it. It will help to throw away papers you don’t need or just to organize it. A planner is also a helpful tip for the organization. If you use a planner you can plan out when assignments are due.

If you need more tips go here-


A planner is also a useful thing to use in school. If you use a planner you are most likely to stay on task. When you use a planner you should do the following.  Write down anything you need to remember. Put a due date when the assignment is due. Use the planner daily and bring it to every class.


It is very important to study and not to procrastinate on doing homework. If you procrastinate on doing your homework you are more likely to not get it done. Or you will end up doing your homework an the day its due. If you go out with your friends instead of doing homework that’s procrastinating. You will be better off doing your homework then going out with your friends.


Eating is the most important part of your day. If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast you might get tired in school. If you get to tired in school, you wont be listing. Also, if you don’t eat you will be thinking of food instead of school. Even though you have lunch at school you should still eat a healthy breakfast. They breakfast doesn’t have to be that big. It can be easy as grabbing a granola bar. I would also recommend on making sure you have time to eat breakfast.



Incredible Ocean Animals

Intro to Incredible Ocean Animals

Ocean animals are incredible creatures! They are very smart, and interesting to learn about. Some common ocean animals are Dolphins,  Whales, or Sea Otters. One thing these creatures have in common are they are all mammals. For one thing, a mammal is any animal that is warm blooded, this also means they breathe through lungs. Other sea creatures like the Shark, are cold blooded animals, meaning they breathe through gills, these are just a few examples of some incredible ocean animals, to check out at some other fascinating animals visit

Dolphin History

On the subject of dolphins, the history of the dolphin goes back to about 20 million years ago, and was later studied by a Greek philosopher. Dolphins were believed to be discovered in South America. Dolphins and people have had friendships over the years.  Over time dolphins have been known to help  people and are used in many ways.


Indeed, dolphins are a very common sea creature, they are known for being playful and intelligent creatures. Dolphins are warm blooded creatures, this means that they have to come up to the surface of the water to breathe, however dolphin is different from most mammals, instead of breathing through their mouth, they do it through their blowholes while they eat through their mouths.

The habitat and diet of a dolphin

Dolphins are carnivorous, they eat a variety of fish and shrimp. It depends on where the location is of the dolphins, that effects what food is available to them. Dolphins are found in most tropical waters throughout the world.  Dolphins are commonly found in warm, shallow waters. With temperature change or limited food, this can result in the migration of dolphins.

History of Sea Turtles

The Sea turtle, is yet another incredible ocean animal, having been known to be around for about 215 million years, this makes them one of the most ancient creatures, fossils have been found in Germany, this is where we believe they date back to. Another evidence we find to prove that sea turtles date back millions of years ago is the fact that Sea turtle fossils have been found before dinosaur fossils.

 Sea Turtles, One of the incredible ocean animal

Besides the fact that most Sea turtles spend their lives in the ocean, like dolphins, they still need to come up for air about every 45 minutes. However when nesting underneath they can stay under for several hours before coming up for air . In addition, the female sea turtles will come onto shore to lay eggs other than this the sea turtle will stay underwater. These creatures can live a long life, almost as long as a persons life, they live up to 80 years.

Sea Turtle’s habitat and diet

While Sea turtles are mainly vegetarians, depending on the specie they can be meat eating animals. Some sea turtles such as the Hawksbill, eat shrimp, and squid, while others like the Loggerheads, eat jellyfish and crab. Sea turtles are found almost everywhere throughout the oceans, they can be seen nesting on tropical beaches. The migration of sea turtles is common, sea turtles will usually migrate to find food. They can travel long distances, from ocean to ocean.

The Open Ocean

“Wow”, is the word I think of when I hear the word ocean. Think of a time when you visited a beach, you can see the ocean stretch, almost looking as if it never ends.  The oceans are humongous and they hold amazing sea creatures within their depths. Unbelievably ocean life takes up about 95 percent of life on earth, and the ocean itself is up to 70 percent of the entire earths surface, that is a lot of water! As a matter of fact, we know little about our oceans, there is so much more to discover in oceans, in addition with the ocean life, from what we have discovered, there is 230000 discovered species in the ocean, but that is only a small section of our oceans explored. The intensity of our oceans may teach us something about the earth that we live on.


In the final analysis, we observed two specific marine animals, the dolphin and sea turtle, however their are thousand of more creatures to observe, for more info go to
























9th Grade Girl Drama | 5 Ways to Find It

I have serious success in finding 9th grade girl drama. Although it is not a success if you don’t want it, it is what follows me. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. So, here goes 5 ways to find 9th Grade Girl Drama if you want it.

9th Grade Girl Drama

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Make Friends, Not Girl Friends

You have to make the right friends so you don’t end up some where bad in your life its all about the first impression don’t  , its like fishing you got to get the right bate for the fish you want to catch so be the type of person you want to be friends you know that saying opposites attract that is completely a lie or my math teacher would love me and make sure you smile because no one likes someone who is dead inside so show em your pearly whites make sure you have lots of friends so every one likes you and your never lonely because loneliness leads to depression unless you have friends that make you depression in that case get better friends

Eat Lunch by yourself

eat lunch by yourself but at a table no one is at and scene  you already have all those friends they will flock to you because there is no one sitting by you and make sure your focused on your food and eat with your mouth closed or they will think your a slob and no one likes a slob because they messy unless its another slob because opposites don’t attract make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth because that’s not really attractive so make it not a habit of chewing with your mouth open

Sing, but not too loudly

sing but not too loudly and not too softly don’t sing to loud because people will think your loud and if they think your loud that’s not good because people tend to like their ear drums and don’t sing to quietly because people will think that your talking to yourself and talking to yourself is just really thinking out loud and that’s weird just think in your head it is really not that hard just think of thinking in your head and you’ll already be doing it its that simple you just have to think of something positive and do it

Be funny, but not that funny

there is a fine line between funny ,dad jokes and , rudeness ,you don’t want to be boring but you don’t want to be rude you want to be nice but funny and not boring and also don’t make jokes every five minutes people would hear your jokes too much and you don’t want that because you want people to need to hear your jokes they want it if you tell it every five minutes then its like hearing the same joke over and over people wouldn’t be laughing they would block you out because you talk to much so don’t do that be just enough funny to so that some one comes up to you and asks you for a joke

Be happy but not too happy

and this part is all about how i type random stuff because i have nothing else to talk about i think this will work because i don’t think he reads these well the very good ones i 9th grade girl drama think he reads but i am not sure i hope he doesn’t read this because he would like probably give me like a C in 9th grade girl drama his class and that’s a bad 9th grade girl drama and if my parents were to see that they would probably beat me or something just kidding they would be like you got to get that C up that’t funny it looks like i Instagram meant to spell cup but i didn’t laugh out loud  9th grade girl drama

Basketball Hall of Fame

What is the Basketball Hall of Fame?

The Basketball Hall of Fame is a special monument for those players that have  left a mark in basketball history.  Once an important player in the NBA has retired from player they may be placed in the hall of fame. There is more than one hall of fame, it is not just for basketball. There is also a baseball and football hall of fame, along with many other sports. When an important athlete has retired for playing they may be placed in the hall of fame. Once in the hall of fame they are recognized for the affect they have had on basketball. It is not only players that are inducted into the hall of fame, coaches, teams, contributors, and referees may as well.  People come from everywhere to learn about  these players and coaches  and the legacy they have left.

Who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Most recent members include:

Robert Hughes- coach

Tracy McGrady -player

George McGinnis- player

Image result for basketball hall of fame

Muffet Mcgraw- coach

Zack Clayton- player

Bill Self- coach


Older inductions include:

Original Celtics- team 

Mathew Kennedy-referee

Ralph Morgan- contributor

Charles Hyatt- player

John Schommer- player

Oswald Tower – contributor

Basketball Hall of Fame History

The purpose of a hall of fame is to honor a player, coach, or other contributors to the sport who have made a difference.  At the beginning of the hall of fame all it was was a small building on the campus of Springfield College.  Since then it has expanded to the great large building that it is today.  The game of basketball was first played on December 21 of 1891 as the years went on it changed and developed into the wonderful game that so many love.  On February 17, 1968 the Hall of Fame was officially opened to the public. At the time of the opening the NBA was going through a very important time in this time. History was being made.

At the Beginning

The grand opening of the hall was so spectacular people started planning it 30 years in advance. They first started making plans when the United States beat Canada in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  However,the road wasn’t always easy for the hall of fame. Throughout the years it has been known as the birth place of basketball, and fans of basketball flocked from everywhere to visit it. When America entered World War Two it stopped the ideas for an expansion for some time. Eventually however  the Basketball Hall of Fame rose back to the top and is the house of so many basketball legends.

Founder of the Game

The full name of the hall is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame named after the man who invented the game of basketball Dr. Naismith.  Dr. Naismith game up with the idea over a century ago and this idea has completely changed history. The Naismith Memorial couldn’t have a better name. Naming the building that celebrates so many great contributors to basketball after the founder of basketball himself couldn’t be better.

Top Famous Inductees

When someone is inducted into  the hall of fame they are put in with a class. Over the years there have been many classes with some of the biggest basketball contributors. Here are 6 of the most popular induction classes.


1987: Walt Fraizer, Pete Maravich, and Rick Barry

1980: Jerry Lucas, Jerry West, and Oscar Robertson

2002: Magic Johnson, Lute Olson, Larry Brown, Kay Yow, Drazen Petrovic, and the Harlem Globetrotters

2008: Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Pat Riley, Adrian Dantley, and Dick Vitale

2009: Micheal Jordan, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, David Robinson, and C. Vivian Stringer

2016: Shaquille O’Neal, Yoa Ming, Allen Iverson, Sheryl Swoopes, Tom Izzo, Jerry Reinsford

All of these players, teams, coaches, or contributors listed have done a great deal in influencing basketball history.

How does someone get in the Hall of Fame

Everyone eligible of being inducted like players, coaches, referees, and other contributors has different requirement they have to meet.


In order to be inducted a player must stay retired for four whole seasons. If they choose to come out of retirement for even a short amount of time they will have to start the process over again once becoming retired again.


Just like a player a coach needs to have been retired for four seasons. However there is another options if the coach has not yet retired. If they have coached a high school or collage team for at least 25 years than they may be considered for induction on their 26th year of coaching.


Referees need to be retired for four seasons as well. They also would have to have been a ref actively  for 25 years or more.


Contributors are eligible of induction if they  have generous contribution to basketball. Weather the contribution is generous enough to be inducted is up to the Hall of Fame induction committee.

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David Archuleta: A Bioagraphy

An Introduction

David Archuleta is a very talented singer. Born in Miami, Florida, Archuleta moved with his family to Murray, Utah. He began to take the headings in the newspaper when he was sixteen. Archuleta tried out for the hit television series American Idol. The young teenager didn’t win, unfortunately, but did win 2nd place and started off on a career in music.

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The First Album: David Archuleta

Firstly, Archuleta’s first album, published in 2008, was a self-titled album called David Archuleta. It contains many amazing songs, such as Crush, Touch My Hand, and A Little Too Not Over You. Also, all of the songs take his awesome voice to a new level. The creative songs give light on David’s talent and future in music. Finally, To Be With You is the best song on this album for me.

Songs in this album

  1. Crush
  2. Touch My Hand
  3. Barriers
  4. My Hands
  5. A Little Too Not Over You
  6. You Can
  7. Running
  8. Desperate
  9. To Be With You
  10. Don’t Let Go
  11. Your Eyes Don’t Lie
  12. Angels
  13. Works for Me!

The Christmas Album

Next, his second album was another success. It was released a year after his first and was a Christmas album. Firstly, the album, titled Christmas From the Heart, was made with many incredible traditional Christmas songs and some original songs written by Archuleta. I’ll Be Home for Christmas, O Holy Night, and Silient Night are favorites included in the album. On this album, my favorite is Pat-a-Pan because of the cool arrangement and how the beginning is in French.

Songs on the album

Joy to the World

  1. Angels We Have Heard on High
  2. O Come All Ye Faithful
  3. Silent Night
  4. The First Noel
  5. O Holy Night
  6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  7. I’ll be home for Christmas
  8. Pat-a-Pan
  9. What Child Is This
  10. Riu Riu Chiu
  11. Ave Maria
  12. Melodies of Christmas

The Other Side of Down

With his third album, David’s producers told him he had to have a love song on the album. Hating the idea of singing a cheesy song like Justin Bieber sings, David decided to write his own love song. The title is My Kind Of Perfect, and is my favorite song on the album. Secondly, Complain, Good Place, and Things are Gonna Get Better are awesome songs also included in the album. Finally, I just have to say that all of the songs are great and you should listen to them all.

Songs on the album

  1. The Other Side Of Down
  2. Something ‘Bout Love
  3. Elevator
  4. Stomping The Roses
  5. Who I Am
  6. Falling Stars
  7. Parachutes And Airplanes
  8. Look Around
  9. Good Place
  10. Complain
  11. Things Are Gonna Get Better
  12. My Kind Of Perfect

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This album was different than some of his other albums. It is full of covers that he did. Some songs, such as Be Still, My Soul and True Colors, are wonderful and show his talent in singing softer songs. Everybody Hurts, another song on the album, has a lot of cool singing parts. For me, the best song on this album is Be Still, My Soul because it brings out David Archuleta’s feelings about singing.

Songs on this album

  1. Beautiful
  2. Somewhere Only We Know
  3. Everybody Hurts
  4. Don’t Give Up
  5. Angel
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  7. Broken
  8. True Colors
  9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  10. Be Still, My Soul


Sadly, I haven’t listened to this album very much, so I don’t have a favorite. I’m sure that the songs are great and wonderful, but, again, I haven’t heard a lot of it.

Songs on this album

  1. Forevermore
  2. Rainbow
  3. I’ll Never Go
  4. You Are My Song
  5. Hold On
  6. Wherever You Are
  7. Maybe
  8. Tell Me
  9. Reaching Out
  10. Nandito Ako
  11. Forevermore (Minus One)
  12. I’ll Never Go (Minus One)
  13. Rainbow (Minus One)

No Matter How Far

This one is a little confusing. For example, Forevermore, Tell Me, and I’ll Never Go are all on this album as well as on Forevermore. First, I like a lot of the songs, but I don’t have a favorite for this one either. Finally, the more times I hear it, the better I will like the album.

Songs on this album

  1. Nothing Else Better To Do
  2. Everything and More
  3. Don’t Run Away
  4. Tell Me
  5. Love Don’t Hate
  6. Wait
  7. Heart Falls Out
  8. Notice Me
  9. I’ll Never Go
  10. Forevermore

Postcards in the Sky

For the most part, David Archuleta had a new album every year from 2008 to 2013. However, Postcards in the Sky was just released on October 20, 2017. Postcards in the Sky, unlike other albums, shows who he is as a person. Firstly, he wrote them all himself (with the help of a few others). For the most part, all of the songs have a special meaning and background. Secondly, the best songs, which is SUPER hard to figure out, for me are Numb, Up All Night, and Other Things in Sight. Thirdly, a lot of the songs are very emotional, like Upset with Me and Say Me. For example, Say Me was written about how David Archuleta works with an industry called Holt Industries, which helps support orphans.  Finally, the songs provide insight to some of his feelings about life and joy.

Songs on this album

  1. Postcards in the Sky
  2. Invincible
  3. Numb
  4. Someone to Love
  5. Spotlight Down
  6. I’m Ready
  7. Other Things in Sight
  8. Say Me
  9. Upset With Me
  10. Up All Night
  11. Waiting in the Stars
  12. Seasons (feat. Madilyn Paige)
  13. Cracks of Heaven
  14. Shine a Light
  15. Aiming for Hope
  16. A Little Goes a Long Way

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