9th Grade Girl Drama | 5 Ways to Find It

9th Grade Girl Drama

I have serious success in finding 9th grade girl drama. Although it is not a success if you don’t want it, it is what follows me. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. So, here goes 5 ways to find 9th Grade Girl Drama if you want it.

9th Grade Girl Drama

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Make Friends, Not Girl Friends

You have to make the right friends so you don’t end up some where bad in your life its all about the first impression don’t  , its like fishing you got to get the right bate for the fish you want to catch so be the type of person you want to be friends you know that saying opposites attract that is completely a lie or my math teacher would love me and make sure you smile because no one likes someone who is dead inside so show em your pearly whites make sure you have lots of friends so every one likes you and your never lonely because loneliness leads to depression unless you have friends that make you depression in that case get better friends

Eat Lunch by yourself

eat lunch by yourself but at a table no one is at and scene  you already have all those friends they will flock to you because there is no one sitting by you and make sure your focused on your food and eat with your mouth closed or they will think your a slob and no one likes a slob because they messy unless its another slob because opposites don’t attract make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth because that’s not really attractive so make it not a habit of chewing with your mouth open

Sing, but not too loudly

sing but not too loudly and not too softly don’t sing to loud because people will think your loud and if they think your loud that’s not good because people tend to like their ear drums and don’t sing to quietly because people will think that your talking to yourself and talking to yourself is just really thinking out loud and that’s weird just think in your head it is really not that hard just think of thinking in your head and you’ll already be doing it its that simple you just have to think of something positive and do it

Be funny, but not that funny

there is a fine line between funny ,dad jokes and , rudeness ,you don’t want to be boring but you don’t want to be rude you want to be nice but funny and not boring and also don’t make jokes every five minutes people would hear your jokes too much and you don’t want that because you want people to need to hear your jokes they want it if you tell it every five minutes then its like hearing the same joke over and over people wouldn’t be laughing they would block you out because you talk to much so don’t do that be just enough funny to so that some one comes up to you and asks you for a joke

Be happy but not too happy

and this part is all about how i type random stuff because i have nothing else to talk about i think this will work because i don’t think he reads these well the very good ones i 9th grade girl drama think he reads but i am not sure i hope he doesn’t read this because he would like probably give me like a C in 9th grade girl drama his class and that’s a bad 9th grade girl drama and if my parents were to see that they would probably beat me or something just kidding they would be like you got to get that C up that’t funny it looks like i Instagram meant to spell cup but i didn’t laugh out loud  9th grade girl drama