best band in 2017

Best Band in 2017

LANY is an alternative band based from Los Angeles, California, United States. The has 3 band members, Les Priest, Jake Goss, and Paul Klein. The band first started in 2014 and has several genres of music. The bands music consists of alternative rock, electropop, indie pop, and dream pop. The bands name LANY is inspired from two big cites, New York and Los Angeles. When the band started in 2014 they first started making music in a bedroom on a computer just for fun. All three members first met in Nashville Tennessee before they started LANY. However, before they started the band Klein moved to Los Angeles to work on his music independently while Priest and Goss stayed in Nashville were they worked together. Later on Klein went back to Nashville to visit when the trio ended up writing songs which pushed them to produce “Walk Away” and “Hot Lights.”

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The three men in the group are inspired by other music but they’re are also inspired by movies. In a interview with Goss, he explained that,”Movies we talk about a lot together like ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ the influence in that, all across the board like visually and the soundtrack… we love that, we love the shots in that movie.” Design and aesthetics are also everything to LANY. Klein took and old 35mm camera that was made back in 1994 and some film and went out taking pictures of everything including Hollywood and used the pictures for their “Make Out” album.


The band has a record label with Polydor Records. With the record label, they have made 3 albums. “Make Out” and “I Loved You.” are both from 2015 while their album “LANY” was made in 2017. Some of their latest songs that were made in 2017 include “ILYSB,” “Super Far,” “Good Girls ,”The Breakup,” and “13.” The band is also on tour out of the United States at the moment.


Some similar bands/artists include, Dua Lipa who sings “New Rules,” The 1975 who sings “Somebody Else,” Lauv who sings “Like Me Better,” Troye Sivan who sings “YOUTH,” Halsey who sings “Bad At Love,” Billie Ellish who sings “My Boy,” and X Ambassadors who sings “Unsteady.” However LANY and The 1975 sound the most alike with their 70’s sounding music.


LANY  released a new album which they called Make Out because many people say their music is make out music. The album was released on December 11, 2015. The genre of the album is alternative and indie. The album in all has 6 songs which include the songs,”ILYSB”,  “Walk Away”, “Bad, Bad, Bad”, “Made In Hollywood”, “BRB / Kiss”, “ILYSB (STRIPPED)”.


Many people pronounce LANY very wrong. A lot of people say it wrong but don’t know how to actually say it. LANY is pronounced LAY-NEE. So know you know how to correctly say LANY without sounding like an idiot.

Hottest band member

In my opinion, the hottest band in the band is Paul Klein. He is 29 years old and was born April 30, 1988 and born in Tulsa, OK. Front man and lead vocalist of the synthpop trio LANY. He began making music in a bedroom in Nashville with Les and Jake. They formed LANY, which stands for ‘Los Angeles New York,’ in March of 2014. He has lived in Oklahoma and Tennessee and has worked out of New York and Los Angeles. He has been in a relationship with pop singer Dua Lipa. Sorry ladies, he’s sadly taken.

underrated songs by Lany

LANY might not be the biggest band out there, but they’re getting more and more noticeable everyday. The fans of the band are even so passionate about the band that LANY has reached  over 100 million fans of spotify. But even with getting noticed by all these people, the band still has some underrated music. There are 3 songs that are totally underrated.

1. “4Ever!”-This is the song that made me fall in love with this band – it’s cool California vibes that makes you want to dance all night.

2. “Kiss” -This song now exists as the second half of the Make Out song, “BRB / Kiss,” but was originally uploaded on the band’s Soundcloud as a stand alone track. “Kiss” is a perfect follow-up to the slow-burning ballad.

3. “Walk Away”-Listen to this heartbreaking tune. Devastating lyrics and all, “Walk Away” is one of LANY’s strongest tracks.