Basketball, What Is It?


The Game

Basketball is a game that can be played anywhere but it is mostly played in North America and Europe. The best league in the world in the United States, the NBA. This is where the best players in the world play. The game itself is quite simple. There are two teams that play each other and try to score the most points. There are five people on the court for each team, which is ten players in all.  It has four, twelve minute quarters with a break between quarters two and three. You win if you have the most points at the end of the game. There are a lot of points in a basketball. A regular shot is worth two points, and there are also three pointers, and they are a lot farther away then two pointers.Image result for basketball

The Positions

In basketball, there are a lot of different positions. The positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center, and each position has different things they have to do. One example is the point guard. These players are usually the smallest players on the court. They also are usually the best passers on the team. The shooting guard, along with the small forward, are usually the players who score the most point. The power forward and center are the biggest players on the court. They are usually the best defenders on the team.


The best league in the world is the NBA, which is in the United States. The league consists of thirty teams, fifteen in each conference, the West and the East. In each conference, there are three divisions.  They play eighty-two games in a regular season, and then the best eight teams from each conference go to the playoffs. From there, they play in a best out of seven series. The final two teams, one from each conference play in the finals. Whoever wins four games first is the champion of the NBA. There are also a lot of individual awards that can be won in the NBA. The biggest one is the MVP. This award goes to the best player in the NBA. There is also the Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year.Image result for basketball

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 Good Players in the NBA

Since the NBA is the best basketball league in the world, you could assume that the players are also very good. Some are a lot better than others. These are some of the best

Point Guard

Stephen Curry-

Steph Curry play point guard for the Golden State Warriors. His jersey is the number 30 He was won the MVP, the best player in the league, two times, in 2015 and 2016. He has also won two NBA championships, beating the Cleveland Cavilers both times.

Russel Westbrook-

Russel Westbrook plays point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His number is 0. He is the reigning MVP, meaning that he won the award last year. He ended last season averaging a triple double, which had not been done since the 1961-62 season.

Kyrie Irving-

Kyrie Irving is the point guard for the Boston Celtics. He wears the number 11 jersey. He used to play for the Cleveland Cavilers, where he won a championship in 2016, where he had an incredible series.

Other great point guards, Chris Paul, Isiah Thomas

Shooting Guards

James Harden-

James Harden plays for the Houston Rockets, and wears number 13. He is one of the best scorers in the league. He plays with one of the best point guards, Chris Paul.

Klay Thompson-

Klay plays for the same team as Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors. He is number 11. Klay is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA. He has also won two championships

Small Forwards

LeBron James-

LeBron James is arguably the greatest player the NBA has ever known. He plays for the Cleveland Cavilers.  He wears number 23, the same as the player he is compared to, Michael Jordan. LeBron has won four MVP’s, three Finals MVP, and three championships

Kevin Durant-

As many other players on this list, he plays for the Golden State Warriors. He is one of the best scores in the league. He used to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder with Russel Westbrook and James Harden.

Power Forwards

Anthony Davis-

Anthony Davis plays for the New Orleans Pelicans. He is a great all around player. He also plays with Demarcus Cousins. Together, they make a great duo.

Draymond Green-

Draymond Green is one of the most hated players in the league, but one of the best. He plays for the Golden State Warriors. He won the Defensive Player of the year last year.


Rudy Gobert-

Rudy Gobert plays for the Utah Jazz, and wears the number 27. He was the runner-up in the Defensive Player of the Year. He is one of the best rim protectors in the game.

Deandre Jordan-

He plays on the Los Angles Clippers. His number is 6. Deandre is known as one of the best ally-oop dunkers, along side his teammate, Blake Griffin.