Futbol Vs Football, What Is The Difference

Futbol Vs Football, What Is The Difference

Futbol, or commonly known as soccer, is a game that you use your feet to kick a round ball. In football, you use your hands to carry and throw a egg-shaped ball. You score in different ways in each game. The length of the games are also different. The fields are not the same. Each sport needs different equipment to play. Each game requires the players to do different physical tasks. The 2 games are different, and in this article, the differences will be discussed.

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The Actual Game-

Soccer consists of 2 halves, and they are both 45 minutes. Football has 4 quarters, and they are all 15 minutes. In soccer you score by kicking the ball into a 8′ X 24′ goal. In football, you can either score a touchdown, which counts as 6 points, or a field goal, which is 3 points. Then, after you score a touchdown, you can kick an extra point, which is worth 1 more, or go for a 2-point conversion. To win in both of the games, you need to score more points than your opponents.    Football is the more high scoring game, while soccer a game where the game can be tied 0-0 at the end.

The Field-


Football has a field that is 120 yards long and 53 yards across. Soccer has different sizes of fields, but the average is between 110-120 yards long, and 70-80 yards long. So a soccer field is bigger than a football

field. Both soccer and football fields have lines on them. In football, there are lines every 5 yards, and every yard, there is a smaller mark. In soccer, there is a line in the middle of the field. Also, there is a 18 yard box, and a 6 yard box on each side of the field. In the center of the 18 yard box, there is a mark. The mark is 12 yards from the goal.



The Equipment-

In soccer, all you need are the proper shoes and shin guards. In football, you need a lot more equipment to keep you safe. You need a helmet to protect your head, a mouth guard to protect your teeth, and shoulder pads. In addition, you also need thigh, hip and knee pads. A cup is also necessary. Also, there are gloves for catching, but these are optional.

What The Players Do-

In football, there is a lot of running into other people. In soccer there is a lot of running, and not as much physical contact as in football. Football has a lot of throwing and catching the football. Soccer, you kick the ball with your feet. You need a lot of lower body and core strength in soccer. To play football, you need a lot of upper body strength. In both sports, you need a lot of awareness to see what you need to do with the ball.

Common Injuries-

In both soccer and football, there are a lot of injures that can occur to you while playing. There are a lot of head injuries in football. Most of them are concussions. Other injuries include broken bones and torn muscles, mostly in the upper body. Soccer has a lot of the same injuries that football has. There are concussions in soccer, but not as much as in football. Other injuries include strained or torn muscles. Unlike football, most of the injuries happen in the lower body. Both sports have their risk to play.

The Teams-

When playing soccer, there are 11 players on each team. There are also different positions on the field. On the field is a goalie, who is the only player on the field who can use their hands. There are defenders, who try to stop shots going toward the goalie. As well as the defenders and goalie, there are also midfielders. These players can play offence and defense. Last but not least, there are the forwards. The main goal of these players is to score goals. When playing soccer, there are substitutes that can be used. In a professional game, only 3 subs are allowed.

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Football is also 11 v 11. In football, there are a lot of positions. There is the quarterback, who is usually the most player on the team.  There is also the running back, who runs with the ball. The wide receivers catch the ball when it is thrown from the quarterback. There is also a tight end, who can block for the running back or catch passes. There is also a offensive line, who block the defense from sacking the quarterback. On the defense, there is the defensive line. They try to sack the quarterback or stop the running back from going to far. Behind them are the linebackers. They can cover the wide receiver, the tight end, sack the quarterback, and stop the running back if they get past the defensive line. There are also defensive backs, who’s main job is to cover the wide receivers and stop them from catching the ball. There are also kickers and punters, who kick the ball.