Popular Mythical Creatures

Throughout history mankind has believed and told stories about magical creatures. These creatures have been both heroes and villains. There is a wide variety of types of varmints. These range from humanoids to complete beasts. Even though there are thousands of mythological creatures there are a few creatures that are thought of first. These very popular varmints can be distributed into two main categories, Humanoid and Beast.


The term creature could basically be used to describe all mythical beasts, though in this it is being used to describe those beasts most like animals, which are not hybrids.


The dragon is a flying creature that breaths fire and is known to be very greedy. Though popular culture, movies and books depict dragons as much different then that of those in Greek mythology. In historical records and such tales of dragons were more like those describing serpents and types of snakes.


Picture of a white unicorn with a rainbow in the background

One majorly known and commercialized creature is the majestic and very beautiful Unicorn. Today unicorns are commercialized to the extreme and known by basically all. It begs to ask the question where did this beautiful being come from? And the answer is… EVERYWHERE! The origin of the unicorn is pretty much unknown. There are several places and stories that the unicorn could have come from though there is no solid answer for this majestic beast.


This creature, though is not well known by it’s name, is well known for it’s story and image. Hydra is the multi headed beast that can multiply and regrow its heads when they are chopped off. It is most widely known because of the Disney movie Hercules. In this popular movie Hercules has his first public battle with a Hydra, and he winds up chopping off its heads to the point it regrows them and has hundreds. Even though this is a more common way people know of the Hydra it also has a real history. In Greek mythology the Hydra was the offspring of Typhoon and Echidna, which were the root of most mythological beasts.


Picture of a orange and red, burning phoenix

The phoenix is a mythological creature that comes back from the dead constantly. It technically can live forever since it can become reborn from its previous selves corpse or ashes. There is a controversy on the phoenix in the way that some believe that a phoenix dies and decomposes and then is reborn, while others believe they combust when their old and quickly revive from the ashes.


These creatures are based off of humans or have somewhat human likeness to them. A few of these are a centaur, Minotaur, and sirens or otherwise known as evil mermaids.


The centaur is a half human half horse being. This creature was said in Greek mythology to have come into existence because the Greek God Centaurus mated with the Magnesian Mares. This creature has been noted and told in stories throughout history. Even though there are many examples two modern stories that have centaurs are the books Fablehaven, and Percy Jackson.


Creatures: Cartoon Minotaur

Like the centaur a Minotaur is half human though instead of half horse it is half bull. Also the creature has the head of bull and the body of a man which is also different than that of a centaur. In movies, books, and various stories the Minotaur is a beast that dwells in the center of a hidden underground labyrinth, and was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.


The siren is a half women half bird. Sirens are beautiful women with the body of a bird that have soothing and memorizing voices to lure sailors to the island they live on and drown in the sea on the way. Many think that sirens are just evil mermaids but those legends or beliefs are incorrect according to Homer.


Cartoon Cyclopes Creature

Cyclopes are giants with one large eyeball in the center of their forehead. These creatures resemble humans precisely, except for their eyeball, and overall size. Cyclopes are descendants from the Greek god Poseidon. Cyclopes are said to be the workmen for Hephaestus, in the volcanic mountain Etna.

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