The BEST Spider-Man


There are many argument about who is the better Spider-Man. There is Tom Stanley  Holland or Andrew  Garfield. They are both really great actors, but who looks the best, is the real question. Tom Holland is this cute 5’8, British, strong, man. Andrew Garfield is also  British/American , 5’10 and kind of strong, man. I personally think that Tom Holland did better. Tom showed how most teenagers act and feel all the time, he didn’t portray the looks though (he is too cute).  Andrew looked more like an actual nerd, not to be mean. Lets get down into what you all came for, the looks comparison. Tom Holland is 5’8, has brown hair, brown eyes, he has a perfect toned body. Andrew is 5’10, brown eyes, brown hair and is very skinny.


Humor is very important. That’s probably the most important thing in a man, other then their looks.  Everyone likes a man that can take a joke, or is a joke.  Tom Holland more has the sarcastic humor, he is also a big prankster. Furthermore Andrew is very serious and always look mad or ticked off. In most interviews Tom is very silly and likes to joke around with his other co-stars. I personally think that humor is a very important part of personality, that’s what I look for in a man.

Before they were famous:

Tom did a little acting before he was famous. He portrayed a role as Billy Elliot: The Musical in London. Tom was also in the movie The Impossible in 2012. Tom attended  Donhead Preparatory School before he got accepted by the BRIT school of Performing Arts and Technology. Andrew starring role in Hacksaw Ridge in 2004. Andrew  trained at the Center for Speech and Drama at the University of London. They both have a ton of dance and acting back rounds.


Tom is a family guy, he loves his family and loves being around them. He has 6 people in his family total, counting him. His parents are Nicola and Dominic Holland. Nicola is a professional photographer. Dominic is a comedian and an author.  Tom has 3 brothers, Harry, Sam and Patrick or Paddy.  Harry and Sam are twin brothers. Andrew Garfield has 4 people in his family. His parents are Lynn and Richard Garfield. Andrew has one brother named Ben Garfield.


Tom has starred in a bunch of other movies including: Captain America: Civil War(2016) , In the Heart of the Sea (2015), Pilgrimage(2017), Edge of Winter(2016), The Lost City of Z(2017), The Impossible(2012), Chaos Walking (2019), Spider-Man Homecoming(2017) and Avengers Infinity War (2018). Andrew has starred movies including: Boy A (2007), The Imaginaruim of Doctor Parnassus”(2009), Never Let Me Go (2010), The Social Network (2010), 99 Homes(2015), Breathe(2017), Silence (2016), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and Hacksaw Ridge (2016). They have starred in tons of movies and probably more

Personal Life:

Tom reside in London with his brothers and parents. Tom  also has a cute dog named Tessa, she’s pitbull. Normally you’d think of pitbulls being a scary dog that wants hurt everyone. she is totally the opposite, she is the sweetest. When Tom was just 7 years old, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Along with his three siblings Holland sponsors The Brothers Trust, a UK Registered Charity that raises money for various charitable causes. He wants to help everyone as much as he can.  Andrew Garfield has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom. He still loves both, he said they both feel like home. He mostly spends his time in the U.S., working on movies. Andrew  does not publicly discuss details of his private life. In 2011, Garfield began dating his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone sometime during production of the film. Emma was his “crush” in the film. In 2015 it was  sad news that they have split up. In 2011, Garfield became the Ambassador of Sport for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), how sweet!

What They Think of Each Other:

Tom and Andrew both praise each other for doing a fabulous job on playing the role of Spider-Man/ Peter Parker. I think it is awesome that they have respect for each other. They should be hating each other or competing against each other. In some interviews they leave/ say nice comments about their acting or just them as a person. I have learned a lot about these both fabulous guys, but I still have a favorite. Which is TOM HOLLAND!

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