American Skateboarding Sold Brands


Here is a list of a lot of American skateboard deck providers: 5Boro, Alien Workshop, Almost, Anti Hero, Bacon, Baker, Birdhouse, Chocolate, Consolidated, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, DGK, Enjoi, Expedition One, Element,  Flip, Foundation, Girl, Globe, Grizzly, Hockey, Hoopla, Hopps, Hosoi, HUF, Isle, Killing Floor, Magenta, Meow, Mini Logo, Mystery, Numbers Edition, Otherness, Passport, Polar, Powell, Prime Heritage, Primitive, Plan B, Quasi, Real, Santa Cruz, Skate Mental, Skate Warehouse, Slave, Sovrn, Star Wars by Santa Cruz, Stereo, Suicidal Skates, Toy Machine, Traffic, Transportation Unit, Welcome, WKND, Zero, Zoo York, Black Label, Blind, Dogtown, Habitat, Heroin, Krooked, Lifeblood, Pizza, Shake Junt, Sk8 Mafia, Theories, Tired, Vision. I personally like Deathwish Skateboards because of the experience I’ve had with them. I really like their decks because it lasts long and doesn’t loose its pop to quickly and they do different shaped boards if you don’t like the traditional popsicle stick. Deathwish has some pretty cool lookin graphic on the back of the board. I’ve mostly just road Deathwish but Welcome skateboards are pretty awesome too. I really like welcome boards because they also have many shapes and sizes and they have some pretty awesome lookin graphic on the back.


Here is some American truck providers: Ace, Bullet, Destructo, Independent, Industrial, Krux, LUXE, Silver, Tensor, Theeve, Thunder, Venture, Mini Logo, Royal. I personally like the original Independent trucks because they are just super light and they last a very long time. I have independent trucks on my complete and they have lasted me forever and I have grinded on them a lot and they are still super good. But I also really like Thunder trucks because they look really nice and have some pretty cool graphic on them but they are still not as good as independent trucks.


Here is some American wheel providers: Alien Workshop, Autobahn, Baker, Blind,  Bones wheels, Chocolate, Crailtap, Darkstar, DGK, Element, Enjoi, Ghetto Child, Girl, Gold, Kryptonics, Mini logo, OJ, Orbs, Pig, Portland Wheel Company, Powell, Primitive, Ricta, Santa Cruz, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Sunset Skateboards, Wayward Wheels, Wreck Wheel Co. I personally like Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a lock-in wheels because they have super good grip on the ground, can lock in super good on rails for grinding, have super good powerslides, and can still roll over pebbles pretty nicely also you can still do tricks and land them nicely. Bones wheels are also pretty nice and smooth but for me not super good for tricks.


Here is some American bearing providers: 11:11 , Andale, Beerings Brand, Black Panther, Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co., Chocolate, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flip, Girl, Gold, Grizzly, Hard Luck, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus, Pig, Quickies, Royal, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Speed Demons, Toy Machine, Spitfire. I personally like Bones Reds Bearings because they are super smooth there only around $17 dollars at like the Skate Warehouse. also they are really easy to clean and last a super long time. Another bearings brand that is pretty good are Shake Junt Bearings they are pretty good and smooth and are just a pretty good bearings brand and can cost a little cheaper then Bones Reds.

Grip Tape

Here is some American grip tape providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Black Magic, Blind, Bro Style, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flypaper Griptape, Girl, Grizzly, Habitat, Hard Luck, High Times, Independent, Jessup, Kayo, Krux, Mini Logo, Mob, Mouse, Primitive, Royal, Santa Cruz, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Superior, Zero, Thrasher. I personally like Grizzly Griptape because it grips super good at lasts a long time and also has some pretty cool graphics.

Another pretty good brand is Mob Griptape. Mob Griptape is good because it is the free griptape that comes with any deck you buy at a skate shop and lasts a super long time and grips very nicely.


Here are some American hardware company providers: Diamond, Almost, Bacon, Bones Wheels, Bro Style, Chocolate, Dad’s Lounge, Doom Sayers, Enjoi, Girl, Gold, Hard Luck, Independent, Mini Logo, Modus, Plus Reserve, Shake Junt, Shorty’s, Skate Warehouse, Superior, Thunder. I personally like pretty much any hardware its all pretty good.

Riser Pads

Here are some American riser pad company providers: Diamond, Dooks, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus. I personally like pretty much any riser pads but I don’t like to use them skateboarding because they are just dead wait.


Here are some American bushing company providers: Bones Wheels, Creature, Doh-Doh, Independent, Mini Logo, Thunder. I personally like Independent bushing because they are super nice because you can choose between hard, medium, or loose bushings and they don’t cost a lot of money.


Here are some American wax company providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Bones Wheels, Creature, Diamond, Girl, Royal, Zero. I personally just like to make my own wax because its cheaper. also you don’t need wax to skateboard its just if you want to do grinds or stuff like that.

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