How to Avoid 9th Grade Girl Drama

Avoiding 9th Grade Girl Drama:

Basically, there is one simple solution for avoiding 9th grade girl drama. Have no friends. This way you don’t have to worry about maintaining relationships and making people mad. People say that there is safety in numbers, but obviously not. If you want to avoid gossip, just have no friends! This way there will be no one to tell it to you. #lonewolf

Tip number one

The first tip is to not get into relationships. First of all, they are pointless because you can’t drive and you can’t go anywhere. The only thing you would be doing is screwing up your friendships. (Yet, if you take to being a lone wolf you can ignore this entire tip and die alone with fifty cats.) #alone

tip number two

Don’t spread rumors! Don’t try to ruin someone else’s life if you don’t have your own put together. Obviously if you’re reading this you have some serious problems. Just be honest with yourself and others. Honesty is the best policy and will help you in the long run. #getyourselftogether

tip number three

Don’t be a drama queen. If you are always looking for drama you are going to end up alone, but not by choice. Simply people don’t like being around a drama queen. Here is the definition of a drama queen according to google:”dra·ma queen noun informal a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.” #DRAMAQUEEN

tip number four

Never wear the same shirt as another person. People do not like when people have the same clothing choices as them. Your choice in clothing is what makes you unique! The only exception to this would be if you’re twinning with your friends, but otherwise it’s a big no no. #twinningiswinning?

tip number five

Ummm jr. high called. They want their drama back. Like for real, come on you’re technically in high school now. Leave the sevies to it and enjoy your last few years before becoming even more stressed out in college, unless you decide to become a hobo. That’s a cool passion too. #grow-up

tip number six

Well, lots of girls like to hangout with guys because there’s less drama. But save it! Why not just hangout with yourself? That way there’s no drama and you can just chill in your pajamas. #treatyoself

tip number seven

Obviously, just don’t argue with someone whose opinion doesn’t matter. Like please, let me cancel my subscription to your issues, or let’s just dance fight it out. #unsubscribe

tip number eight

Don’t be so needy. It’s so much better to just lurk in the shadows and stalk people. For example, why try to embarrass yourself talking to someone when you can just sit there and stare at them?! #stalking

tip number nine

Stay away from social media. Obviously that crap is just for all of the likes and followers you can get, and people seeking attention. (Unless you go back to tip number eight, therefore stalk away girlfriend! Or boyfriend!) #socialbutterfly

What if your friend is the drama queen?

Sorry sweetie, but you just gotta drop them ASAP. If you don’t act fast they’ll just continue to fill you up with poison until someone better comes along. You can try to stay by their side, but the only way to stop them is to either leave them or try to change them for the better.

How do you stop your friend from being a drama queen?

First, you should never be judgmental of others. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Also you should maybe do some meditation. This way you and your friend can be centered and help each other through your problems.

Quoting others experiences:

“Get a good group that has none, or go gay.”-Kade Kent Neerings

“Drama is stupid.”-Jen  Mackenzie-Kay Olpin

“Just stay away from it.”-Madison Taylor Evans

“Avoid girls at all costs. Amen!”-Spencer William Pehrson

“9th grade girl drama is for boys.” -Meg Patricia Poll

“Really in the end drama just equals: Dumb Rejects Asking for More Attention.” -Hailey M. Bouy

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