Lany: The Newest Indie Band from California

The Newest Indie Band:

“Aint never felt this way, can’t get enough so stay, with me” Those few words are the words that started this band’s fame. LANY the newest indie band  from Los Angeles, California. It all started when Paul Jason Klein was working on his solo career, then he met up with then friends, now his bandmates, Les Priest and Jake Goss.

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Their first album, Make Out, has their most famous song, “ILYSB”. They then produced yet another album titled, I Loved You. But the most recent album, LANY, which was released on June 30th of 2017, has had their best songs yet. From their most touching sounds like “The Breakup” or “Hericane”, to their funny songs mocking their moms, “Parents” have you in a good mood throughout the whole thing. They even brought back their most famous song “ILSYB” to be on the album.

Mood Of LANY’s Music:

Whether you are going through a break up, or finally getting over one, the newest indie band’s music can put you in the right mood. Are you mad at your ex being unloyal? Listen to “Good Girls”. Does your ex want to get back together? Pull out and listen to “The Breakup” to remind you that “It’s never the same love, yeah after the breakup.” If you are mad about the whole situation you went through with your ex, LANY has the music for you. Sitting alone on a Friday night eating ice cream while crying? Listen to LANY. Even if you want to go on a car ride with your new beau, turn on LANY for that romantic, night car ride. Do you want to have your first kiss with someone? Turn on “Super Far”. No matter what the mood is, LANY has the music to go with it.

Band Members And The Bands History:The Newest Indie Band

Of course, we have to talk about the band members who are in the newest indie band. Paul Jason Klein is the lead singer, is one of the guitarists, and also plays the keyboard. He is dating singer Dua Lipa. Les Priest is the guitarist and also plays the keyboards. Jake Goss is the drummer of the band. The three were friends, and then decided to create a band. Paul Jason Klein was in Nashville, Tennessee at the time. Then his new band mates flew out, and that is how the band LANY was created. LANY stands for Los Angeles New York. Paul, Les, and Jake are from Los Angeles, and they love New York City, which is where the name came from.

Merchandise:The Newest Indie Band

LANY has amazing music, and has even branched out into making their own clothing. You can buy sweatshirts, shirts, and hoodies. Their online store also provides some of their albums, but in vinyl form.  They also have posters that you can buy, and they are signed by all three band members. The band also sells patches to put on your clothes. You can start looking like your favorite band with all of their merch. If you love the clothes the band wears, then you can be just as aesthetic as them and buy their clothes. You can even make your room aesthetic with their vinyl collection. As long as you have a record player, then you can buy and play the vinyl.


Tours:The Newest Indie Band

Do you live in the United States? What about Australia? Well none of that matters, because LANY travels the world on tour! They travel the world to make sure their fans in all countries can hear them. They start their tour in the United States, but then they travel to Europe and do multiple different countries. Fans stand outside in lines and wait for hours so they can see them perform. While on tour, the band will even interact with the fans. So try and get close to the stage! You never know if Paul will try and crowd surf, or even reach down and touch your hand. Many fans have been amazed to be so close to the band, and it definitely pays off. LANY will also post on their social media and have their fans in the picture with them. And who wouldn’t want a picture with these good looking guys.

To see more of LANY, check out their website