Most Popular Movies For Young Adults

There are many different many popular movies for young adults. And there are also many different types of genres of movies. For example there is romance, action, movies in high school, horror, comedy, and MANY different kinds!

Here is a website of some of the most popular movies for young adults over many years. There also so many good books that have been made into movies! If you are not a fan of movies here is a good book you may like about writing letters to people that have passed away.

Here is a list of some of the most popular movies:

  • The Fault in Our Stars
    • This a romance movie about a girl with cancer that attends a cancer support group meeting. Hazel, the main girl, didn’t want to go to the cancer support group but ends up learning that it is good for her. She also meets a boy named Augustus Waters at one of the meetings. They get to know each other better and start to fall for each other. This a great romantic and sad movie that most girls would love!
  • Divergent Series
    • Tris Prior lives in a world that is divided into five factions. She has to decide which faction she wants be committed to, but she is so unsure of what she wants. She then is able to choose her faction; Dauntless. Where there she has to learn to be brave and fight for herself. Tris soon discovers that she is different than most people. She is Divergent. But the government does not want Divergents in their community so Tris has to learn how to survive and fight for her life.
  • The Outsiders
    • Greasers are a group of kids that have a much different life than others. This book is mainly about the life of Ponyboy and his brothers and friends. Greaser’s either don’t have parents anymore or they have a really hard life at home. The Greasers have always been in a battle with the Socs since they could remember. Then one night Ponyboy and his friend Johnny do something bad. They decide it would be best if they just run away, but then they have to decide what to do next and how they are going to survive by themselves.
  • Hunger Games Series
    • Katniss Everdeen has been selected to be in the Hunger Games. She has been selected with Peeta Mellark from District 12. For the Hunger Games, many teens or kids are chosen to fight to the death until there is one winner. Katniss and Peeta start to get feelings for each other throughout the Hunger Games. Although, Katniss has a boyfriend Gale waiting for her to possibly come home. Katniss will have do fight hard to get back to Gale, but she might also want to be with Peeta…
  • If I Stay
    • If I stay is a movie about Mia Hall, who is amazing at playing the Cello. She starts to fall in love with a rock singer, Adam. But her family then gets in a tragic car accident and everything changes. While she is in a coma she can see everything like she is alive and walking around. If you are a sucker for romance, you will probably cry because it is such a good romance and also sad movie!
  • Twilight Series
    • Bella Swan just moved from the state of Arizona to live with her dad in Washington. She sees Edward Cullen, the very handsome guy in her school, around but gets the idea that he is definitely different than most people. Bella then finds out that he is a Vampire and that’s why he acts weird around other people. She likes this Edward and they then start to fall in love. A human and vampire are definitely not the typical love birds. So Bella’s and Edward’s love is a dangerous romance and makes for a great movie!
  • Harry Potter Series
    • Harry Potter learns that he is different than most people because he has magical powers. He is selected to attend Hogwarts which is a school for wizards. There he learns that he is like many other wizards and is living a much better life than he was before. While he is at Hogwarts he tries to discover the truth about his parents mysterious deaths with some of his close new friends he has met.