NBA 2K18


Gaming is very popular all throughout the world. Some popular games include Mine craft, Fornite, etc. However, on September 19th, 2017 NBA 2K18 was released to the public. However, those who had pre-ordered the game received it 4 days earlier on September 14th. People all over the world rushed to the stores to make sure they were one of the first to own this game. Now it is played daily by thousands of people all over the world.

Game play

NBA 2K18 is a video game available for Xbox 360/1, Switch, PS4, PS3, and PC. This game allows players to feel as though they are a real life NBA player. The main menu page of the game allows you to pick a number of options such as play now, mycareer, myteam, mygm/myleague, and options.

Play Now

If play now is selected, then the gamer gets to hop right in as if they are one of the current teams/players in the league. Once they select their team, they can choose what jerseys the team wears. They can also choose what team they play against, and the starting lineup. Depending on what teams home and what team is away will choose what arena the game is played at. They then play through 4 quarters of the time period of their choice. They also have the option to call time out, run plays, and sub players in/out. The gamer can even choose to be a team from a certain year. For example, they can choose the 1998-1999 Utah Jazz team. Also, the gamer can save and quit the game they are currently in and come back to it later.

In the picture above, the gamer has chosen to play as the Dallas Mavericks with the opponent being the Golden State Warriors.


If the gamer chooses the option titled “mycareer” then they get to create their own player. They can choose his height, skin color, hair color, hair style, tattoo’s, and any feature one can think of. They can also choose what position they play (point guard, small guard/shooting guard, small/power forward, and center.) Once they create their player they start playing in a game where NBA general managers are supposedly watching them. After they play a couple of those games, they go to the NBA draft. During they draft they watch the timer count down until each player is drafted. Eventually they are drafted by some team. Once drafted, they go through one or two press conferences where they are asked questions and they can choose between a couple different answers. Then they can start playing with their new team. As a rookie, the gamer will not get to play the whole game. However, they will have the option to flash forward to their next appearance


In this option, they can also buy their play shoes, cut their hair, run through drills, and go to popular player training camps ( Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, etc.)


If the gamer clicks on this option, then they get to put together their very own dream team. They start by selecting the coach they want for their team. They then “draft” all the players they want to have on their team. It’s almost as though the gamer is acting as a general manager in this option.  Once the gamer has their team figured out, they will start playing against other drafted teams. The gamer competes with their team in a best-of-seven elimination-style competitions. After each round, they can redraft their team, and they can try to get the players back that they had on their team before.


If the gamer chooses this option, then they can now control one or all of the teams in the NBA. You get to choose how long games are, how many games are in a season, what teams play each other, and many other things. The options in this selection are limitless. Gamer’s tend to enjoy this option a lot and spend much of their playing time under this option.


If the gamer clicks on “options” then they can control the volume, music, graphics of the screen, and many more settings.


NBA 2K18 is a game that is consistently played by hundreds of kids and teenagers and even adults/parents get it on the fun at times. It gives kids the chance to experience a little bit of their dreams by showing them what life in the NBA is like.

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