Softball vs. Baseball


Softball and baseball have many similarities and also many differences. The basics of the game are what is keep the same and all the extra details are what gives them such a difference.

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The Field

Baseball fields and softball fields have the same layout except for the inside of the diamond. The inside of the diamond on a softball field is all dirt. As for a baseball field the inside of the diamond contains grass and dirt.

Baseball Field

                                                              Softball Field

As you can see there is a difference between the two fields.  Not much of a difference but there defiantly is one. These two field are set up in the same way. They all include a pitching mound, and four bases including home plate.


Now that we know one of the major differences in the sports lets talk about the smaller details that make the sports different.

  • baseballs are smaller than softballs
  • softball is usually a girls sport and baseball is usually a boys sport
  • baseball uses fast pitch and softball uses slow pitch
  • different size bats and gloves

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These are some of the simplest but still biggest parts of the difference in the sport. Now as for the similarities its more the rules of that game that is the same. Like the 3 strikes your out rule and the fact that you can run through first base without getting out. But if you run through the base on second or third or you can be tagged and get out or the base can be tagged and you can get a force out.

For those who don’t know what a force out is it is when you are on first, second, or third base and someone hits the ball if someone is on the base behind you before the ball is hit and they have to run because its the same for them you have to run you have no option. At that point they don’t have to tag you to get you out they just have to tag the base. This occurs in both sports.

So how different are they really?

These to sports to say the least are similar in many ways but mostly it is the rules and how the field they play on is set up that is what is really similar. Although the fields are different they are actually the same in some ways too. Continuing with the differences though how much do they really have in common? What makes the so different from each other? Going more in depth about the sports you realize that isn’t really a big difference in the two sports.

Both sports have the same objective. Only girls are playing one and boys are playing the other. So yes some people will say they are similar and some will say they are different. No matter what though your pretty much watching the same game with different players and a different field. Even though most people won’t even notice the difference between the two fields.


There will always be similarities and differences between sports and they may or may not be noticeable by the people who are watching. All anyone cares about is the game that is being played. Plus most of the fans are the parents and they are paying attention to whether or not there kid is doing this or that. This doesn’t have to be a complicated thing.

Now that everything is said and done the two sports really aren’t different. They have the same logistics and are almost the exact same game. There are only a few things that can be compared about the sports. Which shows that they may have more in common than not in common. So why try and compare when you get down to the basics softball and baseball go hand in hand,they fit like a glove. Baseball and softball are probably two of the most similar sports you will find. Considering they both came from the same idea, they really are like the same sport.



How to Play Soccer

Soccer is a popular game in many places and has many different names for it such as futbol, calico, futebol, and voetbol. In the U.S. soccer is called a beautiful game. It is a game with few breaks and one aim to score a goal. It is a fast-paced game.

Image result for soccer


Warm Ups

Before you play the game each player should run through some stretch routine. Some of the practical routines are:


You stand by a wall and lift you leg behind you. With one hand you steady yourself against the wall and the other holds your hand in place. For it to stretch you have to gently pull your leg upwards.

-Lower Back:

To stretch your lower back you need to lay down and pull your knees towards your chest. While doing that you want keep your shoulders and head on the ground.

There are many other stretches you can do as well.

Team Positions

The soccer team all works to score goals and prevent other teams from scoring. Each team consists of 11 players. 1 goalkeeper and 10 field players.


They are the only player allowed to use their hands. They block goals and stay in the penalty area of the field.


They are playing in front of the goalkeeper. They are responsible to stop the other team from scoring. As the Defender you play on the left and right of the field and stay on the same side of the field for the majority of the game. The central defenders are in the middle of the field and typically cover the opposition’s leading goal scorer.


They are the link between the defense and attack. When your a midfielder you have to be the most physically fit players on the field. They will be running most of the games. The need to be prepared to go on the other teams side of the field.


Their main job of a forward is to score goals or help create them for team mates. The center forward should be the leading goal scorer.

-The Field

Image result for soccer field

The soccer field looks likes a giant rectangle that is at least 100 yards long and 5o yards wide. It has a goal in the center at both ends  of the field. On the field there is marks including those for the penalty area and spot, the center spot for kick-offs, and the corners for corner kicks.

The field is divided in half by a halfway line, which joins the middle of the both touchlines. In the center of the halfway line there is the center spot. The center spot is a round circle with a 10 yard radius.

The field is made of grass or it can be made of manmade materials like Astro Turf. The color must always be green.



Dribbling is the most basic skill of soccer. It is the ability to carry the ball past other players well being in control of the ball. If the player can’t dribble the ball, then he is unable to play. Well dribbling make sure not to look down and use both feet.

-Changing Directions

Before you try to change directions you want to make sure you have enough space to turn with the ball. You will want to turn from you opponent and use the outside or inside of your foot. What side of your foot you use depends on where the pass is coming from and where the players around you are at.

How to Coach Soccer

Though the size of the field can vary, the markings remain pretty much the same.

-Support the players

You want to be specific when you praise the players. You need to display good sportsmanship for you team to learn from. When you coach soccer in always need to remember that kids make mistakes its part of their learning process.

-Before Game Talk

When you give a talk before the game you need to remember to be brief, speak calmly, conduct the talk away from any other distractions, avoid saying phrases that may provoke pressure or stress such at “let score 3 goals today.”

Much of the information found in the article is found of Soccer for Dummies. 

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NBA 2K18


Gaming is very popular all throughout the world. Some popular games include Mine craft, Fornite, etc. However, on September 19th, 2017 NBA 2K18 was released to the public. However, those who had pre-ordered the game received it 4 days earlier on September 14th. People all over the world rushed to the stores to make sure they were one of the first to own this game. Now it is played daily by thousands of people all over the world.

Game play

NBA 2K18 is a video game available for Xbox 360/1, Switch, PS4, PS3, and PC. This game allows players to feel as though they are a real life NBA player. The main menu page of the game allows you to pick a number of options such as play now, mycareer, myteam, mygm/myleague, and options.

Play Now

If play now is selected, then the gamer gets to hop right in as if they are one of the current teams/players in the league. Once they select their team, they can choose what jerseys the team wears. They can also choose what team they play against, and the starting lineup. Depending on what teams home and what team is away will choose what arena the game is played at. They then play through 4 quarters of the time period of their choice. They also have the option to call time out, run plays, and sub players in/out. The gamer can even choose to be a team from a certain year. For example, they can choose the 1998-1999 Utah Jazz team. Also, the gamer can save and quit the game they are currently in and come back to it later.

In the picture above, the gamer has chosen to play as the Dallas Mavericks with the opponent being the Golden State Warriors.


If the gamer chooses the option titled “mycareer” then they get to create their own player. They can choose his height, skin color, hair color, hair style, tattoo’s, and any feature one can think of. They can also choose what position they play (point guard, small guard/shooting guard, small/power forward, and center.) Once they create their player they start playing in a game where NBA general managers are supposedly watching them. After they play a couple of those games, they go to the NBA draft. During they draft they watch the timer count down until each player is drafted. Eventually they are drafted by some team. Once drafted, they go through one or two press conferences where they are asked questions and they can choose between a couple different answers. Then they can start playing with their new team. As a rookie, the gamer will not get to play the whole game. However, they will have the option to flash forward to their next appearance


In this option, they can also buy their play shoes, cut their hair, run through drills, and go to popular player training camps ( Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, etc.)


If the gamer clicks on this option, then they get to put together their very own dream team. They start by selecting the coach they want for their team. They then “draft” all the players they want to have on their team. It’s almost as though the gamer is acting as a general manager in this option.  Once the gamer has their team figured out, they will start playing against other drafted teams. The gamer competes with their team in a best-of-seven elimination-style competitions. After each round, they can redraft their team, and they can try to get the players back that they had on their team before.


If the gamer chooses this option, then they can now control one or all of the teams in the NBA. You get to choose how long games are, how many games are in a season, what teams play each other, and many other things. The options in this selection are limitless. Gamer’s tend to enjoy this option a lot and spend much of their playing time under this option.


If the gamer clicks on “options” then they can control the volume, music, graphics of the screen, and many more settings.


NBA 2K18 is a game that is consistently played by hundreds of kids and teenagers and even adults/parents get it on the fun at times. It gives kids the chance to experience a little bit of their dreams by showing them what life in the NBA is like.

Click on “this” to buy the game.

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American Skateboarding Sold Brands


Here is a list of a lot of American skateboard deck providers: 5Boro, Alien Workshop, Almost, Anti Hero, Bacon, Baker, Birdhouse, Chocolate, Consolidated, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, DGK, Enjoi, Expedition One, Element,  Flip, Foundation, Girl, Globe, Grizzly, Hockey, Hoopla, Hopps, Hosoi, HUF, Isle, Killing Floor, Magenta, Meow, Mini Logo, Mystery, Numbers Edition, Otherness, Passport, Polar, Powell, Prime Heritage, Primitive, Plan B, Quasi, Real, Santa Cruz, Skate Mental, Skate Warehouse, Slave, Sovrn, Star Wars by Santa Cruz, Stereo, Suicidal Skates, Toy Machine, Traffic, Transportation Unit, Welcome, WKND, Zero, Zoo York, Black Label, Blind, Dogtown, Habitat, Heroin, Krooked, Lifeblood, Pizza, Shake Junt, Sk8 Mafia, Theories, Tired, Vision. I personally like Deathwish Skateboards because of the experience I’ve had with them. I really like their decks because it lasts long and doesn’t loose its pop to quickly and they do different shaped boards if you don’t like the traditional popsicle stick. Deathwish has some pretty cool lookin graphic on the back of the board. I’ve mostly just road Deathwish but Welcome skateboards are pretty awesome too. I really like welcome boards because they also have many shapes and sizes and they have some pretty awesome lookin graphic on the back.


Here is some American truck providers: Ace, Bullet, Destructo, Independent, Industrial, Krux, LUXE, Silver, Tensor, Theeve, Thunder, Venture, Mini Logo, Royal. I personally like the original Independent trucks because they are just super light and they last a very long time. I have independent trucks on my complete and they have lasted me forever and I have grinded on them a lot and they are still super good. But I also really like Thunder trucks because they look really nice and have some pretty cool graphic on them but they are still not as good as independent trucks.


Here is some American wheel providers: Alien Workshop, Autobahn, Baker, Blind,  Bones wheels, Chocolate, Crailtap, Darkstar, DGK, Element, Enjoi, Ghetto Child, Girl, Gold, Kryptonics, Mini logo, OJ, Orbs, Pig, Portland Wheel Company, Powell, Primitive, Ricta, Santa Cruz, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Sunset Skateboards, Wayward Wheels, Wreck Wheel Co. I personally like Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a lock-in wheels because they have super good grip on the ground, can lock in super good on rails for grinding, have super good powerslides, and can still roll over pebbles pretty nicely also you can still do tricks and land them nicely. Bones wheels are also pretty nice and smooth but for me not super good for tricks.


Here is some American bearing providers: 11:11 , Andale, Beerings Brand, Black Panther, Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co., Chocolate, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flip, Girl, Gold, Grizzly, Hard Luck, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus, Pig, Quickies, Royal, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Speed Demons, Toy Machine, Spitfire. I personally like Bones Reds Bearings because they are super smooth there only around $17 dollars at like the Skate Warehouse. also they are really easy to clean and last a super long time. Another bearings brand that is pretty good are Shake Junt Bearings they are pretty good and smooth and are just a pretty good bearings brand and can cost a little cheaper then Bones Reds.

Grip Tape

Here is some American grip tape providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Black Magic, Blind, Bro Style, Crailtap, Creature, Darkstar, Diamond, Enjoi, FKD, Flypaper Griptape, Girl, Grizzly, Habitat, Hard Luck, High Times, Independent, Jessup, Kayo, Krux, Mini Logo, Mob, Mouse, Primitive, Royal, Santa Cruz, Shake Junt, Skate Warehouse, Spitfire, Superior, Zero, Thrasher. I personally like Grizzly Griptape because it grips super good at lasts a long time and also has some pretty cool graphics.

Another pretty good brand is Mob Griptape. Mob Griptape is good because it is the free griptape that comes with any deck you buy at a skate shop and lasts a super long time and grips very nicely.


Here are some American hardware company providers: Diamond, Almost, Bacon, Bones Wheels, Bro Style, Chocolate, Dad’s Lounge, Doom Sayers, Enjoi, Girl, Gold, Hard Luck, Independent, Mini Logo, Modus, Plus Reserve, Shake Junt, Shorty’s, Skate Warehouse, Superior, Thunder. I personally like pretty much any hardware its all pretty good.

Riser Pads

Here are some American riser pad company providers: Diamond, Dooks, Independent, Lucky, LUXE, Mini Logo, Modus. I personally like pretty much any riser pads but I don’t like to use them skateboarding because they are just dead wait.


Here are some American bushing company providers: Bones Wheels, Creature, Doh-Doh, Independent, Mini Logo, Thunder. I personally like Independent bushing because they are super nice because you can choose between hard, medium, or loose bushings and they don’t cost a lot of money.


Here are some American wax company providers: Alien Workshop, Almost, Bones Wheels, Creature, Diamond, Girl, Royal, Zero. I personally just like to make my own wax because its cheaper. also you don’t need wax to skateboard its just if you want to do grinds or stuff like that.

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Basketball Hall of Fame

What is the Basketball Hall of Fame?

The Basketball Hall of Fame is a special monument for those players that have  left a mark in basketball history.  Once an important player in the NBA has retired from player they may be placed in the hall of fame. There is more than one hall of fame, it is not just for basketball. There is also a baseball and football hall of fame, along with many other sports. When an important athlete has retired for playing they may be placed in the hall of fame. Once in the hall of fame they are recognized for the affect they have had on basketball. It is not only players that are inducted into the hall of fame, coaches, teams, contributors, and referees may as well.  People come from everywhere to learn about  these players and coaches  and the legacy they have left.

Who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Most recent members include:

Robert Hughes- coach

Tracy McGrady -player

George McGinnis- player

Image result for basketball hall of fame

Muffet Mcgraw- coach

Zack Clayton- player

Bill Self- coach


Older inductions include:

Original Celtics- team 

Mathew Kennedy-referee

Ralph Morgan- contributor

Charles Hyatt- player

John Schommer- player

Oswald Tower – contributor

Basketball Hall of Fame History

The purpose of a hall of fame is to honor a player, coach, or other contributors to the sport who have made a difference.  At the beginning of the hall of fame all it was was a small building on the campus of Springfield College.  Since then it has expanded to the great large building that it is today.  The game of basketball was first played on December 21 of 1891 as the years went on it changed and developed into the wonderful game that so many love.  On February 17, 1968 the Hall of Fame was officially opened to the public. At the time of the opening the NBA was going through a very important time in this time. History was being made.

At the Beginning

The grand opening of the hall was so spectacular people started planning it 30 years in advance. They first started making plans when the United States beat Canada in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  However,the road wasn’t always easy for the hall of fame. Throughout the years it has been known as the birth place of basketball, and fans of basketball flocked from everywhere to visit it. When America entered World War Two it stopped the ideas for an expansion for some time. Eventually however  the Basketball Hall of Fame rose back to the top and is the house of so many basketball legends.

Founder of the Game

The full name of the hall is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame named after the man who invented the game of basketball Dr. Naismith.  Dr. Naismith game up with the idea over a century ago and this idea has completely changed history. The Naismith Memorial couldn’t have a better name. Naming the building that celebrates so many great contributors to basketball after the founder of basketball himself couldn’t be better.

Top Famous Inductees

When someone is inducted into  the hall of fame they are put in with a class. Over the years there have been many classes with some of the biggest basketball contributors. Here are 6 of the most popular induction classes.


1987: Walt Fraizer, Pete Maravich, and Rick Barry

1980: Jerry Lucas, Jerry West, and Oscar Robertson

2002: Magic Johnson, Lute Olson, Larry Brown, Kay Yow, Drazen Petrovic, and the Harlem Globetrotters

2008: Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Pat Riley, Adrian Dantley, and Dick Vitale

2009: Micheal Jordan, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, David Robinson, and C. Vivian Stringer

2016: Shaquille O’Neal, Yoa Ming, Allen Iverson, Sheryl Swoopes, Tom Izzo, Jerry Reinsford

All of these players, teams, coaches, or contributors listed have done a great deal in influencing basketball history.

How does someone get in the Hall of Fame

Everyone eligible of being inducted like players, coaches, referees, and other contributors has different requirement they have to meet.


In order to be inducted a player must stay retired for four whole seasons. If they choose to come out of retirement for even a short amount of time they will have to start the process over again once becoming retired again.


Just like a player a coach needs to have been retired for four seasons. However there is another options if the coach has not yet retired. If they have coached a high school or collage team for at least 25 years than they may be considered for induction on their 26th year of coaching.


Referees need to be retired for four seasons as well. They also would have to have been a ref actively  for 25 years or more.


Contributors are eligible of induction if they  have generous contribution to basketball. Weather the contribution is generous enough to be inducted is up to the Hall of Fame induction committee.

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Best Basketball Shoes of 2017 For You

Best Basketball Shoes of 2017 For You

Basketball shoes have progressed a lot since basketball was first a sport.  There are a lot of shoe brands that sell basketball shoes and sponsor players to where their shoes and create their own shoe if they’re big.  There are many different factories that make and design them, but Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and Jordan.  There are also two styles of basketball shoes. One being for basketball, and the other for fashion, style, or just if you want to look cool.  That’s not it though, there are three different types of actual basketball shoes; below ankle, to the ankle, and above the ankle. It all depends on what position you play, height, weight, and what feels good on your foot and ankle.

                                                                                                                                                            Basketball Shoe Brands 2017

2017 basketball shoes are all good, but different brands making different kinds of shoes and are very different when you wear the shoe.  If you’re looking for a fashion showcase shoe, Nike is the way to go. If you’re looking for a shoe that looks good in and out of a game and will last you a long time, Adidas is your best bet.  Under Armor has a lot of shoes that kids in elementary will like, and Jordan’s are usually for fashion and looking nice kind of shoes, but also have a variety of normal basketball shoes. The two best brands for basketball shoes are Adidas and Nike because they have more shoes, a better variety, and a lot of different looking shoes.

                                                                                                                                       Positions and Basketball Shoes 2017

Basketball shoes are partly based on what position you play and how you play. The five positions are; Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center. Point Guards, Shooting Guards, and some Small Forwards usually wear below the ankle basketball shoes. And other Small Forwards and Power Forwards wear to the ankle shoes, and centers wear above the ankle shoes.  Another reason to think about what basketball shoe you need is your height and weight.  If you’re  tall and medium, you want above the ankle shoes so your feet and ankles have more support. If you’re average and more built you want to the ankle shoes so your feet and ankles have room to move but still have support. And if you’re short and skinny you want low shoes so your ankles are free and can move easily.

                        NBA Players Shoes

A lot of well known basketball players create their own shoes. These are the shoes that everyone wants. Big Brands pay these players to sponsor their shoe and make money.  Nike has the most players, then Adidas, and finally Under Armor.  Nike sponsors Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and others.  Adidas sponsors Damian Lillard, James Harden, Derrick Rose, and more.  Under Armor sponsors one player which is Steph Curry.  These players shoes are sold a lot and are the biggest shoes.  Everyone wants these shoes so go get yourself a pair.

                       Team Colors

If you’re looking for basketball shoes to play on a team with, you want them to match your uniform and also the way you play. You want to get the secondary color of your jersey so the colors are even. If your uniform is a solid color, pick a color that’s not too flashy.  Also, get colors that your team mates are also getting so you all look organized and ready to play.  Your shoes also have to match other apparel if you wear compression pants or an arm sleeve. These are all important to improve your game play and game style.

                    Playing With a New Shoe

Playing with new shoes can be hard at first because you need to break them in then they’ll be good.  If you get a new shoe you need to make it last and play your best.  The type of basketball shoe you buy, you need to play the way the shoe feels on your foot, not the way you play. When you play with a new shoe you feel like you’re the best out there, so play like it.  Even if you aren’t the best, play like you mean it and practice like you mean it and you could be.  Shoes are one of the most important things for basketball, so choose wisely.

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Soccer Drills, Practice Makes Perfect!

Drills and Practicing

Some of the soccer drills that are the best are dribbling around, quick pass and follow, one pass shootout, also wall warmup.  Practice makes perfect! Some drills help out more than others, for example, the cone drill helps tremendously with dribbling skills. A drill that helps speed and endurance is the lean, fall, sprint drill. There are so many drills that will help and improve your skills. Speed and endurance can be hard for some people. If something is hard for you there is only one way to get better, that is to practice. It may sound dumb to practice these things but they will help. Everyone has practiced something at sometime.

Professional Players

Professional soccer players have practiced for a lot of time each and everyday. When people go to professional soccer games they don’t realize how much time and effort it took to become as good as they are. Being on a professional soccer team is an opportunity that not a lot of people get. When people practice more and more on anything they are always getting better at it. Everything takes practice including, football, baseball, basketball, softball, driving and many other things. Everyone in the professional soccer league has practiced a lot and has taken many hours of their daily lives to practice and get better to become a professional.

Learning new things

When you were a little kid you didn’t know how to walk or crawl. When you are a kid you are learning to do so many new things. Every once in a while you will find yourself stuck because you can’t do something. If you say you can’t do something you won’t ever try new things. You need to have motivation and be willing to try new things and even if you aren’t good at something it will be okay, no one is perfect. No one is perfect and every person makes many mistakes. Some mistakes you will never forget but some of them will help, you can learn from them.  If you think that what you are practicing doesn’t seem to be helping, you can find someone to practice with.

Drills can help while your alone

Practicing alone can be a good thing, when you practice alone it helps with many things. When you practice alone you can be more motivated and might work harder. Once in a while practicing is better when you are alone. Although some things that you may need to work on need more than one person. Practicing and doing drills alone can also help your reliability because you need to count on yourself to motivate you.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing helps you a lot!They are only worried about how hot or cold it is or asking themselves why they are there. Everyone always need to work on something. Even though something may not seem like practice it is most likely helping something. Practice has many benefits one is  you get better. As you start to practice more you will get better at it. If you aren’t good at something it does not mean that you should stop, you should just find something  you need to work on and practice. Soccer is a sport that involves a lot of dedication and time. Soccer is not easy for some people. No one would be good at soccer if they never tried or didn’t practice.  When you practice you are helping yourself by taking the time to get better.  Even if you don’t know it you are getting better at something everyday.

Time and Effort

There are many soccer players that are super good at soccer because they have taken the time and effort to practice each and everyday. The best teams are the ones that practice a lot. When you practice it needs to be meaningful practice not just something you are doing because someone said to. You coach or whoever told you that you need to practice said that for a reason not just because they thought it would be fun. Your mom and dad can also help you practice, they will also be a good motivator.

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Best football Gloves Review

Best football Gloves to Buy?


Before i get into the football gloves review i’m going to explain what makes a glove a good glove to use.

What makes a glove good?

What makes a glove good. The one thing it should have is that it should be breathable or your hands will feel weird. Also you wont able to catch as good if it feels weird. One thing is should have no matter what is that it should be sticky. Why it should be sticky so when you  catch the glove it doesn’t move. Also more sticky the better catch you can get. The most know brand to be super sticky is Nike, and Under Armor. The final thing that a glove can have it is that it can look good, but not required. The thing they like when it comes to look when the gloves show the main brand. That is what makes a glove good.

Why players use gloves?

The reason why football players use gloves is cause it  helps the catch better. Football players are not the only players that use gloves there are soccer, baseball, hockey, and etc. There are more reasons why players use gloves some of them are to help protect your hands and to keep your hands warm, and there are a lot more that gloves can do for you.

The best football glove company?

The best football glove company consider to some of the people, and players say that there are a lot of good glove company but the one that most players, and people like is Nike gloves the most recommended glove from them is the vapor knit glove which is the first picture you saw when you clicked on this. Which is the black and white glove. The most recommended glove from players is the vapor glove.








What is the Best Sport to Play For Youth

It is important to play a sport, it is just as important to play a sport you like. There are many sports to play, some sports are more expensive or more dangerous than others. The average parent will spend around $650 on sports for their kids; some kids do not like the sport so here are a few sports ideas:


In this sport, gear alone is expensive, the gear costs on $400-$700 on average. There are many dangers to play football as well, from broken arms to concussions the injures are costly too. Without insurance, casting a broken bone costs $2500 on average (depending on the broken bone). There are also many good things about playing football; there are around 1.23 million youth football players. This means that the player has an opportunity to make friends. Many collages look for star football players for scholarships, there are 30,423 different types of scholarships alone just for playing football.

Ice Hockey:

Gear is this sport also expensive for this sport, gear for players (besides goalies) costs around $600. Goalie pads are typically more expensive, around $650-$800. There are many common injuries that almost all hockey players experience such as major bruising, concussions; there are also less common injuries that are still likely to occur, checking or slashing may result in broken bones.  Without insurance, casting a broken bone costs $2500 on average (depending on the broken bone).  A little over half a million american youth play hockey. There are 1,657 scholarships available for playing hockey.


This sports gear costs less for this sport, less gear needed to play this sport, gear costs around $90- $150. Soccer has a few less injures, mostly tearing or pulling. Surgery for a tear is not common but without insurance, it can cost around  $500. There are about 3 million youth in the U.S. that play soccer. There are 19,594 scholarships available for soccer. You may also like our link on soccer vs football.


Volleyball is a sport that has little to no cost; there are also less common injuries. Long term injuries are possible and they do occur due to stress/overuse on arms or stress/overuse on legs. A little less than half of a million youth in the U.S. play volleyball. there are 11,430 different scholarships for playing volleyball.


Basketball is a sport with very little gear; basketball’s necessary “gear” are basketball shoes, on average these cost $75. Most common basketball injuries are caused by falling, being shoved, or hitting the ground, a very common basketball injury is spraining an ankle. There are around 5.5-6 million youth basketball players in America. there are 15,190 scholarships are available from basketball.  The average cost to play basketball is $90-$400 on average.


Gear for the sport of baseball can be expensive, it is not as expensive as football gear. Common injuries are strains, ligament tears, and sprains. An MRI for a ligament injury is not always needed but when they are, the average MRI costs $400-$7,000. The bat costs $90-$300 on average, the helmet normally costs $45-$100. Baseball gear average total cost is $100-$350. There are 50,000 possible baseball scholarships available there are 11.5 million estimated youth baseball players.


This sport can be expensive, warm snow gear is necessary that costs around $200, snowboards cost around $150-$300 on average. There are many common injuries such as concussions, and fractures. The biggest problem with Snowboarding in most places is it is a seasonal sport, and it is done in the winter and only places with proper weather conditions and mountains. There are many Snowboarding/ Skiing scholarships available. Check out our link on Weather and snow sports.


This is not technically a sport but it is still a physical activity with competitions, a good skateboard starting cost is around $60. Common injuries are fractures and concussions usually without insurance that can cost $200-$350. Only one skateboarding scholarship is awarded each year. Check out this link on Skateboarding.


This sport is similar to track and field because they both have practices and meets. Like track, swimming has different stokes and different distances to swim and track has sprinting or long distance. Swimming can be dangerous because there is a risk of drowning, to prevent this always swim with another person near. There are 80 million estimated competitive swimmers in the United States. There are around 9.9 scholarships per swim team.

Futbol Vs Football, What Is The Difference

Futbol Vs Football, What Is The Difference

Futbol, or commonly known as soccer, is a game that you use your feet to kick a round ball. In football, you use your hands to carry and throw a egg-shaped ball. You score in different ways in each game. The length of the games are also different. The fields are not the same. Each sport needs different equipment to play. Each game requires the players to do different physical tasks. The 2 games are different, and in this article, the differences will be discussed.

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The Actual Game-

Soccer consists of 2 halves, and they are both 45 minutes. Football has 4 quarters, and they are all 15 minutes. In soccer you score by kicking the ball into a 8′ X 24′ goal. In football, you can either score a touchdown, which counts as 6 points, or a field goal, which is 3 points. Then, after you score a touchdown, you can kick an extra point, which is worth 1 more, or go for a 2-point conversion. To win in both of the games, you need to score more points than your opponents.    Football is the more high scoring game, while soccer a game where the game can be tied 0-0 at the end.

The Field-


Football has a field that is 120 yards long and 53 yards across. Soccer has different sizes of fields, but the average is between 110-120 yards long, and 70-80 yards long. So a soccer field is bigger than a football

field. Both soccer and football fields have lines on them. In football, there are lines every 5 yards, and every yard, there is a smaller mark. In soccer, there is a line in the middle of the field. Also, there is a 18 yard box, and a 6 yard box on each side of the field. In the center of the 18 yard box, there is a mark. The mark is 12 yards from the goal.



The Equipment-

In soccer, all you need are the proper shoes and shin guards. In football, you need a lot more equipment to keep you safe. You need a helmet to protect your head, a mouth guard to protect your teeth, and shoulder pads. In addition, you also need thigh, hip and knee pads. A cup is also necessary. Also, there are gloves for catching, but these are optional.

What The Players Do-

In football, there is a lot of running into other people. In soccer there is a lot of running, and not as much physical contact as in football. Football has a lot of throwing and catching the football. Soccer, you kick the ball with your feet. You need a lot of lower body and core strength in soccer. To play football, you need a lot of upper body strength. In both sports, you need a lot of awareness to see what you need to do with the ball.

Common Injuries-

In both soccer and football, there are a lot of injures that can occur to you while playing. There are a lot of head injuries in football. Most of them are concussions. Other injuries include broken bones and torn muscles, mostly in the upper body. Soccer has a lot of the same injuries that football has. There are concussions in soccer, but not as much as in football. Other injuries include strained or torn muscles. Unlike football, most of the injuries happen in the lower body. Both sports have their risk to play.

The Teams-

When playing soccer, there are 11 players on each team. There are also different positions on the field. On the field is a goalie, who is the only player on the field who can use their hands. There are defenders, who try to stop shots going toward the goalie. As well as the defenders and goalie, there are also midfielders. These players can play offence and defense. Last but not least, there are the forwards. The main goal of these players is to score goals. When playing soccer, there are substitutes that can be used. In a professional game, only 3 subs are allowed.

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Football is also 11 v 11. In football, there are a lot of positions. There is the quarterback, who is usually the most player on the team.  There is also the running back, who runs with the ball. The wide receivers catch the ball when it is thrown from the quarterback. There is also a tight end, who can block for the running back or catch passes. There is also a offensive line, who block the defense from sacking the quarterback. On the defense, there is the defensive line. They try to sack the quarterback or stop the running back from going to far. Behind them are the linebackers. They can cover the wide receiver, the tight end, sack the quarterback, and stop the running back if they get past the defensive line. There are also defensive backs, who’s main job is to cover the wide receivers and stop them from catching the ball. There are also kickers and punters, who kick the ball.