Best Art and Craft Shows in California

Best Art and Craft Shows in California


Art shows are amazing! Also, the best are in California. There are many art and craft festivals in Orange County, California. This is because the weather is amazing for art shows. It is not cold or windy, meaning things won’t blow every where, and browsers (people) don’t have to freeze. Also, there is plenty of sunshine if it is an outdoor arts and crafts show, which could affect the way the products look. They could look bright, or gloomy but happy, or warm.There are many types of arts and craft shows in different times of the year. Some start in the summer. Some start in the fall, but the most bizarre time of the year to go to a art and craft show are during the winter!

Types of Art Shows

Also, art shows could be of anything. Some are of sculptures, or yarn, or things made from trash. Maybe a sculpture was made of broken potato graters.There are even art shows with just paintings. Also there are many fine art festivals. Such as music festivals, or festivals based on Shakespeare and his plays. Possibly in the Shakespearean festivals people write poetry and present them to an audience. But that is not known for  certain.  Some art shows are of film or photography, video production or editing. .This is great for people who would like to get out of the house to go see the kind of technology the world is developing, and how it could affect the world. An example, the better cameras are made the better pictures photographers can take, and can make money off of the great picture.


Some art and craft shows that are available to go see are, The “Holiday Parade of Lights” show, and it is on November 29, 2017. Another option is the “Very Merry Christmas Boutique”, and it is held on December 1,2017. All of these art shows are in different parts of California. A suggestion to find more art and craft shows is,

Also, for more information on the suggested Art and Craft shows, go to the website above.

Walk Through the Process of Having a Craft Business:

Most people start with discovering the kind of art they like. They then master that art and turn it into something beautiful, and meaningful. They work on this art for so long that it becomes a hobby. Eventually, they will realize that they are not doing any thing with their lives, and need to do something about it. So they start to plan out a business plan to some how grow their business. When that plan is complete, they get started by filling out their business plan.

The first step in building a business, is probably finding a product that people would want to buy for a reasonable price. When they find what that thing is, they start to develop a product, and they make enough of that product that quiet a few people would be willing to buy. When they accomplish this task, they will want to expand the business they may do that by creating business cards. They will then somehow distribute those business cards though out their costumers. They may distribute them buy people who have interest in their product. Then they may want to introduce the product to people by bringing the products to a fair. People would want to go to the fair, and see what is there.

The people will then walk around booths and see many business’s fine arts that they have created.  There are many arts that are available at the fair. Some are very interesting and could profit lots of money for the business man or woman.


90% of artists are making their living from selling their craft that they intend to sell for a lot of money. Most producers started selling their craft and had to support it by having a second job. Normally after 10-15 years of supporting their craft business, producers began making their living from selling their craft. This normally happens if the craft is successful,  and makes a good profit for the producer that is better than their normal job. If you are some one that wants to benefit from their hobby, or just likes arts and craft shows, get started on living your life to the fullest and become a craft business person, or person who loves crafts or art and make or spend lots of money!!!