Aquatic Mythical Creatures

Aquatic Mythological Creatures

These are descriptions of some popular aquatic mythological creatures.


Mythical mermaids are the object of many tales, movies, and books. These creatures are portrayed as being beautiful ladies and in some cases mermen but these cases are far rarer, mermaids are much more preferred in history for some reason. Mermaids are half human and half fish. They are portrayed with having the tails of a fish and the upper body of a human. Some are portrayed with having webbed fingers and big eyes and sometimes gills. The females are portrayed with long flowing. The hair probably is always portrayed long because in some tales mermaids are said to use their feminine looks to draw men to their deaths.

Lockness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is a monster that reputedly inhabits Loch Ness, a lake in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next, with most describing it as large. This creature is said to be seen every few years resurfacing to the top of the lake. Along with being large it is also described as being snake like with scales and a long skinny body that moves through the lake and the surrounding tunnels with a slithering motion. it was a monk who claimed to see it first in the seventh century and since then thousands of sightings have been brought forward from the public. With all the evidence many scientists don’t know what to make of it, while some completely deny it’s questionable existence.

The monster of the great salt lake

This next one is close to home considering we live in syracuse which is literally the closest city to the Great Salt LakeNative tribes of the area used to tell early explorers about a fierce monster with a huge head that swam the waters near shore and was known to snatch birds and even horses or cattle from the shallows. Spooky, spooky, spooky. This monster was often blamed for the many cattle that often mysteriously disappeared in the area. Another mysterious lake monster was reported in the 1800’s when a man known only as Brother Bainbridge, even spookier,  reported seeing a creature that looked like a dolphin swimming out in the lake near Antelope Island, the largest of the lake’s 11 known islands. 11 is just a guess, I’m going  off of memory here.

kurma, A hindu god

Kurma, one of the many incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu is described as the human half, which is the upper half, is depicted wearing the same ornaments and holding the same weapons as in the usual images of Vishnu. Kurma is also represented zoomorphically, as a tortoise. The kurma incarnation also represents the stage in the development of life, when the ability to breathe air and walk out of the water developed. The turtle is also the symbol of perseverance in the Hindu culture, although I feel like it is pretty much everywhere with the common fairy tale classic of The Tortoise and the Hare.

Cancer (astrology)

In astrology, Cancer is the main water sign which would make since why it’s symbol is a crab.According to an ancient Greek legend, the figure of a gigantic crab was placed in the nighttime sky by the goddess Hera to form the constellation Cancer. Hera swore to kill Heracles, the most famous Greek hero. Hera attempted to kill Heracles in many different ways, but each time his incredible physical strength allowed him to survive. The Romans called him Hercules. She pretty much drove him insane and made him do a bad thing. His punishment for doing the bad thing was to do theses 12 tasks which most people know about. One of these 12 tasks was fighting a hydra, During the battle between Heracles and Hydra, the goddess Hera sent a giant crab to aid the serpent. But Heracles, being so strong, killed the crab by smashing its shell with his foot. As a reward for its service, Hera placed the crab’s image in the night sky.

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Popular Mythical Creatures

Throughout history mankind has believed and told stories about magical creatures. These creatures have been both heroes and villains. There is a wide variety of types of varmints. These range from humanoids to complete beasts. Even though there are thousands of mythological creatures there are a few creatures that are thought of first. These very popular varmints can be distributed into two main categories, Humanoid and Beast.


The term creature could basically be used to describe all mythical beasts, though in this it is being used to describe those beasts most like animals, which are not hybrids.


The dragon is a flying creature that breaths fire and is known to be very greedy. Though popular culture, movies and books depict dragons as much different then that of those in Greek mythology. In historical records and such tales of dragons were more like those describing serpents and types of snakes.


Picture of a white unicorn with a rainbow in the background

One majorly known and commercialized creature is the majestic and very beautiful Unicorn. Today unicorns are commercialized to the extreme and known by basically all. It begs to ask the question where did this beautiful being come from? And the answer is… EVERYWHERE! The origin of the unicorn is pretty much unknown. There are several places and stories that the unicorn could have come from though there is no solid answer for this majestic beast.


This creature, though is not well known by it’s name, is well known for it’s story and image. Hydra is the multi headed beast that can multiply and regrow its heads when they are chopped off. It is most widely known because of the Disney movie Hercules. In this popular movie Hercules has his first public battle with a Hydra, and he winds up chopping off its heads to the point it regrows them and has hundreds. Even though this is a more common way people know of the Hydra it also has a real history. In Greek mythology the Hydra was the offspring of Typhoon and Echidna, which were the root of most mythological beasts.


Picture of a orange and red, burning phoenix

The phoenix is a mythological creature that comes back from the dead constantly. It technically can live forever since it can become reborn from its previous selves corpse or ashes. There is a controversy on the phoenix in the way that some believe that a phoenix dies and decomposes and then is reborn, while others believe they combust when their old and quickly revive from the ashes.


These creatures are based off of humans or have somewhat human likeness to them. A few of these are a centaur, Minotaur, and sirens or otherwise known as evil mermaids.


The centaur is a half human half horse being. This creature was said in Greek mythology to have come into existence because the Greek God Centaurus mated with the Magnesian Mares. This creature has been noted and told in stories throughout history. Even though there are many examples two modern stories that have centaurs are the books Fablehaven, and Percy Jackson.


Creatures: Cartoon Minotaur

Like the centaur a Minotaur is half human though instead of half horse it is half bull. Also the creature has the head of bull and the body of a man which is also different than that of a centaur. In movies, books, and various stories the Minotaur is a beast that dwells in the center of a hidden underground labyrinth, and was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.


The siren is a half women half bird. Sirens are beautiful women with the body of a bird that have soothing and memorizing voices to lure sailors to the island they live on and drown in the sea on the way. Many think that sirens are just evil mermaids but those legends or beliefs are incorrect according to Homer.


Cartoon Cyclopes Creature

Cyclopes are giants with one large eyeball in the center of their forehead. These creatures resemble humans precisely, except for their eyeball, and overall size. Cyclopes are descendants from the Greek god Poseidon. Cyclopes are said to be the workmen for Hephaestus, in the volcanic mountain Etna.

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Wolves As Pets

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How to Pet Maine Coons

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet wolf? Because wolves are used to being in a pack, they would be good for families; especially if they had lost their pack or had been seriously injured, and could not go back into the wild. Wolves, by nature, are protective, loyal, good hunters, and have a great sense of direction. They are great for staying active, and great listeners. Wolves have better, more acute senses which is helpful in many situations. Animals in general have very acute senses, but wolves’ senses are the most sensitive. They can tell when a storm is coming, if you are experiencing health problems that humans can’t detect until it is too late. Wolves also know your emotions, and how to help you.

Wild Animals

Always keep in mind that they are wild animals! They need to be rescued as pups in order to have them inside your home. If they are not raised as pups, they have stronger survival instincts, and are more likely act on them. Wolves are majestic animals, who need respect and trust; without it there is no hope in having a connection. If you ever break that trust, it will take a long time to gain it again.


Wolves are very loyal. They are one of the most loyal animals on the planet. Because they are so loyal, they are loyal to one person. Connection with that one person will last for the rest of their life, and they won’t ever forget it. They will be most obedient to that one person, and won’t have that same connection with anyone else. You never know if the wolf will accept you or not, so the process of finding the right wolf may take a long time.

Big Animals

Wolves weigh from 66-180 lbs. 180 lbs. is about half the weight of a reindeer. Be careful of allowing them to lay on you. Especially for long amounts of time. Because all things grow playing with them when they are older is more dangerous than when they are pups.


Animals, but especially dogs are very therapeutic. Because wolves have such heightened senses they can easily tell how to help you. Retired army personnel can go to institutions where wolves have been rescued from the wild. Personnel can go and find a wolf to befriend. When trying to find the right wolf you need to spend time with different wolves, and really focus on how well you and that wolf understand each other.


Wolves are wild animals and also carnivores. They need fresh meat, and lots of water. Caring for wolves can be hard work. They need tons of exercise. You will need to train them well before you let them hunt their own food. Training them well as a pup means having trust, respect, and yet, still make sure you are the alpha. You should allow to hunt for themselves after both of you have reached a point of trust to let your wolf go off on their own, and you know they will return, and that they won’t try to harm you.


Wolves are used to being in the wild. They still need shelter, but they don’t need to have AC and heating. In the case that the wolf needs to return to the wild, you don’t want to pamper them with AC and heating. Wolves still need something over them for colder, seasons.

Amazing Creatures

They are beautiful, majestic animals. They are amazing creatures that deserve to have friends. Wolves need to have a companion, respect, and proper care.


Incredible Ocean Animals

Intro to Incredible Ocean Animals

Ocean animals are incredible creatures! They are very smart, and interesting to learn about. Some common ocean animals are Dolphins,  Whales, or Sea Otters. One thing these creatures have in common are they are all mammals. For one thing, a mammal is any animal that is warm blooded, this also means they breathe through lungs. Other sea creatures like the Shark, are cold blooded animals, meaning they breathe through gills, these are just a few examples of some incredible ocean animals, to check out at some other fascinating animals visit

Dolphin History

On the subject of dolphins, the history of the dolphin goes back to about 20 million years ago, and was later studied by a Greek philosopher. Dolphins were believed to be discovered in South America. Dolphins and people have had friendships over the years.  Over time dolphins have been known to help  people and are used in many ways.


Indeed, dolphins are a very common sea creature, they are known for being playful and intelligent creatures. Dolphins are warm blooded creatures, this means that they have to come up to the surface of the water to breathe, however dolphin is different from most mammals, instead of breathing through their mouth, they do it through their blowholes while they eat through their mouths.

The habitat and diet of a dolphin

Dolphins are carnivorous, they eat a variety of fish and shrimp. It depends on where the location is of the dolphins, that effects what food is available to them. Dolphins are found in most tropical waters throughout the world.  Dolphins are commonly found in warm, shallow waters. With temperature change or limited food, this can result in the migration of dolphins.

History of Sea Turtles

The Sea turtle, is yet another incredible ocean animal, having been known to be around for about 215 million years, this makes them one of the most ancient creatures, fossils have been found in Germany, this is where we believe they date back to. Another evidence we find to prove that sea turtles date back millions of years ago is the fact that Sea turtle fossils have been found before dinosaur fossils.

 Sea Turtles, One of the incredible ocean animal

Besides the fact that most Sea turtles spend their lives in the ocean, like dolphins, they still need to come up for air about every 45 minutes. However when nesting underneath they can stay under for several hours before coming up for air . In addition, the female sea turtles will come onto shore to lay eggs other than this the sea turtle will stay underwater. These creatures can live a long life, almost as long as a persons life, they live up to 80 years.

Sea Turtle’s habitat and diet

While Sea turtles are mainly vegetarians, depending on the specie they can be meat eating animals. Some sea turtles such as the Hawksbill, eat shrimp, and squid, while others like the Loggerheads, eat jellyfish and crab. Sea turtles are found almost everywhere throughout the oceans, they can be seen nesting on tropical beaches. The migration of sea turtles is common, sea turtles will usually migrate to find food. They can travel long distances, from ocean to ocean.

The Open Ocean

“Wow”, is the word I think of when I hear the word ocean. Think of a time when you visited a beach, you can see the ocean stretch, almost looking as if it never ends.  The oceans are humongous and they hold amazing sea creatures within their depths. Unbelievably ocean life takes up about 95 percent of life on earth, and the ocean itself is up to 70 percent of the entire earths surface, that is a lot of water! As a matter of fact, we know little about our oceans, there is so much more to discover in oceans, in addition with the ocean life, from what we have discovered, there is 230000 discovered species in the ocean, but that is only a small section of our oceans explored. The intensity of our oceans may teach us something about the earth that we live on.


In the final analysis, we observed two specific marine animals, the dolphin and sea turtle, however their are thousand of more creatures to observe, for more info go to
























How to Pet Maine Coons

How to pet Maine Coons

Before reading this you should check out Allison’s page on chinchillas, those beautiful creatures are much smaller than cats and as much as I hate to admit it quite  a lot softer.

A wee-bit of background knowledge

Maine Coons may seem intimidating when you first bring the fluffy vessel of rage home. But, one must understand that all cats have a sweet sensitive soul that craves good pettings on their fluffy fur. Whether the Maine Coon is orange, white, gray, brown or any other wonderful shade these beautiful creatures come in they all share the same want for the touch of the inferior race, the human being.

The Approach

Start by gaining the trust of the cat by making eye contact  and approaching slowly and blinking slowly making sure you cat is watching. Then, slowly, reach you hand and gently set it in front of your beautiful creatures nose. The cat should take the first step and lightly brush his head on the bottom of his hand. If the cat does not take the first step then it would be in ones best interest to slowly back up and when there is about 5-7 feet between one and one’s cat, when said distance has been achieved, run, run as far away as you possibly can.

This is very rare but if it does happen please head to the words spoken above because if a cat id acting in such a disdainful manner, it truly is in ones best interest to keep themselves safe as these creatures can grow to such magnificent sizes.

The Original Pet

Before trying anything fancy, one must master the original pet. The original pet is the most natural hand movement. After you have gained the trust of your beautiful cat, you can start by very gently taking your hand, ,make sure your hand is relaxed in a flat, relaxed position and then very slowly and very gently. Run your hand down your cattios spine very gently and slowly barely applying any pressure.

After a couple of strokes applying a very light pressure, you can start to apply a wee bit more pressure as you stroke, also you can increase the speed.

One thing to note is that if your cat does not appear calm, or has not started purring as they should if you are doing the act of petting right then it would be in your best interest to leave your cat alone and try again another day.

It is also important to note that some cats do not like to be pet and you may just have to live with that excruciating fact. But fret not, most cats enjoy being petted and after you introduce this act to them they will start demanding the pets at all hours of the day and well into the night. I can testify that this is very true and cats can sometimes be quite annoying.

More advanced Pets

The chin tickle

The chin tickle is hard to master and their is a considerable number of cats that do not enjoy this which ’tis quite a shame.

But for the cats you suspect would enjoy this, start with the classic pet, then slowly take you hand and only using one finger gently, very gently start at the back of the glorious cats chin and then lightly brush to the front, but make sure you don’t go too far so that you are moving their bottom lip. That’s too far and there is major risk of being bitten.

You can gradually increase to using two fingers to tickle their chin but I wouldn’t go more than three because cats are small delicate vessels of death.

The neck scrunch

Cats really enjoy this, because its pretty much like getting a shoulder massage. Again start with the classic stroke, then apply more pressure around the shoulder blades. And gradually your going to switch from a brushing motions to a circular and squishy motion, once your cat seems comfortable with this then you can slowly bring up your other hand and start in with the same motions.

Thanks for reading!


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Do chinchillas and cats go well together?

Chinchillas and Cats: Do they go well together?

Chinchillas and cats are usual house home pets, but do they go well together? They can, chinchillas and cats together is possible.  A chinchilla is a small South American rodent. A cat is a domesticated house pet that lots of families enjoy. But since a chinchilla is a rodent and cats like to hunt rodents, its hard when families or people want to get a chinchilla and a cat. If precautions are taken, then both can live in harmony.

cat on couch
Cute cat
Image result for chinchilla
Grey Chinchilla

Chinchillas are rodents. They smell and look like one. So if you have a cat that likes to hunt and bring you dead things, you might want to take extra precautions. For mellow and calm cats, its a bit easier. With calmer cats, they will probably show no interest in the chinchilla.

From personal experience, my cats, calm and hyper, coexisted with my 4 chinchillas. My youngest cat was very interested in the chinchillas. She would often lurk around the cage. Sometimes she would stick her paw between the bars. My other two mellow cats could care less about the chinchillas.

Now even if your cat seems fine with the chinchillas, the cat could be stressing the chins beyond belief. Chinchillas can get stressed. When a chinchillas stresses it can be very unhealthy.

Introducing the Cat(s) and Chinchilla(s):

The introduction for pets can be crucial. A bad introduction can lead to a bad and unhealthy environment for both pets. If you are worried about your hyper cat, wait a bit for the cat to calm down, keep the cat away from the chinchilla for about a week. The cats will get used to the smell of the chinchilla and hopefully calm down a bit.

First, when being introduced, keep chinchilla in the cage. Don’t have them meet face to face yet. Depending on how your cat and chinchilla reacted, either keep the cat away from the cage, or try face to face. When you take the chinchilla out of the cage to meet the cat, do not let them free. Have someone hold the cat and chinchilla. After the first face to face meet, do not let the chinchilla roam about with the cat inside the room. Most of all, never let your chinchilla out of sight. You can never depend on your cat not attacking it or your chinchilla attacking your cat.

Precautions you can take for mellow cats:

  • Always supervise when chinchillas are outside of their cage.
  • Never leave the chinchilla out of the cage without you watching them.
  • Never expect your cat to not touch or hurt the chinchilla.

Precautions you can take for hyper cats:

  • Make sure the cage is protecting the chinchilla.
  • Only supervised visits.
  • Never leave the chinchilla out of the cage.
  • Keep cage off of ground. (Possibly get a bigger cage.)

My Personal Experience:

Like I said, my two mellow cats couldn’t care less about the chinchillas, but my other hyper cat loved to mess with the chinchillas. My hyper cat would go up to the cage and put her paws into the cage. We declaw all of our cats. But its a common opinion to not declaw cats. So if you have a cat who has claws, puts something around the cage to make it so your cat cannot put their paws in. With my mellow cats, one was scared of the chinchillas and one didn’t care. But always treat your cats like they will hurt them. Never expect them to not do anything to the chinchillas.


Cats carry pasteurella which is a bacteria disease that can be fatal to chinchillas and cats. Never let your cat lick your chinchilla.

There are lots of horror stories from people who owned both pets, having the cat kill the chinchilla. Be very careful with you chinchilla and make sure you always keep them separated when you aren’t with the chinchilla and cat.

Chinchillas do fight with each other. My chinchillas would fight and one ended up having a hole in his ear. So if you have a calm cat and you let your chinchilla out, make sure it doesn’t bite your cat.


If you take all of the necessary precautions, both of your home pets can live together. Both can make great pets.

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Cats or Dogs?


Cats or dogs? Many people may have the same question when they choose their pets. There are an endless number of reasons to love them. Dogs are the best friends of us; cats are fluffy and cute. Which one do you like the most?

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Reasons to love dogs

1. They are the best friends that comfort you when you sad.

Do you have any time that feel sad, disappoint and you want someone to comfort you? Dogs are always the first one to notice your bad emotion. When you see a cute face and a fluffy tail in front of you, there is no way you will be sad.

2. They are always excited to see you when you come home.

Whether you are come back from your vacation, or when you are just come home from school, your dog will be the first one to greet you and is overjoyed to see you. They make you have the feelings of home and loved.

3. They are the most reliable protectors.

A protective dog is the most trustful one. They always have your back and will never let you down. The safest place to be is behind a loyal, protective dog. You always know to not trust someone that your dogs do not like.

4. They are the greatest exercise partner.

Since you get a dog, you have to walk them almost everyday. Having a dog forces you to be more motivate and it keeps you in a good shape.

5. They love you as much as you love them.

Dogs wait at the door when they know you are coming home. They dance for you with excitement when they see you. And they’re always deliriously ecstatic to see you no matter what. They are our best friends and our most loyalty friends.

Even if you have been so busy that you haven’t had the time to give you dog the attention he deserves, he’s still madly waiting for you to come home. All he wants is you. He loves you  unconditionally.

Reasons to love cats

1. They are fun to watch.

Have you ever seen a cat is chasing something? Maybe a butterfly, a toy, even a bottle can hook their attention. It is fun to watch them chasing things. Their actions will make you happy all the day.

2. They are a part of us.

A cat is a pet who becomes a part of the family. They give you love and affection, they play with you, and you are their toy. They play in front of you and make you laugh. Everything you do is just so entertaining.

3. They are protective.

Maybe you think cats are useless. But you are wrong about them. They are not. They can keep out mice and bats, they give you a clean area and you do not have to worry about those pests.

4. They are easy to feed.

Unlike dogs, they do not have to be walked, so you can save a lot of time to sleep or do whatever you want(unless you want to exercise them you pets). They can take care if themselves, and they can clean themselves too. They do have to feed, but you can feed them once a day and leave them alone for the day and do what you have to do and not worry that they will destroy your house like dogs do.

5. They bring love to you.

These fuzzy fellas bring love and great companionship to humans. Animals companions are needed for every family. Cats are affectionate and loving creatures. They demand love and caring but they give back love and caring too. People are wrong about saying that cats cannot love or loyal. Of course, they do. They have the same feelings that we have, they care about you and love you when they show” I do not care” behavior outside.

Cats or Dogs?

Both of them are our best friends. They need your love and your caring and they bring love and caring back to you. It is a hard question that asking you which one do you like the most.  You can walk your dog everyday and play outside with them. You can also feed a cat and just watch them to have fun, or you can be their toy. They both are loyalty and cute.

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Parakeets: Great Pets

If you are looking for a great pet, you should consider getting a parakeet.

Low cost

The biggest expense when getting a parakeet is going to be the cage. You will want to get a parakeet cage that is good quality and has enough room for you parakeet to be happy. You can usually pick up a good cage for around 100 dollars. The parakeets themselves cost only around 20-30 dollars. You should also supply your bird with some toys and perches.  After the initial expense of actually getting your birds and setting up their cage, you won’t be spending much more on them. Parakeets food usually costs around 20 dollars for a bag/container that will last for a month or two. Compared to a lot of other pets out there, parakeets are very low cost.

Parakeet Personality

Parakeets are widely known as very companionable pets. But, if you do not have time to spend with them and play with them, then they will not open up to you and be as friendly. That is why I would recommend getting two parakeets. Getting two parakeets will make it so you are not required to spend as much time with them. Although playing with your birds is fun, it does require time, and with school, work, or other events you are engaged it usually gets brushed aside. Getting two parakeets allows them to play together and get more contact with each other.


Parakeets usually eat seeds, or seed mixes. However, a parakeets diet should not just consist of seeds. Parakeets should be fed fresh fruits and vegetables because just like us they need a healthy diet so they do not get overweight and have health problems. Most fruits and vegetables are ok for your birds to eat but citrus fruits and spicy vegetables should not be fed to them.

Parakeets Wings

Parakeets are birds so they obviously have wings. However, they can be clipped. When you clip a birds wings you do make it so it can not fly. But their wings will grow back out. Some birds wings grow faster than others. They probably offer to clip birds wings at local pet stores or at a vet, but you can also learn to clip them yourself. You must be cautious when you clip them yourself because you can hurt the bird. So make sure before you do it you are prepared to do it.

Image result for parakeet wing feathers

Fun Pets

Parakeets can be very fun pets. You can teach them tricks, teach them how to talk, and just play with them. Teaching you parakeets to talk can be hard and not all birds will talk. It takes a lot of repetition as well. Male birds are more likely to talk than female birds. Through repetition and rewards you can also teach a bird to do tricks with practice. All in all parakeets are very fun pets!

Parakeet Safety

Parakeets are birds and so cats and dogs will see it as their prey. All animals that are natural predators to birds are still going to have the same instincts when faced with a parakeet. So if you have a cat, dog, snake, or an animal of that sort, your bird would be in danger. Not only are animals predators to parakeets, but large amounts of water can drown you bird. So when you have sinks full of water, make sure your parakeets are not flying around. Doors and ceiling fans can also cause a lot of harm to your bird. It can fly into ceiling fans and doors can smash them. So be on alert when your bird is out of it’s cage. Certain chemicals can also be harmful to your bird so be cautious when using cleaning products and strong scents and sprays.


Birds do have germs so you must be cautious. When holding them avoid fro kissing them and rubbing them around your face. When holding them wash your hand before and after. Just like you can get sick from your bird, your bird can get sick from you. So be careful not to hold your bird when you are sick. It is also important to clean your birds cage frequently and be sure not to use chemical to clean it, use all natural products that will not harm birds.

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