Jewelry Tips to Improve Your Current Works

I know that it can be hard to come up with fresh, new jewelry.                           But hopefully my new page will help others come up with ideas like other Steampunk Necklacewebsites did for me. I also realized though that while most websites were helpful, none really gave me what I needed to make nice jewelry.

Thickness of Wire for Jewelry

One of the things I found most helpful was the wire type. That is if you are planning on using wire. If you don’t want to, don’t worry, it can still be beautiful. But if you are using wire, personally, I prefer the 20-16 range. Just so you know, because I didn’t figure this out until I bought yards of the 16 gauge wire, the smaller the number, the thicker the wire.

16 gauge is very thick, strong, and hard to bend. I actually can’t get my beads on this wire, and I buy beads with standard size holes. (I tried, and I split a pearl bead for my best friend’s birthday ring in two). On the other hand, 20 gauge is very thin, weak, but easy to work with small details. When you see very detailed wire working, they probably used 20 gauge or thinner. My personal favorite is the 18 gauge. It is hard to find, as it doesn’t seem to be a standard size in most craft stores. It is small enough to fit inside beads, but large enough to be sturdy. The other main way I use wire is on rings. I use 16 gauge wire as the basic shape. I then wrap it in 20 gauge wire to make it look good and feel more comfortable.

At the end of this page I put some links to teach you about wire wrapping.

Types of wire

This also wasn’t on most jewelry sites, but I will add what type of wire I prefer, copper. This is the standard at craft stores, but most people think they need some special wire. Just so you know, you don’t have to use special wires. Average craft store wire works just as well.

What else is good to use as mediums?

I occasionally use string, but as I am just starting with jewelry, I am trying to learn one medium at a time. Just so you know, you don’t have to use wire to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. I have friends who use recycled materials to make jewelry, and it turns out beautiful!


Another thing I found useful was what kind of beads, if any, were used on projects. To be honest though, it doesn’t matter! You can use almost whatever types of beads you want (provided they fit on the wire/string). Not to mention that everyone has their own style, so trying to do the exact same thing as someone else might not quite follow your style. I have found that it is best to come up with your own stuff, but to base it off of someone else’s design to start out. For example, I love pearls. I use multiple different colors of pearls though, and that is what gives my jewelry an extra touch.

One last thing…

The most annoying thing about other websites I have seen is when they don’t tell you the tools they used. So, I will tell you myself. I use a professional ring shaper in order to make my rings round and the correct size. Round nose pliers and bent chain nose pliers are tools that I also regularly use. I hope that this will help you make your own jewelry

Just wanted to point out that if you are going to sell your jewelry professionally, I recommend finding a specific style. For example, my style is steampunk with some fancy touches, but I also add some classic pieces every now and again.

Want to learn how to wire rap jewelry yourself?

I have found these websites to be very helpful, hopefully it does the same for you.

For the basics of wire wrapping, click here

For quick, easy, simple designs, click here

Just in case your little brother is bored and wants to learn how to draw dragons, click here

I promise that I will update soon, and hopefully my posts will get better with practice and learning how to work a blog better.

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