Parakeets: Great Pets

If you are looking for a great pet, you should consider getting a parakeet.

Low cost

The biggest expense when getting a parakeet is going to be the cage. You will want to get a parakeet cage that is good quality and has enough room for you parakeet to be happy. You can usually pick up a good cage for around 100 dollars. The parakeets themselves cost only around 20-30 dollars. You should also supply your bird with some toys and perches.  After the initial expense of actually getting your birds and setting up their cage, you won’t be spending much more on them. Parakeets food usually costs around 20 dollars for a bag/container that will last for a month or two. Compared to a lot of other pets out there, parakeets are very low cost.

Parakeet Personality

Parakeets are widely known as very companionable pets. But, if you do not have time to spend with them and play with them, then they will not open up to you and be as friendly. That is why I would recommend getting two parakeets. Getting two parakeets will make it so you are not required to spend as much time with them. Although playing with your birds is fun, it does require time, and with school, work, or other events you are engaged it usually gets brushed aside. Getting two parakeets allows them to play together and get more contact with each other.


Parakeets usually eat seeds, or seed mixes. However, a parakeets diet should not just consist of seeds. Parakeets should be fed fresh fruits and vegetables because just like us they need a healthy diet so they do not get overweight and have health problems. Most fruits and vegetables are ok for your birds to eat but citrus fruits and spicy vegetables should not be fed to them.

Parakeets Wings

Parakeets are birds so they obviously have wings. However, they can be clipped. When you clip a birds wings you do make it so it can not fly. But their wings will grow back out. Some birds wings grow faster than others. They probably offer to clip birds wings at local pet stores or at a vet, but you can also learn to clip them yourself. You must be cautious when you clip them yourself because you can hurt the bird. So make sure before you do it you are prepared to do it.

Image result for parakeet wing feathers

Fun Pets

Parakeets can be very fun pets. You can teach them tricks, teach them how to talk, and just play with them. Teaching you parakeets to talk can be hard and not all birds will talk. It takes a lot of repetition as well. Male birds are more likely to talk than female birds. Through repetition and rewards you can also teach a bird to do tricks with practice. All in all parakeets are very fun pets!

Parakeet Safety

Parakeets are birds and so cats and dogs will see it as their prey. All animals that are natural predators to birds are still going to have the same instincts when faced with a parakeet. So if you have a cat, dog, snake, or an animal of that sort, your bird would be in danger. Not only are animals predators to parakeets, but large amounts of water can drown you bird. So when you have sinks full of water, make sure your parakeets are not flying around. Doors and ceiling fans can also cause a lot of harm to your bird. It can fly into ceiling fans and doors can smash them. So be on alert when your bird is out of it’s cage. Certain chemicals can also be harmful to your bird so be cautious when using cleaning products and strong scents and sprays.


Birds do have germs so you must be cautious. When holding them avoid fro kissing them and rubbing them around your face. When holding them wash your hand before and after. Just like you can get sick from your bird, your bird can get sick from you. So be careful not to hold your bird when you are sick. It is also important to clean your birds cage frequently and be sure not to use chemical to clean it, use all natural products that will not harm birds.

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