Wolves As Pets

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How to Pet Maine Coons

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet wolf? Because wolves are used to being in a pack, they would be good for families; especially if they had lost their pack or had been seriously injured, and could not go back into the wild. Wolves, by nature, are protective, loyal, good hunters, and have a great sense of direction. They are great for staying active, and great listeners. Wolves have better, more acute senses which is helpful in many situations. Animals in general have very acute senses, but wolves’ senses are the most sensitive. They can tell when a storm is coming, if you are experiencing health problems that humans can’t detect until it is too late. Wolves also know your emotions, and how to help you.

Wild Animals

Always keep in mind that they are wild animals! They need to be rescued as pups in order to have them inside your home. If they are not raised as pups, they have stronger survival instincts, and are more likely act on them. Wolves are majestic animals, who need respect and trust; without it there is no hope in having a connection. If you ever break that trust, it will take a long time to gain it again.


Wolves are very loyal. They are one of the most loyal animals on the planet. Because they are so loyal, they are loyal to one person. Connection with that one person will last for the rest of their life, and they won’t ever forget it. They will be most obedient to that one person, and won’t have that same connection with anyone else. You never know if the wolf will accept you or not, so the process of finding the right wolf may take a long time.

Big Animals

Wolves weigh from 66-180 lbs. 180 lbs. is about half the weight of a reindeer. Be careful of allowing them to lay on you. Especially for long amounts of time. Because all things grow playing with them when they are older is more dangerous than when they are pups.


Animals, but especially dogs are very therapeutic. Because wolves have such heightened senses they can easily tell how to help you. Retired army personnel can go to institutions where wolves have been rescued from the wild. Personnel can go and find a wolf to befriend. When trying to find the right wolf you need to spend time with different wolves, and really focus on how well you and that wolf understand each other.


Wolves are wild animals and also carnivores. They need fresh meat, and lots of water. Caring for wolves can be hard work. They need tons of exercise. You will need to train them well before you let them hunt their own food. Training them well as a pup means having trust, respect, and yet, still make sure you are the alpha. You should allow to hunt for themselves after both of you have reached a point of trust to let your wolf go off on their own, and you know they will return, and that they won’t try to harm you.


Wolves are used to being in the wild. They still need shelter, but they don’t need to have AC and heating. In the case that the wolf needs to return to the wild, you don’t want to pamper them with AC and heating. Wolves still need something over them for colder, seasons.

Amazing Creatures

They are beautiful, majestic animals. They are amazing creatures that deserve to have friends. Wolves need to have a companion, respect, and proper care.


The Beneli Super Vinci Review

 About The Benelli Super Vinci

The Benelli Super Vinci is a semiautomatic shotgun sold by Benelli for approximately $1,700. The Benelli Super Vinci is a semi-automatic hunting shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. It’s named after the famous Italian Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci because, Benelli says, like da Vinci, the Vinci is an innovator. What makes the Super Vinci different from the Vinci is the Super can fire magnum loads.

Benelli’s Super Vinci Semiautomatic Shotguns are the evolution of the earth-shaking Vinci design with heavy-hitting 3-1/2″ capability. The rapid-cycling Practical Speed Performance™ (PSP) action handles everything from 2-3/4″ 1-1/8-oz. field loads to 3-1/2″ magnums. Its ComforTech® Plus stock and comb pad soak up recoil for smooth, instant follow-up shots. Revolutionary three-part modular take down design is easy to assemble and disassemble. Sculpted magazine-loading port makes it easy to load magnum 3-1/2″ shells. Crio®-treated barrel. Red-bar front sight and metal bead mid sight. Includes set of shims to customize the gun’s drop and cast. Also includes five Crio choke tubes (C, IC, M, IM and F), wrench and choke case as well as custom-fitted gun case. Over-sized trigger guard, enlarged safety and sculpted forend for use with gloves during inclement weather.

Is the Benelli Super Vinci a Good Waterfowl Shotgun?

Yes, this gun is great for waterfowl hunting. This gun has a lot of great features like the In-Line Inertia Driven action. Being a waterfowl gun it will sometimes get wet and will be very dirty and like every shotgun it needs to be cleaned every once in a while but the In-Line Inertia Driven action keeps the gun in good shape. The choke tubes that come with the gun are also very nice. Not only do they help with your shot pattern they keep your gun cleaner.

What else is this gun good for?

This gun is also good for every other type of shotgun hunting.  it is a great dove gun because it is light weight, semiautomatic, and can shoot and eject 2 3/4 inch shells that are used for doves. It is also very good for big birds like turkeys or swan because it can chamber 3 1/2 inch shells too. if you are not a hunter is good for skeet shooting because of its accurate shoot patterns and fast reloading. ..

The shotgun is one of the best shotguns on the market not only cause it is a great gun but it looks super cool. You can buy it covered with Realtree Max5 shadow grass camouflage. If you want to research more go to the realtree website.

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The Pixar Theory

The Theories in the Mind of Pixar.

Many People have No idea what i’m talking about—and hopefully that is the reason why you are here.

The Pixar Theory is a theory that all the movies and stories made by Pixar, are all in the same universe or timeline if you will. This theory was thought of by a man named Jon Negroni. A Jon Negroni theory. If you think about it and if you have noticed it at all the Pixar movies have Easter eggs from their other movies or that allude to other Pixar things. That is what this theory is structured around. First things first, believe it or not, the theory is all based around the movie Brave. Which brings us to the first part of the theory.


The movie is all about how and why a girl named Merida got her mom turned in to a bear. Merida is guided by the Will of the Wisps to the old witch’s cottage. The witch tells Merida of a way to make her troubles with her mother go away. By doing what the witch told her, she turned her mother into a bear. You may be asking yourself, how does this have anything to do with all Pixar being on the same timeline? Well, in the witches cottage you can spot many Easter eggs; The pizza planet truck and Sully from Monsters Inc. Both of which are carved out of wood, since this movie is based in the 14th century.

The witch would always vanish though wooden doors. Over the centuries animals are being experimented on and slowly evolving to become anthropomorphic and gaining personification. Eventually, the magic from the Will of the Wisps would lead to the birth of the Supers.

The Incredibles

Also evolving are the humans. Which brings us to the 1960’s; the time of the Supers. Humans have evolved to have powers such as super strength, invisibility, speed, etc. Evolving in the world of technology or AI(artificial intelligence). Syndrome, the villain of the movie, creates a robot named the Omnidroid. The Omnidroid is a robot with high tech Zero Point Energy. He uses it to kill all existing Supers on the planet. The Omnidroid learns and adapts to the Supers it fights. Mr. Incredible eventually learns the Omnidroid will not take orders. It turns on Syndrome and starts attacking other beings in the city.  The AI turning on humans. Starting the war, animals vs AI., the toys start to absorb the high tech Zero Point Energy.

Ratatouille, Toy story, up, and Finding nemo. 

We now come to current day. Animals have sort of anthropomorphized and live among the humans. The toys are also gaining powers bringing them to life.  The toys start to learn that a humans love is another energy source that they can thrive on. They also learn that it is dangerous to be isolated from humans because it is their life source. Animals, as I said before, are now becoming anthropomorphized. Some having great intelligence. In the ocean we find that fish are incredibly advanced and there are signs of resentment growing towards humans for polluting the environment, stealing fish, and caging them. In Ratatouille, Remy discovers his love for cooking and displays human characteristics. Such as, walking on his hind paws, cleaning his hands, reading, and cooking.

Remy’s rat family does not approve of the humans and feels both fear and hate towards them.  At the falling of Syndrome, the technology for the Omnidroid was bought out and taken over by a company named BnL or Buy and Large.

In up, Carl’s house was purchased by BnL to expand the city. Which is later the same corporation that wipes out the earth by polluting it and shipping off all human life. Carl later meets Charles Muntz, his childhood idol, and finds out about the technology that gives animals the ability to speak. They then start to rise and fight the humans to stop pollution.

Inside out

In inside out, we see the way humans think and act. And going head on to the fact that humans are batteries. The most powerful emotion for a child is Joy, as seen by Joy being the main leader of Riley’s emotions. Most of Riley’s memories are positive, and this is because Joy is inherently a strong emotion for many children.


Now we move onto the fall of the humans and animals. After all humans have left and gone because the Earth is so polluted, machines have advanced so much that they are now alive. They are alive and feeding off the leftover human energy. The cars have come to life and taken the form and personality of their human owners. But once the energy runs out they die and go dormant until the humans come back in roughly 750 years. In cars 2, we see the cars go to Japan and we see evidence that Pixar movies are all on the same timeline. There is now an energy an crisis. A company named Allinol (BnL) makes a new type of alternative energy from human emotion. Oil ends off killing many of the cars and making the earth once again polluted. The world is now unsustainable to live on.


Earth is inhabitable and has been for a few hundred years. All caused by BnL that started in the 1950’s.  WALL-E is the only thing left on earth. Cleaning the earth to be hopefully one day habitable. WALL-E has become friends with a cockroach. Which has fulfilled WALL-E. The robots on the axiom are sucking the life out of the humans and making the humans pretty much robots. WALL-E and his love Eve save the human race and start a new beginning on Earth.

Bugs life

The plant in WALL-E is seen to grow in to a big tree. The same in A Bugs Life. Now insects can live longer and are very intelligent. They do not mention humans (because there are so little) or anything of the past. But there are animals that also have intelligence. Over about 500 years humans evolve so much that they turn into a dominant species.

Monsters inc. and Brave

After hundreds of years, animals evolve with humans and have created monsters, due to the radiation from BnL. But what BnL did not notice when they wiped out the human race, was that they needed human life for energy. They solve that by building portals or doors, as we know them in the movie. These doors are used to travel back in time to when humans were alive to collect screams and or laughs of children.

Which leads us to Boo.



Boo is a child. One that many people think is cute and innocent. But if we go back to the little old witch from Brave. She went though doors, was obsessed with bears and talking animals. And do you remember who else did those same things?

You may have guessed it already; Boo is the witch. After Boo’s obsession with Sully, she is the catalyst and the one to create this whole thing. Known as the Pixar Theory.


For more detail in The World of Pixar go to Jon Negroni’s website

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Should you read the Percy Jackson books?

Heck ya you should!! Percy Jackson books are great,they can help you feed your imagination. They have the adventure that a normal fairy tale book might not have. Also, they can kind of inform you about Greek gods and goddesses. It might not be perfectly accurate but it has good information. They helped me a lot when i had a test in my History classes and had to name the gods and goddesses. They could help you with that too. There isn’t just Percy Jackson

Should we make the books a Netflix series?

Next thing is, most of you here looking at this sight have read Percy Jackson. If you haven’t please kindly GET YOU!! Now we all know that the Percy Jackson movies SUCK. They didn’t even get the characters remotely right. I mean Percy definitely wasn’t 16 , he was 12. Anyway everyone in the fandom hate the movies. I agree. Then someone suggested that Netflix should make an animated series. Netflix made so many articles and petitions to see if they should really make a series. I don’t know what has happened to that but hopefully it makes it.

What the Percy Jackson Fandom thinks

Something else, we the people of the Percy Jackson fandom, know that in order to form a more perfect world a non-animated TV series based on the original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan be created.   The show will then be casted in such a way that the characters match the descriptions in the books, which include all of the details of each specific character (Ex: Luke’s scar). Then, the show will have each season based on a different book and be 10-13 episodes long. It will be available to watch worldwide. The show will be available to viewers on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon to increase production value.We do ordain and establish this petition for the Percy Jackson fandom.

 Make it animated

Something else, is that a lot of people think it shouldn’t be live action. They think it would be easier and faster to make it animated. They’ll have the fandom help write the script. They will have them draw the animated characters, revise the script. It would make the production faster. This is true. All of the shows that are animated come out faster because there will be less things to mess up on except the lines they characters have. There will also be less to edit out. Like all the mistakes they actors in a live action.

Take Voltron as an example. It came out faster than, say the New Girl episodes. It took less time to make Voltron, because the actors in New Girl had to look and talk to each other more than the “voices” of the Voltron cast, which means the actors have more of a chance to laugh at the others actions or lines. But, with Voltron,(or Percy Jackson if it happens) don’t really see the actions that the characters will be making, so it’s easier to not laugh in the middle of a “take”. So if the people of the Percy Jackson fandom want it to come out faster than go for the animated series. But if you want a “better quality” than go for the live action.

 Link to the petition

Also, This is the best place to sign a petition to get us the series on Netflix https://www.change.org/p/abc-netflix-rick-riordan-create-a-percy-jackson-tv-series-called-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians

Next,  here is a place to go to for a Pixar Theory: http://www.salabmol.com/uncatergorized/Pixar-Theory


The BEST Spider-Man


There are many argument about who is the better Spider-Man. There is Tom Stanley  Holland or Andrew  Garfield. They are both really great actors, but who looks the best, is the real question. Tom Holland is this cute 5’8, British, strong, man. Andrew Garfield is also  British/American , 5’10 and kind of strong, man. I personally think that Tom Holland did better. Tom showed how most teenagers act and feel all the time, he didn’t portray the looks though (he is too cute).  Andrew looked more like an actual nerd, not to be mean. Lets get down into what you all came for, the looks comparison. Tom Holland is 5’8, has brown hair, brown eyes, he has a perfect toned body. Andrew is 5’10, brown eyes, brown hair and is very skinny.


Humor is very important. That’s probably the most important thing in a man, other then their looks.  Everyone likes a man that can take a joke, or is a joke.  Tom Holland more has the sarcastic humor, he is also a big prankster. Furthermore Andrew is very serious and always look mad or ticked off. In most interviews Tom is very silly and likes to joke around with his other co-stars. I personally think that humor is a very important part of personality, that’s what I look for in a man.

Before they were famous:

Tom did a little acting before he was famous. He portrayed a role as Billy Elliot: The Musical in London. Tom was also in the movie The Impossible in 2012. Tom attended  Donhead Preparatory School before he got accepted by the BRIT school of Performing Arts and Technology. Andrew starring role in Hacksaw Ridge in 2004. Andrew  trained at the Center for Speech and Drama at the University of London. They both have a ton of dance and acting back rounds.


Tom is a family guy, he loves his family and loves being around them. He has 6 people in his family total, counting him. His parents are Nicola and Dominic Holland. Nicola is a professional photographer. Dominic is a comedian and an author.  Tom has 3 brothers, Harry, Sam and Patrick or Paddy.  Harry and Sam are twin brothers. Andrew Garfield has 4 people in his family. His parents are Lynn and Richard Garfield. Andrew has one brother named Ben Garfield.


Tom has starred in a bunch of other movies including: Captain America: Civil War(2016) , In the Heart of the Sea (2015), Pilgrimage(2017), Edge of Winter(2016), The Lost City of Z(2017), The Impossible(2012), Chaos Walking (2019), Spider-Man Homecoming(2017) and Avengers Infinity War (2018). Andrew has starred movies including: Boy A (2007), The Imaginaruim of Doctor Parnassus”(2009), Never Let Me Go (2010), The Social Network (2010), 99 Homes(2015), Breathe(2017), Silence (2016), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and Hacksaw Ridge (2016). They have starred in tons of movies and probably more

Personal Life:

Tom reside in London with his brothers and parents. Tom  also has a cute dog named Tessa, she’s pitbull. Normally you’d think of pitbulls being a scary dog that wants hurt everyone. she is totally the opposite, she is the sweetest. When Tom was just 7 years old, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Along with his three siblings Holland sponsors The Brothers Trust, a UK Registered Charity that raises money for various charitable causes. He wants to help everyone as much as he can.  Andrew Garfield has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom. He still loves both, he said they both feel like home. He mostly spends his time in the U.S., working on movies. Andrew  does not publicly discuss details of his private life. In 2011, Garfield began dating his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone sometime during production of the film. Emma was his “crush” in the film. In 2015 it was  sad news that they have split up. In 2011, Garfield became the Ambassador of Sport for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), how sweet!

What They Think of Each Other:

Tom and Andrew both praise each other for doing a fabulous job on playing the role of Spider-Man/ Peter Parker. I think it is awesome that they have respect for each other. They should be hating each other or competing against each other. In some interviews they leave/ say nice comments about their acting or just them as a person. I have learned a lot about these both fabulous guys, but I still have a favorite. Which is TOM HOLLAND!

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Is basketball a contact sport?

 Is basketball a contact sport?

Image result for basketball

The definition of a contact sport: A sport in which body contact either is an integral component of the sport.

What is basketball: Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires basketball players to turn, jump, and run quickly.  Basketball has really excelled over the passed years.  Basketball requires players to also have to play defense against another player. Sometimes basketball requires that player to push the offensive player to try and get the ball, which is making him/her have contact with that other player. Basketball also requires you to dribble well and push through the defensive players to get open. Weather you have the ball or not. So yes basketball is a contact sport however it is limited contact.

Injuries from Basketball:

Many athletes have gotten injured by playing basketball. Players have had dislocated knees, broken noses, teeth knocked out, concussions, and even bones popped out of the skin.  There are times when players have to get on the ground and fight for the ball body to body. From slamming into people going up for rebounds to slipping and twisting an ankle when going in for a layup, basketball can even be a risk for children. Players have gotten in fights with other players because of the of the physical pushing and shoving of one another. There has been two point five million injuries in six years just in youth basketball, that’s not even the National basketball league.

So is basketball a contact sport? Most definitely basketball is a contact sport just by reading all the injuries above it proves basketball is a contact sport.

Facts about Basketball:

  • In basketball there are two teams of five players each.
  • Basketball is one of the most popular high school sports with over 1 million participants annually.
  • The national basketball league was the first pro league established in eighteen sixty nine and it lasted only five years.
  • It wasn’t intil the nine teen fifty’s that the orange ball was the norm.
  • The rim of the basketball hoop is ten feet from the court/floor.
  • Most National basketball league players are six feet and three inches tall and weigh around two hundred and twenty two pounds, however guards are usually the shortest players.
  • Lenny Wilkens, the Atlantic Hawks coach has lead his team to victory more than any other in history.

History about Basketball:

There is lots of interesting history about basketball, and how it became a sport and the history of basketball in general. The Game of Basketball was invented in December of 1891 by a Canadian Physician James Naismith who first organized the game when he was an instructor. Basketball was established fairly quickly and grew very popular as the 20th century progressed. At the beginning basketball was used with peach baskets and a soccer style ball.

Original Rules of Basketball:
  • First rule- was the ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  • Second rule-The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands.
  • Third rule- A player cannot run with the ball, the player must throw it from the spot on which he catches it.
  • Fourth rule- The ball must be held in or between the hands, the arms or body must not be used for holding it.
  • Fifth rule- No shouldering, holding, pushing, tripping or striking in any way the person of an opponent shall be allowed.
  • Sixth rule- A foul is striking the ball with the fist.
  • Seventh rule- If either side makes three consecutive fouls it shall count a goal for opponents.
  • Eighth rule- A goal shall be made when the ball is thrown or batted from grounds into the basket.
  • Ninth rule- When the ball goes out of bounds it shall be thrown into the field and played by the 1st person.
  • Tenth rule- The umpire shall be the judge and shall note the fouls.
  • Eleventh rule- The referee shall be the judge of the ball and shall decide when the ball is in play.
  • Twelve rule- The time shall be fifteen-minute halves, with five-minute rests between.
  • Thirteenth rule- The side making the most goals in that time shall be declared the winner. click here

These rule have changed a lot over the years but these were the original rules shortly after basketball was invented. If you like this blog then to go here.




Popular Types of Dance

There are many different kinds of dance there are ballet,lyrical, jazz,Jazz funk and  hip hop and many more.There are a lot of types of dance but I will be talking about Ballet.I will be telling you the order of how you do things in those classes.

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Popular Types of Dance: Ballet

Usually in ballet you start out at the bar. What I mean by you start out at the bar is you have a bar next to  you that helps you to stay stabilized. When you are at the bar doing a combination you don’t grip the bar so you don’t fall . When you are doing combination you may want to grip the bar because some combinations are very challenging and you might feel like your going to fall. You have to use your core in the combination that is how you get strong. The bar is only suppose to help you a little. When you place your hand on the bar you want to be barely touching the bar.

In Ballet you usually will start out by doing a plea combination, When you do a the plea combination you will start out in first position.

What I mean by a position is there are different types of positions in Ballet. Their are first position,second,third,fourth,and five . Then you will do a tan-due combination. When you get done with a tan-due combination your feet are warmed up.

what to do when your feet are warmed up?

Then you will do a degage combination. When you are done with a degage combination you will then do a rond de jambe combination. When you are done that combination you will do a stretch combination. Some people do a stretch combination a couple combinations later. When done with that you will do a fondue combination. Those combinations are the simple basic combinations that you will do at the bar in ballet. In those combinations you are not just doing a rond a jambe you are also doing other ballet steps. You are just mostly doing that one thing in the combination. When you are done with those combinations you will be done at the bar.


What do you do at Ballet when you are done with the bar?

When you are done at the bar in ballet you will then go to center floor. Also you go to center floor you are warmed up you do harder things because you got warmed up. also when you were at the bar you did not just warm up you also stretched. How the bar is different than center floor is the bar helps you with balancing.

The Center Floor!

When you are at the center floor you will different turn combinations. You also might do similar combinations at the center floor that you do at the bar. Why would you do similar combinations at center floor? You would do them because it gives you a chance to do it without help of balancing. When done with turn the combinations you would do a adagio combo. That combination is a very hard combination that helps you with technical moves in ballet. Also it will help you with balancing because its just you doing the adagio with your ballet shoes and music. You have no bar to help you. Also some people will do kicks at the bar in ballet or do then in center floor, it just depends on the teacher.

Going to the side.

What does going to the side mean? Going to the side means in ballet literally going to the side of the floor in the room. When you go to the side in Ballet you will Be doing ballet combinations that you were taught across the floor. You will then be doing things across the floor that you learned at the bar and in center floor. You also will do things that you have not done yet because some things you do are traveling ballet moves. For example you will do leaps across the floor. An example of a leap is a brush leap. You do not just do a brush leap across the floor you do transition things in between the leaps you do. That is a basic ballet layout of what you do in a ballet class.

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A Mug Cake as a Gift

So Simple yet so Great

One super simple gift to pull together in a pinch is a homemade mug cake. After procrastinating for the holidays or even for birthdays, a wonderful gift to put together is a sweet mug cake everyone will love!(well unless they have a super strange grudge against mugs… or cake)

What You’ll Need For the Mug Cake:

  • Mug
  • Mini pull string sack
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Ribbon

These things are part of the gift but are mostly just as a wrapping. So next you will need to decide on a cake type. In my personal experience you can almost make any cake into a mug cake just by dividing the amounts WAY DOWN. For those indecisive or confused people here are some basic recipes you can make for your friends and family.

Confetti/ Vanilla Cake:
  • 5 Tbl. Flour
  • 3 Tbl. White Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp. Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 3 Tbl. Whole or Almond Milk
  • 3 Tbl. Mixed Sprinkles (Optional)
Chocolate Cake
  • 5 Tbl. Flour
  • 3 Tbl. White Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp. Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 3 Tbl. Whole or Almond milk
  • 1 1/2 Tbl. Cocoa
  • 2 Tbl. Chocolate chips or chunks
Pumpkin Pie Cake
  • 5 Tbl. Flour
  • 4 Tbl. White Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp. Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 3 Tbl. Whole or Almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp. Ground Nutmeg
  • 1 Tbl. Canned Pumpkin

These are a few very basic mug cake recipes so feel free to go off recipe a bit and change it to how you feel would be best. Know that because this is for a gift you will not want to add the milk or pumpkin, and you won’t want to cook it before you deliver. Because of this it would be best to write up a little recipe sheet and instructions so they can finish making the cake or make another one later.

To Make the Cake:
  1. Add all dry ingredients together and mix in the mug
  2. Add wet ingredients into the dry stirring constantly
  3. Put in microwave and cook for 1 1/2 min or until it’s no longer liquidy
  4. Let cool slightly so you don’t burn your mouth off, and Enjoy!

These simple instructions make a quick and simple cake that helps with that sweet tooth that just won’t stop sometimes! Now that we now how to make the cake we need to now how to make it into a perfectly pretty gift. There are 2 major ideas of how to wow your friends with how well you can craft a sweet treat.

Instruction Mug

One cute way to gift a mug cake is to get a solid color or white mug, and write the recipe and instructions on the mug and bake it on.

Picture of a white mug with Mug Cake instructions and recipe written on it.To do this first wash your mug and dry it. You then write the instructions on with a sharpie marker. Once you have it to your liking bake it in the oven at 350* for 20 minutes. Just remember to be careful because you could get burned.

This way the recipient of the gift will always be able to have the recipe to be able to make the cake. Though this way takes some prep and time to do, a simpler and still adorable way to go is to write the recipe and instructions on some cute paper and tie it onto the mug with some ribbon.

Putting it all Together
  1. In a bowl add the dry cake ingredients together
  2. Either draw and bake or write on paper the recipe and instructions for the cake
  3. Put the cake “mix” you made into a mini drawstring bag
  4. Add cellophane into the mug long enough to come out and tie off
  5. Put the mini bag in the mug in the cellophane
  6. Tie off top with a ribbon (if needed add recipe papers to the ribbon at this point)

After following these steps you should have a well crafted gift ready to be delivered and soon to be eaten by a grateful friend or family member.

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How to Pet Maine Coons

How to pet Maine Coons

Before reading this you should check out Allison’s page on chinchillas, those beautiful creatures are much smaller than cats and as much as I hate to admit it quite  a lot softer.


A wee-bit of background knowledge

Maine Coons may seem intimidating when you first bring the fluffy vessel of rage home. But, one must understand that all cats have a sweet sensitive soul that craves good pettings on their fluffy fur. Whether the Maine Coon is orange, white, gray, brown or any other wonderful shade these beautiful creatures come in they all share the same want for the touch of the inferior race, the human being.

The Approach

Start by gaining the trust of the cat by making eye contact  and approaching slowly and blinking slowly making sure you cat is watching. Then, slowly, reach you hand and gently set it in front of your beautiful creatures nose. The cat should take the first step and lightly brush his head on the bottom of his hand. If the cat does not take the first step then it would be in ones best interest to slowly back up and when there is about 5-7 feet between one and one’s cat, when said distance has been achieved, run, run as far away as you possibly can.

This is very rare but if it does happen please head to the words spoken above because if a cat id acting in such a disdainful manner, it truly is in ones best interest to keep themselves safe as these creatures can grow to such magnificent sizes.

The Original Pet

Before trying anything fancy, one must master the original pet. The original pet is the most natural hand movement. After you have gained the trust of your beautiful cat, you can start by very gently taking your hand, ,make sure your hand is relaxed in a flat, relaxed position and then very slowly and very gently. Run your hand down your cattios spine very gently and slowly barely applying any pressure.

After a couple of strokes applying a very light pressure, you can start to apply a wee bit more pressure as you stroke, also you can increase the speed.

One thing to note is that if your cat does not appear calm, or has not started purring as they should if you are doing the act of petting right then it would be in your best interest to leave your cat alone and try again another day.

It is also important to note that some cats do not like to be pet and you may just have to live with that excruciating fact. But fret not, most cats enjoy being petted and after you introduce this act to them they will start demanding the pets at all hours of the day and well into the night. I can testify that this is very true and cats can sometimes be quite annoying.

More advanced Pets

The chin tickle

The chin tickle is hard to master and their is a considerable number of cats that do not enjoy this which ’tis quite a shame.

But for the cats you suspect would enjoy this, start with the classic pet, then slowly take you hand and only using one finger gently, very gently start at the back of the glorious cats chin and then lightly brush to the front, but make sure you don’t go too far so that you are moving their bottom lip. That’s too far and there is major risk of being bitten.

You can gradually increase to using two fingers to tickle their chin but I wouldn’t go more than three because cats are small delicate vessels of death.

The neck scrunch

Cats really enjoy this, because its pretty much like getting a shoulder massage. Again start with the classic stroke, then apply more pressure around the shoulder blades. And gradually your going to switch from a brushing motions to a circular and squishy motion, once your cat seems comfortable with this then you can slowly bring up your other hand and start in with the same motions.

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