Basketball Hall of Fame

What is the Basketball Hall of Fame?

The Basketball Hall of Fame is a special monument for those players that have  left a mark in basketball history.  Once an important player in the NBA has retired from player they may be placed in the hall of fame. There is more than one hall of fame, it is not just for basketball. There is also a baseball and football hall of fame, along with many other sports. When an important athlete has retired for playing they may be placed in the hall of fame. Once in the hall of fame they are recognized for the affect they have had on basketball. It is not only players that are inducted into the hall of fame, coaches, teams, contributors, and referees may as well.  People come from everywhere to learn about  these players and coaches  and the legacy they have left.

Who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Most recent members include:

Robert Hughes- coach

Tracy McGrady -player

George McGinnis- player

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Muffet Mcgraw- coach

Zack Clayton- player

Bill Self- coach


Older inductions include:

Original Celtics- team 

Mathew Kennedy-referee

Ralph Morgan- contributor

Charles Hyatt- player

John Schommer- player

Oswald Tower – contributor

Basketball Hall of Fame History

The purpose of a hall of fame is to honor a player, coach, or other contributors to the sport who have made a difference.  At the beginning of the hall of fame all it was was a small building on the campus of Springfield College.  Since then it has expanded to the great large building that it is today.  The game of basketball was first played on December 21 of 1891 as the years went on it changed and developed into the wonderful game that so many love.  On February 17, 1968 the Hall of Fame was officially opened to the public. At the time of the opening the NBA was going through a very important time in this time. History was being made.

At the Beginning

The grand opening of the hall was so spectacular people started planning it 30 years in advance. They first started making plans when the United States beat Canada in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  However,the road wasn’t always easy for the hall of fame. Throughout the years it has been known as the birth place of basketball, and fans of basketball flocked from everywhere to visit it. When America entered World War Two it stopped the ideas for an expansion for some time. Eventually however  the Basketball Hall of Fame rose back to the top and is the house of so many basketball legends.

Founder of the Game

The full name of the hall is the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame named after the man who invented the game of basketball Dr. Naismith.  Dr. Naismith game up with the idea over a century ago and this idea has completely changed history. The Naismith Memorial couldn’t have a better name. Naming the building that celebrates so many great contributors to basketball after the founder of basketball himself couldn’t be better.

Top Famous Inductees

When someone is inducted into  the hall of fame they are put in with a class. Over the years there have been many classes with some of the biggest basketball contributors. Here are 6 of the most popular induction classes.


1987: Walt Fraizer, Pete Maravich, and Rick Barry

1980: Jerry Lucas, Jerry West, and Oscar Robertson

2002: Magic Johnson, Lute Olson, Larry Brown, Kay Yow, Drazen Petrovic, and the Harlem Globetrotters

2008: Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Pat Riley, Adrian Dantley, and Dick Vitale

2009: Micheal Jordan, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, David Robinson, and C. Vivian Stringer

2016: Shaquille O’Neal, Yoa Ming, Allen Iverson, Sheryl Swoopes, Tom Izzo, Jerry Reinsford

All of these players, teams, coaches, or contributors listed have done a great deal in influencing basketball history.

How does someone get in the Hall of Fame

Everyone eligible of being inducted like players, coaches, referees, and other contributors has different requirement they have to meet.


In order to be inducted a player must stay retired for four whole seasons. If they choose to come out of retirement for even a short amount of time they will have to start the process over again once becoming retired again.


Just like a player a coach needs to have been retired for four seasons. However there is another options if the coach has not yet retired. If they have coached a high school or collage team for at least 25 years than they may be considered for induction on their 26th year of coaching.


Referees need to be retired for four seasons as well. They also would have to have been a ref actively  for 25 years or more.


Contributors are eligible of induction if they  have generous contribution to basketball. Weather the contribution is generous enough to be inducted is up to the Hall of Fame induction committee.

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