What is the Best Sport to Play For Youth

It is important to play a sport, it is just as important to play a sport you like. There are many sports to play, some sports are more expensive or more dangerous than others. The average parent will spend around $650 on sports for their kids; some kids do not like the sport so here are a few sports ideas:


In this sport, gear alone is expensive, the gear costs on $400-$700 on average. There are many dangers to play football as well, from broken arms to concussions the injures are costly too. Without insurance, casting a broken bone costs $2500 on average (depending on the broken bone). There are also many good things about playing football; there are around 1.23 million youth football players. This means that the player has an opportunity to make friends. Many collages look for star football players for scholarships, there are 30,423 different types of scholarships alone just for playing football.

Ice Hockey:

Gear is this sport also expensive for this sport, gear for players (besides goalies) costs around $600. Goalie pads are typically more expensive, around $650-$800. There are many common injuries that almost all hockey players experience such as major bruising, concussions; there are also less common injuries that are still likely to occur, checking or slashing may result in broken bones.  Without insurance, casting a broken bone costs $2500 on average (depending on the broken bone).  A little over half a million american youth play hockey. There are 1,657 scholarships available for playing hockey.


This sports gear costs less for this sport, less gear needed to play this sport, gear costs around $90- $150. Soccer has a few less injures, mostly tearing or pulling. Surgery for a tear is not common but without insurance, it can cost around  $500. There are about 3 million youth in the U.S. that play soccer. There are 19,594 scholarships available for soccer. You may also like our link on soccer vs football.


Volleyball is a sport that has little to no cost; there are also less common injuries. Long term injuries are possible and they do occur due to stress/overuse on arms or stress/overuse on legs. A little less than half of a million youth in the U.S. play volleyball. there are 11,430 different scholarships for playing volleyball.


Basketball is a sport with very little gear; basketball’s necessary “gear” are basketball shoes, on average these cost $75. Most common basketball injuries are caused by falling, being shoved, or hitting the ground, a very common basketball injury is spraining an ankle. There are around 5.5-6 million youth basketball players in America. there are 15,190 scholarships are available from basketball.  The average cost to play basketball is $90-$400 on average.


Gear for the sport of baseball can be expensive, it is not as expensive as football gear. Common injuries are strains, ligament tears, and sprains. An MRI for a ligament injury is not always needed but when they are, the average MRI costs $400-$7,000. The bat costs $90-$300 on average, the helmet normally costs $45-$100. Baseball gear average total cost is $100-$350. There are 50,000 possible baseball scholarships available there are 11.5 million estimated youth baseball players.


This sport can be expensive, warm snow gear is necessary that costs around $200, snowboards cost around $150-$300 on average. There are many common injuries such as concussions, and fractures. The biggest problem with Snowboarding in most places is it is a seasonal sport, and it is done in the winter and only places with proper weather conditions and mountains. There are many Snowboarding/ Skiing scholarships available. Check out our link on Weather and snow sports.


This is not technically a sport but it is still a physical activity with competitions, a good skateboard starting cost is around $60. Common injuries are fractures and concussions usually without insurance that can cost $200-$350. Only one skateboarding scholarship is awarded each year. Check out this link on Skateboarding.


This sport is similar to track and field because they both have practices and meets. Like track, swimming has different stokes and different distances to swim and track has sprinting or long distance. Swimming can be dangerous because there is a risk of drowning, to prevent this always swim with another person near. There are 80 million estimated competitive swimmers in the United States. There are around 9.9 scholarships per swim team.