Lamborghini or Ferrari? A battle for the ages.

Lamborghini or Ferrari?     

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Lamborghini and Ferrari, two of the most noticeable and the most envied cars in the world are about to have an ultimate show down. We have all seen drag races on you tube between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, and there lots of reviews of the cars. Side by side, to the untrained eye, they both are great cars. Has anyone ever gotten into the deep ends of both cars? Has anyone showed you the hard facts like how without the incompetence of the early Ferrari company Lamborghini would have never came to be? I’m going to take you on a journey into the heart of ,not just the cars, but the company and the people behind them to see what car is really better.

Engine and Transmission, Ferrari

To start off lets have a look at the Ferrari. First, lets start with the 458 Italia. The engine of the 458 is a 4,499 cc v 8 engine designed by the company and was built for speed and a comfortable ride. It produces 570 fps and 80% torque the engine includes direct fuel injection to increase the rotations per second at a top speed of 199 mph.

The only available transmission in the 458 Italia is a dual clutch 7 speed the classical manual transmission is not available in this model Ferrari did this to ensure the Race car feel that they were looking for in this model. The car includes double wishbone suspension so that the car can lean into turns when increasing speed and hitting sharp turns at high speed it has ceramic brakes, These common in most sports cars, the 458 Italia can stop in 90 feet when at an amazing speed of 60.1 mph (to put this in perspective a Honda civic of the sane year requires about 120-140 feet of stopping distance at the same speed).

Engine and transmission, Lamborghini

On to the Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Aventador has a 6498 cc v 12 engine that was built primarily for speed the Aventador has a max torque of 508 lb and has a top speed of 217 mph. The transmission on the Aventador is a semi automatic 7 speed. And has an all wheel drive option to increase traction in uncanny weather.

This car also has a power to weigh ratio of 4.98. this car also has ceramic brakes. The Aventador is one of the fastest sports cars in it’s class. Designed for speed and with an all new idea for the engine the Aventador is a pioneer in the world of cars. At 60 mph the Aventador can come to a complete stop at only 85 feet. With so many variations with this car that include the Aventador SV, the Aventador j, the Aventador LP, and the Dream liner edition. This car is one of the most popular that came from the Lamborghini company.

Interior specifications, Lamborghini  

The Lamborghini interior is completely custom designed by the person ordering the car.  before ordering a Lamborghini. The system that the company uses also comes up with a default for you. It analyzes the exterior color choices and then adds a default interior for you.

Interior specifications, Ferrari

Navigating the Ferrari website is fairly easy, On the tool bar there is a tab for cars. Then after choosing the car the system has you choose the exterior colors. After the exterior is chosen, the site gives you a walk through of choosing your interior colors and designs. some of the details include colors on the dash, and even the under glow and night shift.


Company beginnings, Ferrari

In 1929 Enzo Ferrari the founder of the company, was making Italian race cars. A partnership with fiat and other Italian companies had Enzo in a draw. He wanted to be an independent racing crew.  But he needed money, so he began to make sports cars.  The AAC 815 was his first car made. progressing from there he expanded sports cars for the better.

Company beginnings, Lamborghini

the year was 1963. And Ferruccio Lamborghini was getting rich.  He decided he wanted to drive a nice car.  Then he ordered a Ferrari and began to wait. He waited and waited but it never came. In his anger he made a vow to better Ferrari in every way. So this meant he needed to build a car. And the first Lamborghini, the Miura, Was born.


In conclusion it doesn’t really matter what car is better. Its all about personal preference. Both cars are awesome and can reach amazing feats.

How are Jeep Wranglers the best vehicles in today’s society?

How are Jeep Wranglers the best?

       Well there are a lot of answers to that question. Jeep Wranglers are very customize-able like you can add Jeep Angry Grill, Led lights, those cool para-cord handles and many more things. Jeeps Wranglers or any Jeep are very good, they can do many things that other vehicles can’t. Such as going up steep hills, can or can’t be good gas mileage, also very customize able. It also has 4×4 so you can go off-road and places you might have never been, and more.

How do I know if the Jeep wrangler is for me?

It may be just a great vehicle for you if you love the outdoors exploring and going to place’s you’ve never been. It can be easily be like a similar convertible. And if you like attention then it could be the vehicle for you as well because people who see others riding in Jeeps often look at the Jeep. And Jeep’s are personification vehicles more than any car, be great vehicle for a decorator. They can also hold a lot of cargo if you are moving or like a sells man of any kind.

Jeeps history

Jeep also has a very interesting history and proud heritage. Jeep was in the participated during WW2 to help mainly American troops. Over 5,000 Jeeps were deployed in Europe to most of the allied nations. The first Jeep was a Wrangler type, and was made in 1941. America mainly used the Jeep in their military. In 1945 the Jeep was first released to the civilians after WW2. Jeep’s headquarters are in Ohio Toledo. The origin of Jeep’s name is hard to know where exactly came from. What people think the name came from a military name called (for Government Purposes or General Purpose) a military designation GP.

The Fastest Car

 The Fastest Car in The World!

Koenigsegg Agera RS History

The Koenigsegg Agera RS has just been announced as of the 4th of November, 2017, to be the newest fastest car in production in the world.

The history of Koenigsegg starts way back in 1994 when the company was formed. After all the brand wasn’t always associated with being one of the best luxury car manufactures. A Swedish man named Christian von koenigsegg. His goal was to create the worlds fastest car in the world, and as you can see, he succeeded. However, He underwent several years of research and prototypes before his very first hyper car came out.

By 2000 Koenigsegg had made bounds of progress with the Koenigsegg CC8S. Using revolutionary technologies the company was able to produce vehicles like the CCR, CCGT, CCX, CCXR, CCXR Special Edition, Quant, Trevita, CCR Evolution, Agera and the Agera R and RS

In 2006 Koenigsegg began production of the CCX, which uses an engine created in-house especially for that vehicle. The CCX is street-legal in most countries.


Apart from developing, manufacturing and selling the Koenigsegg line of super cars, Koenigsegg is also involved in “green technology” development programs beginning with the CCXR flexfuel super-car and continuing through the present with the Agera R. Koenigsegg is also active in development programs when it comes to plug-in electric cars’ systems and next-generation reciprocating engine technologies.

Koenigsegg was about maintaining perfection. Even though each car is full of insane amounts of power, they are quite durable and incredibly safe at the same time. Additionally, each vehicle manufactured from 2000 on was created using carbon fiber. Carbon fiber a high strength yet lightweight material. A lot of attention was placed on performance during the development of the letter series put into development.


The company gained multiple awards for their superior cars including,

  • Top Speed record by Sport Auto
  • Import of the year 2007-2008 by Powercar
  • Top Speed record by Top Gear
  • Hyper-car of the Year by BBC’s Top Gear
  • Top Speed record by Nurburgrin
  • The Award for Superior Design by Red Dot
  • Top Speed record by Nardo

cementing the reputation of being the fastest car

recent world records

The Koenigsegg Agera RS recording an average speed of 277.9 mph. The car reached a speed of 284.6 (447.19 km/h)mph during its initial run and 271.19 mph during its return run. This is about ten miles an hour faster than the former record holder, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, reached a top speed of 277.87 miles per hour (431.072 km/h) in 2010.

The Fastest Car in the World

Pictured above is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Before that, Bugatti dominated again. The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 had a top speed of 253.81 mph (408.47 km/h) in 2005

Koenigsegg statistics

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is indeed street legal has a fuel capacity equal to  21.6 gallons (82 litres).

Engine statistics

  • Total engine weight: 189 kg
  • Koenigsegg twin turbo aluminum engine 5,0L V8,
  • 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead
  • dual knock sensors and back pressure
  • control, twin ceramic ball bearing turbo chargers
  • Dry sump lubrication. Carbon fiber intake manifold with optimised intake tracts
  • Tig-welded ceramic coated 0.8 mm wall
  • Power output – gasoline – 865 kW (1160Hp)
  • at 7800 rpm – redline at 8250 rpm
  • Torque: 1000 Nm from 2700 to 6170 rpm
  • Max torque – 1280 Nm at 4100 rpm
  • 1MW engine option available

The chassis

  • Carbon fiber with honeycomb fuel tank
  • Weight: 70 kg (including tanks)
  • Front and rear suspension – double wishbones, carbon fiber rear upper wish-bones
  • gas-hydraulic shock absorbers, and pushrod operated Triplex damper in the rear
  • Electronically adjustable ride height, and fully independent per wheel

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  • Dual airbags
  • detachable hardtop with lightweight roof
  • power windows
  • adjustable pedals and steering column
  • leather interior with Agera style stitching
  • bucket carbon sport seats with memory foam
  • carbon ceramic brakes with Sport ABS, KES (stability)
  • front/rear hydraulic lifting system
  • power steering and power brakes
  • climate control
  • digital warning and info system
  • G sensors
  • tire monitoring system
  • Koenigsegg shield alarm fob
  • leather carpets
  • roof storage bag
  • car cover

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Lamborghini or Ferrari? A battle for the ages.

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Best Enduro Dirtbikes

Best Enduro Dirt bikes!!

Come Explore and Discover the Best Enduro Dirt bikes! This blog covers a variety of  Enduro bikes from different brands. Below are listed the Best Enduro Dirt bikes from differse brands.


Image result for picture of WR450R
WR450R best Enduro Dirbike made by Yamaha.

WR250R the best Yamaha enduro dirt bike! This four stroke is designed for off road and on road use. Not as road oriented as the XT250 and not as dirt worthy as the WR250F places this bike right in the middle. This bike comes with the amazing DOHC fuel injected motor. The aluminum frame on this bike offers less weight for the rider. Brand new retail goes at about $6,690. If you want a bike that does well on the road on off; then this bike is for you. Overall, this is the best enduro dirt bike made by Yamaha.

Extra Specs of WR250R:
  • Length x width x height: 85.6 x 31.9 x 48.4 inches.

    Image result for WR450R
  • Seat height: 36.6 inches.
  • Wheelbase: 55.9 inches.
  • Ground clearance: 11.8 inches.
  • Fuel capacity: 2.0 gallons.
  • EPA estimated fuel economy: 71 mpg.
  • Wet weight: 295 pounds.
  • 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 4 valves
  • Bore x Stroke
  • 77.0mm x 53.6mm
  • Compression Ratio 11.8:1
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel injection
  • TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
  • Constant-mesh 6-speed, multiplate wet clutch


Image result for KLR650
KLR650 is the Best Enduro Dirtbikes made by Kawasaki

Kawasaki has successfully created the ultimate adventure bike for a cheap price! The KLR650 offers tremendous horsepower to travel on roads, and highways. First off, the bike can go off-road but it’s heavy and it’s not the best bike for off road adventures. But, the big, 6.1 gallon gas tank, and luggage rack will let you go anywhere. The bike comes in at around $6,599, which is a fantastic price for what this bike does. Though this bike looks like it’s meant for the road, it’s the best enduro dirt bike made by Kawasaki!

 Specs Below:
  •  Torquey and durable 651 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine

    Image result for KLR650
  • Long-travel 41mm telescopic fork
  • Adjustable Uni-Trak® rear suspension
  • 6.1-gallon fuel tank for long-range adventure touring
  • Large windscreen helps reduce wind buffeting
  • Sturdy rear cargo rack
Extra Specs at: KLR650


Image result for DR650SE
DR650SE is the Best Enduro Dirtbike made by Suzuki.

Want an enduro bike that packs a punch? Then the DR650SE is for you. The dirt oriented bike comes with a 650cc four stoke engine. The suspension isn’t the best but this bike comes will a ton of power. The bike averages around $6,499. Once again, this bike is the Best Enduro Dirt bike made by Suzuki!

Extra specs:
644cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder, OHC
Bore x Stroke 100.0 mm x 82.0 mm (3.93 in x 3.23 in)
Compression Ratio 9.5: 1
Fuel System MIKUNI BST40, single carburetor
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump
DRIVE TRAIN  Listed Below
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, DID525V9, 110 links
CHASSIS  Listed Below
Suspension Front Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear Link type, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front Disc brake, single floating rotor
Brakes Rear Disc brake, single rotor
Tires Front 90/90-21 M/C 54S, tube type
Tires Rear 120/90-17 M/C 64S, tube type
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 L (3.4 US gal) / 12 L (3.2 US Gal) California model
Color Solid Black
ELECTRICAL  Listed Below
Ignition Electronic ignition (CDI)
Headlight 12V 60/55W (H4)
Tail Light 12V 21/5W
DIMENSIONS  Listed Below
Overall Length 2255 mm (88.8 in)
Overall Width 865 mm (34.1 in)
Overall Height 1195 mm (47.0 in)
Wheelbase 1490 mm (58.7 in)
Ground Clearance 265 mm (10.4 in)
Seat Height 885 mm (34.8 in)
Curb Weight 166 kg (366 lbs)
More Specs at: DR650SE


The Best Enduro Bikes you can ever get are KTM bikes. Listed below are some of the best enduro bikes that KTM makes.

KTM 690 Enduro:
Image result for ktm 690

This bike offers a lightweight bike meant for the dirt but comes will the basic needs to be a street legal bike. This bike is great for anyone that wants a lightweight enduro bike that has speed. Though, the enduro dirt bike is better suited for  road usage.

Extra Specs of K.T.M. 690 Enduro:
ENGINE Liquid-cooled S.O.H.C four-stroke single
BORE & STROKE 102.0 x 84.5 mm
STARTER Electric, automatic decompresser
CLUTCH Wet slipper/hydraulically operated
FRAME Tubular space frame, chrome-moly steel
FORK WP 4860 D48/26 MA
SHOCK ABSORBER WP 4618 with Pro‑Lever linkage
BRAKE SYSTEM FRONT 300 mm disc with two-piston brake caliper, floating
BRAKE SYSTEM REAR 240 mm disc brake with single-piston brake caliper, floating
REAR SUSPENSION aluminum double-strut swing arm with central spring strut, adjustable preload, bump and rebound damping
WHEELBASE 59.2 in.
See More Specs at: KTM650
Image result for 500EXC-F:
The 500EXC-F is the Best Enduro Dirtbike made by KTM

This enduro bike has amazing suspension! This bike was built for the dirt but can also be ridden on pavement. The bike comes in at around $10,399 due to it’s high grade suspension. Although the K.T.M. 690 has more horspower, this is the Best Enduro Dirt bike that K.T.M makes!

Extra specs:
Displacement: 510.40 ccm (31.14 cubic inches)
Engine type: Single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore x stroke: 95.0 x 72.0 mm (3.7 x 2.8 inches)
Fuel system: Injection
Fuel control: Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)
Ignition: Keihin EMS
Lubrication system: Pressure circulation lubrication with two rotary pumps
Cooling system: Liquid
Gearbox: 6-speed
Transmission type,
final drive:
Clutch: Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics
Driveline: 5/8 x 1/4
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Frame type: Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame
Rake (fork angle): 26.5°
Front suspension: WP USD Ø 48 mm
Front wheel travel: 300 mm (11.8 inches)
Rear suspension: WP Xplor PDS shock absorber
Rear wheel travel: 310 mm (12.2 inches)
Front brakes: Single disc. Brake calipers on floating bearings
Front brakes diameter: 260 mm (10.2 inches)
Rear brakes: Single disc. Brake calipers on floating bearings
Rear brakes diameter: 220 mm (8.7 inches)
Wheels: CNC machined hubs and high-end Giant rims
Physical measures and capacities
Dry weight: 106.5 kg (234.8 pounds)
Seat height: 960 mm (37.8 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Ground clearance: 355 mm (14.0 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,482 mm (58.3 inches)
Fuel capacity: 9.00 litres (2.38 gallons)
Other specifications
Color options: Orange/white/black
Starter: Electric & kick
Extra Specs at: KTMEXC


Image result for CRF250L
CRF250L Best Enduro Dirbike made by Honda

Honda has made the cheapest enduro bike ever, while still making it a fantastic bike. First off, the Honda CRF250L is a little heavy but, it comes with all of the newest technology. The bike has fuel injection, liquid-cooled motor, double overhead cams, four valves, and a six-speed gear box. This bike is only $4,999. This bike is perfect for someone who want a well-made, all around bike for a cheap price. If this person is you, then you should definitely get this enduro dirt bike.  This is the Best Enduro Dirt bike made by Honda!

Extra Specs:
Engine Type 249.6cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 76mm x 55mm
Induction PGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Compression Ratio 10.7
Valve Train DOHC; four-valve
Transmission Six-speed
Final Drive #520 chain; 14T/40T
Front Suspension 43mm inverted fork; 9.8 inches travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® single shock with spring; 9.4 inches travel
Front Brake Single 256mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 220mm disc
Front Tire 3.00-21
Rear Tire 120/80-18
Rake 27°60′ (Caster Angle)
Trail 113mm (4.4 inches)
Wheelbase 56.9 inches
Seat Height 34.4 inches
Curb Weight 317.5 pounds
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Extra Specs At: CRF250

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