Tips on how to get good grades in ninth grade and pass

If you have struggled in the past years with your grades here are some tips


Studies show that if you study for a test the day before you will do good on the test. Either write notes on what you are learning or do the worksheets so you can review them at home. Also, another thing that will help you study for a test is having a family member help you study. They can help by quizzing you on your test.  Researchers say that if you eat gum while you are studying it will improve your memorization.  When you go to take the test eat the same gum. It will help you remember better when you take your test.


If you do your homework the day you get it you will get it done faster. If you do the homework right after your brain is still in school mode. Then it will be much easier to do. Also, the homework can be based on what you learned in class that same day. So your brain will still know what to do and it will be easier for you. Also, don’t wait to do your homework and turn it in on the day it is due. If you did your homework and turned it in on time you will get a good grade.

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Grades are super important in 9th grade because if you have bad grades you won’t go to high school. Also, if you get an F you have to do community service and try to get your credits up. I would also recommend to not get a U in any grade not only 9th grade. If you want to get into a certain college, they usually look at your reports from grade 9th-12th grade. They look to see if you are a good student and if you are they will most likely accept you. But if you have bad grades and a bad citizenship they will probably not let you in the college.

Paying Attention

I have some good tips for paying attention. If you are struggling with paying attention you can block out any distraction you have. The electronics are the worst distraction. When it’s your friends that are the distractions, either tell them to stop distracting you. Or if that doesn’t try, just try no talking to them.


The organization is the key to life and school. Being organized is very helpful in school. If your binder is really messy and paper are coming out of it, I would organize it. It will help to throw away papers you don’t need or just to organize it. A planner is also a helpful tip for the organization. If you use a planner you can plan out when assignments are due.

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A planner is also a useful thing to use in school. If you use a planner you are most likely to stay on task. When you use a planner you should do the following.  Write down anything you need to remember. Put a due date when the assignment is due. Use the planner daily and bring it to every class.


It is very important to study and not to procrastinate on doing homework. If you procrastinate on doing your homework you are more likely to not get it done. Or you will end up doing your homework an the day its due. If you go out with your friends instead of doing homework that’s procrastinating. You will be better off doing your homework then going out with your friends.


Eating is the most important part of your day. If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast you might get tired in school. If you get to tired in school, you wont be listing. Also, if you don’t eat you will be thinking of food instead of school. Even though you have lunch at school you should still eat a healthy breakfast. They breakfast doesn’t have to be that big. It can be easy as grabbing a granola bar. I would also recommend on making sure you have time to eat breakfast.