How to Play Soccer

Soccer is a popular game in many places and has many different names for it such as futbol, calico, futebol, and voetbol. In the U.S. soccer is called a beautiful game. It is a game with few breaks and one aim to score a goal. It is a fast-paced game.

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Warm Ups

Before you play the game each player should run through some stretch routine. Some of the practical routines are:


You stand by a wall and lift you leg behind you. With one hand you steady yourself against the wall and the other holds your hand in place. For it to stretch you have to gently pull your leg upwards.

-Lower Back:

To stretch your lower back you need to lay down and pull your knees towards your chest. While doing that you want keep your shoulders and head on the ground.

There are many other stretches you can do as well.

Team Positions

The soccer team all works to score goals and prevent other teams from scoring. Each team consists of 11 players. 1 goalkeeper and 10 field players.


They are the only player allowed to use their hands. They block goals and stay in the penalty area of the field.


They are playing in front of the goalkeeper. They are responsible to stop the other team from scoring. As the Defender you play on the left and right of the field and stay on the same side of the field for the majority of the game. The central defenders are in the middle of the field and typically cover the opposition’s leading goal scorer.


They are the link between the defense and attack. When your a midfielder you have to be the most physically fit players on the field. They will be running most of the games. The need to be prepared to go on the other teams side of the field.


Their main job of a forward is to score goals or help create them for team mates. The center forward should be the leading goal scorer.

-The Field

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The soccer field looks likes a giant rectangle that is at least 100 yards long and 5o yards wide. It has a goal in the center at both ends  of the field. On the field there is marks including those for the penalty area and spot, the center spot for kick-offs, and the corners for corner kicks.

The field is divided in half by a halfway line, which joins the middle of the both touchlines. In the center of the halfway line there is the center spot. The center spot is a round circle with a 10 yard radius.

The field is made of grass or it can be made of manmade materials like Astro Turf. The color must always be green.



Dribbling is the most basic skill of soccer. It is the ability to carry the ball past other players well being in control of the ball. If the player can’t dribble the ball, then he is unable to play. Well dribbling make sure not to look down and use both feet.

-Changing Directions

Before you try to change directions you want to make sure you have enough space to turn with the ball. You will want to turn from you opponent and use the outside or inside of your foot. What side of your foot you use depends on where the pass is coming from and where the players around you are at.

How to Coach Soccer

Though the size of the field can vary, the markings remain pretty much the same.

-Support the players

You want to be specific when you praise the players. You need to display good sportsmanship for you team to learn from. When you coach soccer in always need to remember that kids make mistakes its part of their learning process.

-Before Game Talk

When you give a talk before the game you need to remember to be brief, speak calmly, conduct the talk away from any other distractions, avoid saying phrases that may provoke pressure or stress such at “let score 3 goals today.”

Much of the information found in the article is found of Soccer for Dummies. 

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