Incredible Ocean Animals

Intro to Incredible Ocean Animals

Ocean animals are incredible creatures! They are very smart, and interesting to learn about. Some common ocean animals are Dolphins,  Whales, or Sea Otters. One thing these creatures have in common are they are all mammals. For one thing, a mammal is any animal that is warm blooded, this also means they breathe through lungs. Other sea creatures like the Shark, are cold blooded animals, meaning they breathe through gills, these are just a few examples of some incredible ocean animals, to check out at some other fascinating animals visit

Dolphin History

On the subject of dolphins, the history of the dolphin goes back to about 20 million years ago, and was later studied by a Greek philosopher. Dolphins were believed to be discovered in South America. Dolphins and people have had friendships over the years.  Over time dolphins have been known to help  people and are used in many ways.


Indeed, dolphins are a very common sea creature, they are known for being playful and intelligent creatures. Dolphins are warm blooded creatures, this means that they have to come up to the surface of the water to breathe, however dolphin is different from most mammals, instead of breathing through their mouth, they do it through their blowholes while they eat through their mouths.

The habitat and diet of a dolphin

Dolphins are carnivorous, they eat a variety of fish and shrimp. It depends on where the location is of the dolphins, that effects what food is available to them. Dolphins are found in most tropical waters throughout the world.  Dolphins are commonly found in warm, shallow waters. With temperature change or limited food, this can result in the migration of dolphins.

History of Sea Turtles

The Sea turtle, is yet another incredible ocean animal, having been known to be around for about 215 million years, this makes them one of the most ancient creatures, fossils have been found in Germany, this is where we believe they date back to. Another evidence we find to prove that sea turtles date back millions of years ago is the fact that Sea turtle fossils have been found before dinosaur fossils.

 Sea Turtles, One of the incredible ocean animal

Besides the fact that most Sea turtles spend their lives in the ocean, like dolphins, they still need to come up for air about every 45 minutes. However when nesting underneath they can stay under for several hours before coming up for air . In addition, the female sea turtles will come onto shore to lay eggs other than this the sea turtle will stay underwater. These creatures can live a long life, almost as long as a persons life, they live up to 80 years.

Sea Turtle’s habitat and diet

While Sea turtles are mainly vegetarians, depending on the specie they can be meat eating animals. Some sea turtles such as the Hawksbill, eat shrimp, and squid, while others like the Loggerheads, eat jellyfish and crab. Sea turtles are found almost everywhere throughout the oceans, they can be seen nesting on tropical beaches. The migration of sea turtles is common, sea turtles will usually migrate to find food. They can travel long distances, from ocean to ocean.

The Open Ocean

“Wow”, is the word I think of when I hear the word ocean. Think of a time when you visited a beach, you can see the ocean stretch, almost looking as if it never ends.  The oceans are humongous and they hold amazing sea creatures within their depths. Unbelievably ocean life takes up about 95 percent of life on earth, and the ocean itself is up to 70 percent of the entire earths surface, that is a lot of water! As a matter of fact, we know little about our oceans, there is so much more to discover in oceans, in addition with the ocean life, from what we have discovered, there is 230000 discovered species in the ocean, but that is only a small section of our oceans explored. The intensity of our oceans may teach us something about the earth that we live on.


In the final analysis, we observed two specific marine animals, the dolphin and sea turtle, however their are thousand of more creatures to observe, for more info go to