Wolves As Pets

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet wolf? Because wolves are used to being in a pack, they would be good for families; especially if they had lost their pack or had been seriously injured, and could not go back into the wild. Wolves, by nature, are protective, loyal, good hunters, and have a great sense of direction. They are great for staying active, and great listeners. Wolves have better, more acute senses which is helpful in many situations. Animals in general have very acute senses, but wolves’ senses are the most sensitive. They can tell when a storm is coming, if you are experiencing health problems that humans can’t detect until it is too late. Wolves also know your emotions, and how to help you.

Wild Animals

Always keep in mind that they are wild animals! They need to be rescued as pups in order to have them inside your home. If they are not raised as pups, they have stronger survival instincts, and are more likely act on them. Wolves are majestic animals, who need respect and trust; without it there is no hope in having a connection. If you ever break that trust, it will take a long time to gain it again.


Wolves are very loyal. They are one of the most loyal animals on the planet. Because they are so loyal, they are loyal to one person. Connection with that one person will last for the rest of their life, and they won’t ever forget it. They will be most obedient to that one person, and won’t have that same connection with anyone else. You never know if the wolf will accept you or not, so the process of finding the right wolf may take a long time.

BigĀ Animals

Wolves weigh from 66-180 lbs. 180 lbs. is about half the weight of a reindeer. Be careful of allowing them to lay on you. Especially for long amounts of time. Because all things grow playing with them when they are older is more dangerous than when they are pups.


Animals, but especially dogs are very therapeutic. Because wolves have such heightened senses they can easily tell how to help you. Retired army personnel can go to institutions where wolves have been rescued from the wild. Personnel can go and find a wolf to befriend. When trying to find the right wolf you need to spend time with different wolves, and really focus on how well you and that wolf understand each other.


Wolves are wild animals and also carnivores. They need fresh meat, and lots of water. Caring for wolves can be hard work. They need tons of exercise. You will need to train them well before you let them hunt their own food. Training them well as a pup means having trust, respect, and yet, still make sure you are the alpha. You should allow to hunt for themselves after both of you have reached a point of trust to let your wolf go off on their own, and you know they will return, and that they won’t try to harm you.


Wolves are used to being in the wild. They still need shelter, but they don’t need to have AC and heating. In the case that the wolf needs to return to the wild, you don’t want to pamper them with AC and heating. Wolves still need something over them for colder, seasons.

Amazing Creatures

They are beautiful, majestic animals. They are amazing creatures that deserve to have friends. Wolves need to have a companion, respect, and proper care.