Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass Guitar Review

Rogue Bass Guitar Review

When looking for bass guitars, finding a good option is difficult, especially for beginners. So which one should you choose? For those who are looking to buy their very first bass, this is the right one.

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First Impressions

At first glance, it looks stunning. Even the price is amazing for an instrument as good as this. The prices range from $159.99 to $119.99 when on sale. To see the full price click here. The head is different than other bass’ but it makes it original to the company.  The body is sleek and has glossy colors that makes it look even better. After tuning, the strings feel smooth and play almost flawlessly. The body is lightweight as well. The proportions between the body and the neck take most of the weight off of you. There are some flaws to it though. Like the frets, they give off a slight buzz if you press the string onto the fret itself. After looking over it, it definitely feels like the perfect bass for beginners.



Quality is always one of the biggest factors when looking for an instrument. Rest assured, this bass has you covered. The strings are clean and pristine, ready for playing out of the store or package. The body is sleek with glossy colors to finish it off. The tuning pegs are easy to use with no hassle to turn them like other bass’ such as the upright bass. Even the dials for the pickups are easy to use flawlessly. All in all the quality is great for this instrument, aside from fingerprints that may end up on the body as you use it.


Tone is probably the biggest factor when choosing any kind of instrument, especially guitars. The tone depends on many factors however, such as quality and type of amp, how you pluck the string, play the fret, etc. Well worry no more, the tone is almost flawless for this instrument. There are a few problems, most of them aren’t with the instrument though. Such as accidentally playing a string, which is very common with these strings being close together. Another common problem with the instrument is the buzz, where if you accidentally tap one of the strings it will act as though you plucked it and play it over the amp. All together, the tone is great and the buzz will disappear after some practice with it.


Now this is one of the biggest questions, is this bass hard to practice with? Well, that always depends on how well you know the instrument, and how well you know how to play it. Another commonly asked question is, how can I make playing easier? You always need to keep practicing and playing if you want to get better.

Final Verdict

This bass has all the quality elements for a beginner. Its easy to pickup and learn the basics. All together, this is one of the best bass’ out there for beginners and other music aficionados alike.