Why we should be allowed to have backpacks at school!

Why can’t We Bring Backpacks?

Last year there was a new rule that restricted students from bringing backpacks into class rooms. This rule was introduced as a safety measure for the school. It was stated that by students not having backpacks in class rooms it would reduce the probability of students bringing weapons, food or other restricted items. It was also said, that having backpacks in classrooms is a safety/tripping hazard. While these are reasonable arguments for not having backpacks in the classroom, there are more unintended consequences that have made this rule inconvenient and difficult for students. It’s true that people may bring weapons to school, however, if there is a student that wants to do harm, simply eliminating their backpack will not effectively stop them. It is also true that other items that were identified as problematic, such as food or flash drives, can easily be brought into class rooms without a backpack.


Late Or Unprepared.

I believe the advantages for students being able to bring backpacks to class far outweigh the disadvantages. Having a backpack makes it much easier to stay organized. It allows students to arrive at class prepared and ready to learn. Its vital that students are prepared and ready to focus. Students only have five minutes from the end of one class period to the beginning of another. It is virtually impossible to go from one class, to a locker, open the locker, put everything from the previous class away, gather then necessary items for the next class, and arrive on time.

There have been many times where I have gone to a class where a student has forgotten or not been able to bring the needed materials or supplies. In most cases, it is the teacher’s policy, not to allow students to leave, even to retrieve forgotten items. It’s not fair if students are docked points for forgetting to bring their homework to a class yet it’s done and in their locker. This would easily be avoided if we were able to bring backpacks.

Physical Need

There are many other reasons that students should be allowed to have their backpacks in class. Students with special needs, such as certain medical conditions, would be much better served to have potential life-saving items readily available rather than kept in their lockers. For example, there may be kids with an extreme allergy. So in school they will need to always have something like an Epi-pen always at hand. Other students with asthma need to have inhalers available.


Some people believe that if backpacks are allowed students will bring in restricted items like food or weapons. This however is not true if students wanted to bring something they’re not allowed to backpacks won’t even help them. The school is worried about people bringing flash drives with a virus on it. They think people would use it to effect their computers, so they decided getting rid of backpacks would help. It doesn’t if you actually wanted to bring it in you could put it in your pocket just as easily.

Late Students

A big problem at schools are late students. Late students disrupt the class when they come in, and they also miss out on valuable class time. Teachers may think students are late because they’re talking with their friends or doing whatever they want, but that’s not true. I know that’s not true. Students are late because its hard for them to get place to place without a backpack. Schools try their best to prevent late students, but their not looking at the obvious. Students need a backpack.

Too Much Stuff

Students have so much stuff they need to bring to classes. Most teachers at our school require a binder, notebook, planner, pencil, pen, book, and more. Carrying all these things is very difficult. Students also loose things in the halls all the time. It would be so much easier for students if they were able to have a backpack.

Crowded Halls

The halls at our school are out of control. The halls are small and bordered with lockers. Students have such a hard time getting through them. If we could have backpacks it would be so much easier. Students wouldn’t have to worry about stopping at their locker and risk getting stuck in the halls.

We Need Backpacks!

There are so many reasons why we need backpacks. This rule needs to be changed. There are so many more advantages to having backpacks. Backpacks are a very useful and effective item.

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