Bests Movies of All Time!!!

Bests Movies of all Time!!!


1. I am legend

What I am legend About:

Robert Neville (Will Smith), a brilliant scientist, is a survivor of a man-made plague that transforms humans into bloodthirsty mutants. He wanders alone through New York City, calling out for other possible survivors, and works on finding a cure for the plague using his own immune blood. Neville knows he is badly outnumbered and the odds are against him, and all the while, the infected wait for him to make a mistake that will deliver Neville into their hands. MORE

Rated: PG-13

2.  Spider-Man Homecoming

What Spider-Man Homecoming About:

Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear. MORE

Rated: PG-13

3. Maze Runner

What Maze Runner About:

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), a teenager, arrives in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth. Like the other youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status — those who patrol the always-changing maze to find an escape route. Together with Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), the only female, Thomas tries to convince his cohorts that he knows a way out.  MORE

Rated: PG-13

4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

What Rise of the Planets of the Apes:

Will Rodman (James Franco), a scientist in San Francisco, is experimenting with a drug that he hopes will cure his father’s (John Lithgow) Alzheimer’s disease. After his work is deemed a failure, Will becomes the guardian of Caesar, an infant chimp who was exposed in-utero to Will’s drug. Caesar displays unusual intelligence, and Will decides to continue his experiments secretly. But as Caesar’s intellect and abilities grow, he comes to represent a threat to man’s dominion over Earth. MORE

Rated: PG-13

4. Star Wars The Force Awakens

What Star Wars The Force Awakens About:

Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy faces a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. When a defector named Finn (John Boyega) crash-lands on a desert planet, he meets Rey (Daisy Ridley), a tough scavenger whose droid contains a top-secret map. Together, the young duo joins forces with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to make sure the Resistance receives the intelligence concerning the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the last of the Jedi Knights. MORE

Rated: PG-13

5. Jumanji 2:



Four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game’s jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. What they discover is that you don’t just play Jumanji – you must survive it. To beat the game and return to the real world, they’ll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves – or they’ll be stuck in the game forever.  MORE

Rated: PG-13






The Pixar Theory

The Theories in the Mind of Pixar.

Many People have No idea what i’m talking about—and hopefully that is the reason why you are here.

The Pixar Theory is a theory that all the movies and stories made by Pixar, are all in the same universe or timeline if you will. This theory was thought of by a man named Jon Negroni. A Jon Negroni theory. If you think about it and if you have noticed it at all the Pixar movies have Easter eggs from their other movies or that allude to other Pixar things. That is what this theory is structured around. First things first, believe it or not, the theory is all based around the movie Brave. Which brings us to the first part of the theory.


The movie is all about how and why a girl named Merida got her mom turned in to a bear. Merida is guided by the Will of the Wisps to the old witch’s cottage. The witch tells Merida of a way to make her troubles with her mother go away. By doing what the witch told her, she turned her mother into a bear. You may be asking yourself, how does this have anything to do with all Pixar being on the same timeline? Well, in the witches cottage you can spot many Easter eggs; The pizza planet truck and Sully from Monsters Inc. Both of which are carved out of wood, since this movie is based in the 14th century.

The witch would always vanish though wooden doors. Over the centuries animals are being experimented on and slowly evolving to become anthropomorphic and gaining personification. Eventually, the magic from the Will of the Wisps would lead to the birth of the Supers.

The Incredibles

Also evolving are the humans. Which brings us to the 1960’s; the time of the Supers. Humans have evolved to have powers such as super strength, invisibility, speed, etc. Evolving in the world of technology or AI(artificial intelligence). Syndrome, the villain of the movie, creates a robot named the Omnidroid. The Omnidroid is a robot with high tech Zero Point Energy. He uses it to kill all existing Supers on the planet. The Omnidroid learns and adapts to the Supers it fights. Mr. Incredible eventually learns the Omnidroid will not take orders. It turns on Syndrome and starts attacking other beings in the city.  The AI turning on humans. Starting the war, animals vs AI., the toys start to absorb the high tech Zero Point Energy.

Ratatouille, Toy story, up, and Finding nemo. 

We now come to current day. Animals have sort of anthropomorphized and live among the humans. The toys are also gaining powers bringing them to life.  The toys start to learn that a humans love is another energy source that they can thrive on. They also learn that it is dangerous to be isolated from humans because it is their life source. Animals, as I said before, are now becoming anthropomorphized. Some having great intelligence. In the ocean we find that fish are incredibly advanced and there are signs of resentment growing towards humans for polluting the environment, stealing fish, and caging them. In Ratatouille, Remy discovers his love for cooking and displays human characteristics. Such as, walking on his hind paws, cleaning his hands, reading, and cooking.

Remy’s rat family does not approve of the humans and feels both fear and hate towards them.  At the falling of Syndrome, the technology for the Omnidroid was bought out and taken over by a company named BnL or Buy and Large.

In up, Carl’s house was purchased by BnL to expand the city. Which is later the same corporation that wipes out the earth by polluting it and shipping off all human life. Carl later meets Charles Muntz, his childhood idol, and finds out about the technology that gives animals the ability to speak. They then start to rise and fight the humans to stop pollution.

Inside out

In inside out, we see the way humans think and act. And going head on to the fact that humans are batteries. The most powerful emotion for a child is Joy, as seen by Joy being the main leader of Riley’s emotions. Most of Riley’s memories are positive, and this is because Joy is inherently a strong emotion for many children.


Now we move onto the fall of the humans and animals. After all humans have left and gone because the Earth is so polluted, machines have advanced so much that they are now alive. They are alive and feeding off the leftover human energy. The cars have come to life and taken the form and personality of their human owners. But once the energy runs out they die and go dormant until the humans come back in roughly 750 years. In cars 2, we see the cars go to Japan and we see evidence that Pixar movies are all on the same timeline. There is now an energy an crisis. A company named Allinol (BnL) makes a new type of alternative energy from human emotion. Oil ends off killing many of the cars and making the earth once again polluted. The world is now unsustainable to live on.


Earth is inhabitable and has been for a few hundred years. All caused by BnL that started in the 1950’s.  WALL-E is the only thing left on earth. Cleaning the earth to be hopefully one day habitable. WALL-E has become friends with a cockroach. Which has fulfilled WALL-E. The robots on the axiom are sucking the life out of the humans and making the humans pretty much robots. WALL-E and his love Eve save the human race and start a new beginning on Earth.

Bugs life

The plant in WALL-E is seen to grow in to a big tree. The same in A Bugs Life. Now insects can live longer and are very intelligent. They do not mention humans (because there are so little) or anything of the past. But there are animals that also have intelligence. Over about 500 years humans evolve so much that they turn into a dominant species.

Monsters inc. and Brave

After hundreds of years, animals evolve with humans and have created monsters, due to the radiation from BnL. But what BnL did not notice when they wiped out the human race, was that they needed human life for energy. They solve that by building portals or doors, as we know them in the movie. These doors are used to travel back in time to when humans were alive to collect screams and or laughs of children.

Which leads us to Boo.



Boo is a child. One that many people think is cute and innocent. But if we go back to the little old witch from Brave. She went though doors, was obsessed with bears and talking animals. And do you remember who else did those same things?

You may have guessed it already; Boo is the witch. After Boo’s obsession with Sully, she is the catalyst and the one to create this whole thing. Known as the Pixar Theory.


For more detail in The World of Pixar go to Jon Negroni’s website

If you like things like fantasies and awesome stories go to this link about having The Percy Jackson series as a netflix series.



Should you read the Percy Jackson books?

Heck ya you should!! Percy Jackson books are great,they can help you feed your imagination. They have the adventure that a normal fairy tale book might not have. Also, they can kind of inform you about Greek gods and goddesses. It might not be perfectly accurate but it has good information. They helped me a lot when i had a test in my History classes and had to name the gods and goddesses. They could help you with that too. There isn’t just Percy Jackson

Should we make the books a Netflix series?

Next thing is, most of you here looking at this sight have read Percy Jackson. If you haven’t please kindly GET YOU!! Now we all know that the Percy Jackson movies SUCK. They didn’t even get the characters remotely right. I mean Percy definitely wasn’t 16 , he was 12. Anyway everyone in the fandom hate the movies. I agree. Then someone suggested that Netflix should make an animated series. Netflix made so many articles and petitions to see if they should really make a series. I don’t know what has happened to that but hopefully it makes it.

What the Percy Jackson Fandom thinks

Something else, we the people of the Percy Jackson fandom, know that in order to form a more perfect world a non-animated TV series based on the original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan be created.   The show will then be casted in such a way that the characters match the descriptions in the books, which include all of the details of each specific character (Ex: Luke’s scar). Then, the show will have each season based on a different book and be 10-13 episodes long. It will be available to watch worldwide. The show will be available to viewers on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon to increase production value.We do ordain and establish this petition for the Percy Jackson fandom.

 Make it animated

Something else, is that a lot of people think it shouldn’t be live action. They think it would be easier and faster to make it animated. They’ll have the fandom help write the script. They will have them draw the animated characters, revise the script. It would make the production faster. This is true. All of the shows that are animated come out faster because there will be less things to mess up on except the lines they characters have. There will also be less to edit out. Like all the mistakes they actors in a live action.

Take Voltron as an example. It came out faster than, say the New Girl episodes. It took less time to make Voltron, because the actors in New Girl had to look and talk to each other more than the “voices” of the Voltron cast, which means the actors have more of a chance to laugh at the others actions or lines. But, with Voltron,(or Percy Jackson if it happens) don’t really see the actions that the characters will be making, so it’s easier to not laugh in the middle of a “take”. So if the people of the Percy Jackson fandom want it to come out faster than go for the animated series. But if you want a “better quality” than go for the live action.

 Link to the petition

Also, This is the best place to sign a petition to get us the series on Netflix

Next,  here is a place to go to for a Pixar Theory:


The BEST Spider-Man


There are many argument about who is the better Spider-Man. There is Tom Stanley  Holland or Andrew  Garfield. They are both really great actors, but who looks the best, is the real question. Tom Holland is this cute 5’8, British, strong, man. Andrew Garfield is also  British/American , 5’10 and kind of strong, man. I personally think that Tom Holland did better. Tom showed how most teenagers act and feel all the time, he didn’t portray the looks though (he is too cute).  Andrew looked more like an actual nerd, not to be mean. Lets get down into what you all came for, the looks comparison. Tom Holland is 5’8, has brown hair, brown eyes, he has a perfect toned body. Andrew is 5’10, brown eyes, brown hair and is very skinny.


Humor is very important. That’s probably the most important thing in a man, other then their looks.  Everyone likes a man that can take a joke, or is a joke.  Tom Holland more has the sarcastic humor, he is also a big prankster. Furthermore Andrew is very serious and always look mad or ticked off. In most interviews Tom is very silly and likes to joke around with his other co-stars. I personally think that humor is a very important part of personality, that’s what I look for in a man.

Before they were famous:

Tom did a little acting before he was famous. He portrayed a role as Billy Elliot: The Musical in London. Tom was also in the movie The Impossible in 2012. Tom attended  Donhead Preparatory School before he got accepted by the BRIT school of Performing Arts and Technology. Andrew starring role in Hacksaw Ridge in 2004. Andrew  trained at the Center for Speech and Drama at the University of London. They both have a ton of dance and acting back rounds.


Tom is a family guy, he loves his family and loves being around them. He has 6 people in his family total, counting him. His parents are Nicola and Dominic Holland. Nicola is a professional photographer. Dominic is a comedian and an author.  Tom has 3 brothers, Harry, Sam and Patrick or Paddy.  Harry and Sam are twin brothers. Andrew Garfield has 4 people in his family. His parents are Lynn and Richard Garfield. Andrew has one brother named Ben Garfield.


Tom has starred in a bunch of other movies including: Captain America: Civil War(2016) , In the Heart of the Sea (2015), Pilgrimage(2017), Edge of Winter(2016), The Lost City of Z(2017), The Impossible(2012), Chaos Walking (2019), Spider-Man Homecoming(2017) and Avengers Infinity War (2018). Andrew has starred movies including: Boy A (2007), The Imaginaruim of Doctor Parnassus”(2009), Never Let Me Go (2010), The Social Network (2010), 99 Homes(2015), Breathe(2017), Silence (2016), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and Hacksaw Ridge (2016). They have starred in tons of movies and probably more

Personal Life:

Tom reside in London with his brothers and parents. Tom  also has a cute dog named Tessa, she’s pitbull. Normally you’d think of pitbulls being a scary dog that wants hurt everyone. she is totally the opposite, she is the sweetest. When Tom was just 7 years old, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Along with his three siblings Holland sponsors The Brothers Trust, a UK Registered Charity that raises money for various charitable causes. He wants to help everyone as much as he can.  Andrew Garfield has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom. He still loves both, he said they both feel like home. He mostly spends his time in the U.S., working on movies. Andrew  does not publicly discuss details of his private life. In 2011, Garfield began dating his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone sometime during production of the film. Emma was his “crush” in the film. In 2015 it was  sad news that they have split up. In 2011, Garfield became the Ambassador of Sport for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), how sweet!

What They Think of Each Other:

Tom and Andrew both praise each other for doing a fabulous job on playing the role of Spider-Man/ Peter Parker. I think it is awesome that they have respect for each other. They should be hating each other or competing against each other. In some interviews they leave/ say nice comments about their acting or just them as a person. I have learned a lot about these both fabulous guys, but I still have a favorite. Which is TOM HOLLAND!

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Most Popular Movies For Young Adults

There are many different many popular movies for young adults. And there are also many different types of genres of movies. For example there is romance, action, movies in high school, horror, comedy, and MANY different kinds!

Here is a website of some of the most popular movies for young adults over many years. There also so many good books that have been made into movies! If you are not a fan of movies here is a good book you may like about writing letters to people that have passed away.

Here is a list of some of the most popular movies:

  • The Fault in Our Stars
    • This a romance movie about a girl with cancer that attends a cancer support group meeting. Hazel, the main girl, didn’t want to go to the cancer support group but ends up learning that it is good for her. She also meets a boy named Augustus Waters at one of the meetings. They get to know each other better and start to fall for each other. This a great romantic and sad movie that most girls would love!
  • Divergent Series
    • Tris Prior lives in a world that is divided into five factions. She has to decide which faction she wants be committed to, but she is so unsure of what she wants. She then is able to choose her faction; Dauntless. Where there she has to learn to be brave and fight for herself. Tris soon discovers that she is different than most people. She is Divergent. But the government does not want Divergents in their community so Tris has to learn how to survive and fight for her life.
  • The Outsiders
    • Greasers are a group of kids that have a much different life than others. This book is mainly about the life of Ponyboy and his brothers and friends. Greaser’s either don’t have parents anymore or they have a really hard life at home. The Greasers have always been in a battle with the Socs since they could remember. Then one night Ponyboy and his friend Johnny do something bad. They decide it would be best if they just run away, but then they have to decide what to do next and how they are going to survive by themselves.
  • Hunger Games Series
    • Katniss Everdeen has been selected to be in the Hunger Games. She has been selected with Peeta Mellark from District 12. For the Hunger Games, many teens or kids are chosen to fight to the death until there is one winner. Katniss and Peeta start to get feelings for each other throughout the Hunger Games. Although, Katniss has a boyfriend Gale waiting for her to possibly come home. Katniss will have do fight hard to get back to Gale, but she might also want to be with Peeta…
  • If I Stay
    • If I stay is a movie about Mia Hall, who is amazing at playing the Cello. She starts to fall in love with a rock singer, Adam. But her family then gets in a tragic car accident and everything changes. While she is in a coma she can see everything like she is alive and walking around. If you are a sucker for romance, you will probably cry because it is such a good romance and also sad movie!
  • Twilight Series
    • Bella Swan just moved from the state of Arizona to live with her dad in Washington. She sees Edward Cullen, the very handsome guy in her school, around but gets the idea that he is definitely different than most people. Bella then finds out that he is a Vampire and that’s why he acts weird around other people. She likes this Edward and they then start to fall in love. A human and vampire are definitely not the typical love birds. So Bella’s and Edward’s love is a dangerous romance and makes for a great movie!
  • Harry Potter Series
    • Harry Potter learns that he is different than most people because he has magical powers. He is selected to attend Hogwarts which is a school for wizards. There he learns that he is like many other wizards and is living a much better life than he was before. While he is at Hogwarts he tries to discover the truth about his parents mysterious deaths with some of his close new friends he has met.