Khalid: The New American Teen

 The New American Teen:

“While we’re young dumb, young, young dumb and broke. Young dumb broke high school kids.” Khalid the new American teen is a 19 year old singer/songwriter. He is in the R&B genre, but others also consider him pop. He show how it is to be an American teen, and that includes the good and bad aspects.

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Songs:new American teen

The new American teen has already put out one album, and many songs with other people. He has every mood in his music. If you are getting over someone, “Therapy” helps you realize that you can just delete the text and try and move on. It’s always the hardest when you get out of the relationship, and “Coaster” describes that perfectly. Feeling like a teenage? Listen to “8TEEN”, “Young Dumb & Broke”, “Let’s Go”, and of course “American Teen”. His first single that went big was “Location” and it is still on the American music charts. Recently, he did a song with Marshemllo called “Silence”. It is his most popular song right now on Spotify.

About Khalid:new American teen

Khalid is from El Paso, Texas. But the new American teen has lived in various locations. He has lived in Georgia, Germany, upstate New York, and of course Texas. His family was in the military so he moved frequently. He has been making music since 2015, but released his first single, “Location” in 2016. His album, American Teen, was released on March 3, 2017, by Right Hand Music Group and RCA Records. Since then, he has released other songs such as “1-800-273-8255” by Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid, and many other songs. Most people loved his song with Calvin Harris and Future, “Rollin”. It was on many people’s summer playlists. He is about to start his upcoming tour, the Roxy Tour. He was excited to get a new dog, and decided to go on tour and name it after her.

Mood:new American teen

Khalid is definitely a  new American teen. Teens everywhere can relate to his songs in so many ways. His music has the mood of someone who likes to party, but it also has the feeling of someone being heartbreak. The songs show each emotion of the heartbreak also. It shows the beginning when you are hurting, the time period when you still are wishing they’d call, and the post break-up. Those emotions are extremely relatable to thousands of people. In his song “Another Sad Love Song” he also brings up the fact that there are a lot of love songs that are sad. But he still wants to make all of the sad love songs. He finds ways on his album to make a sad song be upbeat, but the lyrics still have the same effect if you listen closely.


Khalid knows how to have his clothes be liked by everyone. He sells a lot of bigger sweatshirt type shirts. They are bigger, comfy, and they look very cute. Khalid wears the same style of clothes that he sells. He has a very easy and relaxed new American teen look. His clothes aren’t priced too high, and they are very good quality. A lot of people will sign up on his website with their emails, and they get discounts on his merchandise. He also sells his album on his website. You can also see all the dates and where his tour will be. It is very informational to all of his fans, and after buying your tour tickets, then you can buy some merchandise to wear and represent at the concert.

Fun Facts:

Khalid has recently adopted a new dog. He got a puppy from a humane society in Los Angeles. Since the new American teen was so excited about it, he wanted to do a tour based on his new pup. In his song “American Teen”, at the very end of the song there are multiple people all singing together. Those people that are singing are some of his closest friends and he wanted to put their voices on the album with him. He included some of his friends in a few music videos also. In his video for “Young Dumb and Broke”, he went to his old high school and had some old fellow classmates join him. Some were also in his video for “American Teen”.

Check out Khalid’s website.