Best Fiction/Fantasy Books to Read


There are so many different books to read! A book is a gateway to a completely different universe. When you read you submerse yourself into a book and you enter into a whole new universe. Reading, if done correctly, is an amazing opportunity to learn so many different things. When you pick up a book to read you can learn about the author, the characters, the time and the location!  Fiction books are fun, and they take you into different worlds. These are some of the best fiction books ever! When ever you read a book you become the character. This is an experience you get only by reading.

The Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Instruments series is a fantastic set of books written by Cassandra Clare. Cassandra is an amazing author, and knows how to make you feel like you are there experiencing everything with the characters. Once you have started reading her books you will never want to put them down! These books are about an average (or so she thinks) girl named Clary. When Clary accidentally runs into some strangers her whole world is turned upside down. Everything she thought was true was a lie. Everything she thought was a lie was true.

Leven Thumps

Obert Skye is the author of Leven Thumps, and so many more amazing books! He is a fun author and can really bring you into the world of Foo. He knows what to tell, and what to hold off until later. Obert can take you places and make you experience things that you haven’t before. When the tree in Leven’s front yard tears his house apart, he realizes that there is a whole different world in this universe. Falling in love, almost dying many times, fighting dirt, and having a talking toothpick for a friend is all part of Levens amazing adventure. Following Leven through Foo is an exciting adventure!


The Inheritance series starts with Eragon. Christopher Paolini is great, and knows what words to use to make you feel what Eragon is feeling. He also helps you understand what the other characters are feeling. Christoper takes you on the amazing journey that is Eragon’s life. Through the ups and downs of everything. When Eragon finds a strange rock in dangerous woods his life is turned upside down. At first he feels completely alone, then he realizes that he has Saphira and Brom. He wants revenge for his uncles death. Without realizing it Eragon just made himself the Kings worst, most dangerous enemy.


Eon is written by Alison Goodman. In these books we follow Eon in his journey through life. The reader feels his frustration, fear, happiness, security, and the lack of when he is chosen. When the world finds out about his secret everything changes. He is feared, and greatly respected by all. Little does he know what of the lies, truth, fear and love ahead of him, and even less of the power he weilds. All his life he has trained for this moment, little did he know that it would be so much better and worse than he ever expected. Eon has a great adventure with the king, and his friends and enemies.


Inkheart is the first book in this trilogy. Inkspell and Inkdeath are the next books in these three.  Cornelia Funke paints a picture in your mind when she writes. She takes you into the story-world of her books. Meggie never understood why her father never read aloud and was always too afraid to ask. When Meggie finally figures out why her father never reads out loud it might be too late. Dustfinger comes to Mortimer (Meggie’s father) to ask for help in saving his world and their’s. Meggie and Mortimer go on an amazing adventure to save their world and many other worlds as well.