Cats or Dogs?


Cats or dogs? Many people may have the same question when they choose their pets. There are an endless number of reasons to love them. Dogs are the best friends of us; cats are fluffy and cute. Which one do you like the most?

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Reasons to love dogs

1. They are the best friends that comfort you when you sad.

Do you have any time that feel sad, disappoint and you want someone to comfort you? Dogs are always the first one to notice your bad emotion. When you see a cute face and a fluffy tail in front of you, there is no way you will be sad.

2. They are always excited to see you when you come home.

Whether you are come back from your vacation, or when you are just come home from school, your dog will be the first one to greet you and is overjoyed to see you. They make you have the feelings of home and loved.

3. They are the most reliable protectors.

A protective dog is the most trustful one. They always have your back and will never let you down. The safest place to be is behind a loyal, protective dog. You always know to not trust someone that your dogs do not like.

4. They are the greatest exercise partner.

Since you get a dog, you have to walk them almost everyday. Having a dog forces you to be more motivate and it keeps you in a good shape.

5. They love you as much as you love them.

Dogs wait at the door when they know you are coming home. They dance for you with excitement when they see you. And they’re always deliriously ecstatic to see you no matter what. They are our best friends and our most loyalty friends.

Even if you have been so busy that you haven’t had the time to give you dog the attention he deserves, he’s still madly waiting for you to come home. All he wants is you. He loves you  unconditionally.

Reasons to love cats

1. They are fun to watch.

Have you ever seen a cat is chasing something? Maybe a butterfly, a toy, even a bottle can hook their attention. It is fun to watch them chasing things. Their actions will make you happy all the day.

2. They are a part of us.

A cat is a pet who becomes a part of the family. They give you love and affection, they play with you, and you are their toy. They play in front of you and make you laugh. Everything you do is just so entertaining.

3. They are protective.

Maybe you think cats are useless. But you are wrong about them. They are not. They can keep out mice and bats, they give you a clean area and you do not have to worry about those pests.

4. They are easy to feed.

Unlike dogs, they do not have to be walked, so you can save a lot of time to sleep or do whatever you want(unless you want to exercise them you pets). They can take care if themselves, and they can clean themselves too. They do have to feed, but you can feed them once a day and leave them alone for the day and do what you have to do and not worry that they will destroy your house like dogs do.

5. They bring love to you.

These fuzzy fellas bring love and great companionship to humans. Animals companions are needed for every family. Cats are affectionate and loving creatures. They demand love and caring but they give back love and caring too. People are wrong about saying that cats cannot love or loyal. Of course, they do. They have the same feelings that we have, they care about you and love you when they show” I do not care” behavior outside.

Cats or Dogs?

Both of them are our best friends. They need your love and your caring and they bring love and caring back to you. It is a hard question that asking you which one do you like the most.  You can walk your dog everyday and play outside with them. You can also feed a cat and just watch them to have fun, or you can be their toy. They both are loyalty and cute.

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