How to Pet Maine Coons

How to pet Maine Coons

Before reading this you should check out Allison’s page on chinchillas, those beautiful creatures are much smaller than cats and as much as I hate to admit it quite  a lot softer.

A wee-bit of background knowledge

Maine Coons may seem intimidating when you first bring the fluffy vessel of rage home. But, one must understand that all cats have a sweet sensitive soul that craves good pettings on their fluffy fur. Whether the Maine Coon is orange, white, gray, brown or any other wonderful shade these beautiful creatures come in they all share the same want for the touch of the inferior race, the human being.

The Approach

Start by gaining the trust of the cat by making eye contact  and approaching slowly and blinking slowly making sure you cat is watching. Then, slowly, reach you hand and gently set it in front of your beautiful creatures nose. The cat should take the first step and lightly brush his head on the bottom of his hand. If the cat does not take the first step then it would be in ones best interest to slowly back up and when there is about 5-7 feet between one and one’s cat, when said distance has been achieved, run, run as far away as you possibly can.

This is very rare but if it does happen please head to the words spoken above because if a cat id acting in such a disdainful manner, it truly is in ones best interest to keep themselves safe as these creatures can grow to such magnificent sizes.

The Original Pet

Before trying anything fancy, one must master the original pet. The original pet is the most natural hand movement. After you have gained the trust of your beautiful cat, you can start by very gently taking your hand, ,make sure your hand is relaxed in a flat, relaxed position and then very slowly and very gently. Run your hand down your cattios spine very gently and slowly barely applying any pressure.

After a couple of strokes applying a very light pressure, you can start to apply a wee bit more pressure as you stroke, also you can increase the speed.

One thing to note is that if your cat does not appear calm, or has not started purring as they should if you are doing the act of petting right then it would be in your best interest to leave your cat alone and try again another day.

It is also important to note that some cats do not like to be pet and you may just have to live with that excruciating fact. But fret not, most cats enjoy being petted and after you introduce this act to them they will start demanding the pets at all hours of the day and well into the night. I can testify that this is very true and cats can sometimes be quite annoying.

More advanced Pets

The chin tickle

The chin tickle is hard to master and their is a considerable number of cats that do not enjoy this which ’tis quite a shame.

But for the cats you suspect would enjoy this, start with the classic pet, then slowly take you hand and only using one finger gently, very gently start at the back of the glorious cats chin and then lightly brush to the front, but make sure you don’t go too far so that you are moving their bottom lip. That’s too far and there is major risk of being bitten.

You can gradually increase to using two fingers to tickle their chin but I wouldn’t go more than three because cats are small delicate vessels of death.

The neck scrunch

Cats really enjoy this, because its pretty much like getting a shoulder massage. Again start with the classic stroke, then apply more pressure around the shoulder blades. And gradually your going to switch from a brushing motions to a circular and squishy motion, once your cat seems comfortable with this then you can slowly bring up your other hand and start in with the same motions.

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