Softball Is Coming In The 2020 Summer Olympics

Softball Is Coming In The 2020 Summer Olympics

There is no greater reward for an athlete than to play in the Olympics. The Olympics are pinnacles in many athletes careers. Athletes spend their whole lives training and practicing for an opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games. The Olympic stage is full of athletes that reached the stage and are full of dedication and heart and it always shows while they compete. The Olympics is all about the spirit of competing. Not all sports can be part of the Olympic Games. So, many athletes never get the opportunity to take the big stage. Debates surround the sports in the Olympics. The controversy is always on whether certain sports should become part of the Olympics. Softball has been part of the Summer Olympics as well as baseball.

The Effect the Removal of Softball in the Olympics

The removal of softball in the Olympics had a negative effect on the softball community. Softball is an individual sport. When you think about softball you don’t immediately think of baseball so it is an individual sport. Softball was a reminder to women that their sports are just as important as male athletics. Many people enjoy watching this sport. Men’s sports tend to be watched more. Yet, many enjoyed watching softball.

Baseball also ended up being removed from the Olympic Games. The removal was not as big of a hit to baseball as it was for the softball community. Baseball is a major sport in the U.S. There are two professional leagues that players can play in. They can play in the American Baseball League or the National Baseball League. The leagues are each made up of fifteen teams. Every TV Network in the U.S. broadcasts professional baseball. Players are making very good money. To not be able to participate in the Olympics wasn’t as big a deal because baseball still had the MLB to lean back on. Softball on the other hand has barely any professional teams. There are 6 professional softball teams in the U.S. and they make next to nothing and just play softball for the love of the game.

Softball vs. Baseball

Softball is often referred to as being similar to baseball, but it is an entirely different game. The two games do share a lot of similarities but they also have a lot of differences. Some similarities are that both sports have fields with and infield and a outfield. They both also use bats in an attempt to hit and score. Also they both also use gloves to catch either a softball or baseball depending on the sport.

Some differences include softballs having a significantly greater circumference than baseballs. Another difference between the two sports is the distance between the bases. In softball the bases are 60 ft apart whereas in baseball the bases are 90 ft apart. The pitching styles also differ. In softball pitchers pitch underhand. However, baseball pitchers throw overhand at a greater speed. In softball you can not lead off. Players are aloud to leave the base when the pitch leaves the pitchers hand. In baseball though players can lead of and don’t have to wait on the bag until the pitch is released from the pitchers hand. In baseball pitchers pitch from an elevated mount while softball players pitch on even ground. Another difference is a baseball game is played to 9 innings while in softball only 7 innings are played.

Softball Being Reinstated Is Important

Softball is now once again going to be part of the Summer Olympics starting in 2020 at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. People around the world note the differences between these sports. This is why it was so important to have softball as part of the Olympics. Now that softball has been brought back to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics it can once again stand as a positive role model for women’s sports. Men’s sports have always dominated the Olympics and softball has become important in showing that women’s sports should not be overlooked. Softball is not only entertaining to watch, but it also brings an empowering message to women athletes. Softball being brought back to the Olympics is an important step for softball. In 2020 softball will once again become part of the Summer Olympics and return to being a role model for women’s sports.