How to Become a Millionaire

The way to become a millionaire is too save lots of money. Choose a job that gives you lots of money. Start a company that will save money perhaps lots of money. It takes 10 or more long years before anyone can be a millionaire. The people today that are millionaires, by 2027 or 2030 there will be the worlds first trillionaire.

Millionaires get treated really well with respect and many people like millionaires only sometimes. People with a lot of money can also afford mansions.

The Affects of Youth Court on Teens and Other General Information


There are so many great affects of youth court but before I really get into those I am going to explain what the youth court is, how it works and other basic things like that. But don’t worry there will be plenty of information about the affects coming soon.

What is Youth Court?

This is a picture of one of the Youth Court shirts that we all wear. Looking like a team makes Youth Court more effective.

Youth Court is an amazing judicial program that is run through individual cities. It consists of adult leaders or instructors, a local police officer, and a panel of teen volunteers. Teenagers that range from freshman to seniors in high school are allowed to apply to be on the panel of the city in which they live.

The purpose of the Youth Court

Youth Court is focused on restorative justice and rehabilitating teens. This means that the Youth Court wants to help teens realize what they’ve done wrong and try to help them make better decisions in the future. Rather than just punishing them and sending them away to continue their bad behavior. This is the beauty and true power of the program. This helps to turn kids lives around without them having a permanent mark on their record.

Affects of Youth Court

The Youth Court has great affects on many people including the offender, the volunteers, and the community.


Youth Court probably has the greatest affect on the offenders. This is a great program that helps kids and their families turn their lives around. Sometimes kids don’t think that there will ever be any consequences for their bad actions. When they come to a place like Youth Court in a court room, and their peers asking them questions they tend to get a little scared. Then they start to realize how their actions affect others. As part of the hearing we try to focus on how their actions affected others. In cases such as shoplifting we ask the youth to identify their favorite possession and then ask the how they would feel if it was stolen. We also ask more specific questions depending on their case and their situation. We have seen kids decide to make better decisions and stick to it and it is amazing.


This program gives those who volunteer a great feeling of service and of community. As a volunteer I feel like I am making a difference in the community. It gives me the feeling that I am helping these teenagers turn their lives around, and see them succeed. I get to see people decide to make better choices and then see how much happier they are to have made the change.  It is helpful especially for teen volunteers to take part in this program. This program keeps them a part of something bigger than themselves. Youth Court helps them to put things into perspective, and their teenage problems don’t seem like such a big deal anymore.


A regular part of offenders disposition is community service. This connects the teens to the community in a very literal way. The offenders are asked to give back to their community and only get happy feelings in return. They try to make up for their mistake. Helping the community makes it a better place for everyone in it. Through this service and kids deciding to make good decisions the community grows together and becomes happier together.


What makes the Youth court Effective.

There are many things that make the Youth Court effective including uniforms, training, and are great leaders.


Everyone in the Youth Court is required to wear their uniform shirt. The shirts are not to fancy but we all look unified while wearing the same thing. The collared shirts also show professionalism. This shows the offenders that this program and the situation that they are in is for real it is serious. They know they need to stop messing around. Unity and professionalism are two necessary pillars in the effectiveness of the program.


This is the schedule that we had at our summer training.

All Youth Court members must undergo training before handling any real cases. The first part of the training is a summer conference held in various places throughout Utah. The summer conferences are three days full of classes and breakout sessions to help prepare us to handle real life cases during the school year. There are also many weeks of two hour training sessions. Even after we start cases we continue to train. Every member of the team being on the same page and working together is very important in having a successful court. One of the most effective aspects of our training is our folders.

                                            The Folders

Our folders contain many useful tools. There is a hearing script which is absolutely essential to an effective Youth Court experience. This makes sure that everyone knows what to say and when to say it.  There are also a lot of suggested questions to ask when we are in a bind. Every case is different and every case has different questions that need to be asked. There are also job descriptions because there are many roles that each member of the Youth Court needs to know how to preform. The job descriptions help to make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are every time.


Our leaders have always helped us. They are extremely helpful every week. They will answer any question that we have.  Our leaders are great teachers and always push us to become better. Without such great leaders this program would not be nearly as successful as it is.

The Benefits of Youth Court

There are many benefits of Youth Court. Many of them have already been talked about in this post . Such as the amazing affects on community and the teens involved.  There are also other benefits such as the community service hours. Every volunteer fills out a community service log for every hour that they volunteer. This log looks great on future college and job applications.

This is my community service log that I keep in my folder.

If you want to learn more about Youth Court then you should visit the National Association of Youth Courts website.


I also have another article about cases and procedures that you could read.


School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories


This page is for those who want school appropriate conspiracy theories, like a little mystery, but are using school WiFi and cannot afford to get into trouble. Prepare to be shook to the core and quaking all night long, for you will not sleep after hearing these theories. Lets get on with the theories.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

Aliens school appropriate conspiracy theories

Area 51 has been a place of aliens sightings or scares. Rumors of abducts have sprouted in recent years. After they come to, they often come back with strange markings and some have even found tracking devices stuck inside the back of their neck. They recall feeling a “floating” sensation and seeing a bright light. But some even speak of horrible devices brought down and connected to their head. However, some may find the existence of aliens hard to believe, a great abundance of people believe Jesus was an alien. Whether or not you believe the tales is all up to you.

for more information, check out this link

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories


Evidence suggests a planned attack and fake news actors is incredible. The structure the the tower, while strong and well built, and how it fell do not cooperate. The towers fell straight down, this suggests bombs may have been inside the towers blowing up the sides.  The occurrence of these events along with the on-going battles suggest that maybe the U.S. staged a terrorist attack, enabling the to fight in the battle. The choice in whether you believe in the theories is up to you.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

Music school appropriate conspiracy theories

The way many stars rise to fame is very suspicious. Taylor Swift, popular but also under much controversy, was an unknown artist and her first album broke records. Could her dad have a storage shed somewhere with millions of copies of the album? Beyonce is definitely the queen of the illuminate. Whether or not you believe this is up to you.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

If you would like to learn more about music go to our article on  band class


Harry Potter is the book of childhood, taking readers on adventure on an adventure of magic. Or is Harry Potter actually about coming out and learning to cope with being different. Everyone there is similar to him and even understand him. H.P. Lovecraft, while some may say crazy, claimed fiction was never written, The others had showed him. Was H.P. crazy or telling the truth? Whether or no you believe this is up to you.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories


Donald Trump was recently a controversial, but well directed, president elect. The Trump family has not been the most popular of the white house occupants. Trump suggested outrageous and crazy ideas throughout the entire election process. After he won, Trump almost immediately started to  carry out his demands, whether people agreed with them or not. But, these ideas would cost the US a fortune, also, most of his ideas wouldn’t even be finished before his term was over.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a scary, but also intriguing, subject. However, the people who have experienced sleep paralysis would tell you how awful and terrifying it is. Sleep paralysis happens when someone is conscious during sleep, but is unable to move or cry for help. Many see monsters or other entities in the corners of dark rooms. Sleep paralysis, while strange, can also be linked to trauma. However, it is often very difficult for the subject to confront their fears and their past. But, to contradict science, some say it is a form of possession.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

First World Order  school appropriate conspiracy theories

Is it not strange that american currency contains an all seeing eye? But, what is even more strange is that our dollar bill, is green. The illuminate, a first world order that seeks to take over the world, secretly. Pop and social media stars are targeted to join. With large platforms, the illuminate is able to reach out and get a hold of many other viewers. But, whats worse is that anyone can join. However, be cautious.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories

Food school appropriate conspiracy theories

Cafeteria food is not good. However, the truth may lie in who changed it, Michelle Obama. Food used to be delicious before she came. Is the government trying to make us fat? Or forcing us to spend more money? Cheesy bread used to be the main course, now, it doesn’t exist. Choose wisely at the lunch line.

School Appropriate Conspiracy Theories