How to be Confident in your Dancing!

Being confident in your dancing is very important.

You want to show the judges and your audience that you know what your doing and that your the best dancer at that competition, and that your dancing is the best!


Lots of dancers come out on the floor looking like they already won the competition but the reality is their freaking out inside. Want to know how to not only look confident but be confident in your dancing? Well you’ve come to the right place! You need to be mentally and physically prepared. Now you might not know what that means right now but by the time you have finished reading this you will have never felt more confident in your dancing and yourself.

How to be mentally prepared

  • Run over your dance in your head.
  • surround your self with positive people who encourage you to do awesome.
  • Don’t let other competitors get in your head.
  • Don’t overthink your choreography, you know it.

Being mentally prepared is very important. Your head is the place that gets to you most. If you tell yourself you dancing looks amazing it will be. If you tell yourself your dancing looks really bad, well you know the outcome. Believe it or not the judges do notice if your not mentally prepared and aren’t confident in your head. Dancers that make it big time don’t mess around, They prepare for everything. Being mentally prepared is very important to them because everyone can tell there confident, happy, and love dancing.

How to be physically prepared

  • Make sure your drinking lots of water and staying hydrated .
  • Make sure your costume makes you feel good.
  • Eat a good breakfast, because that’s the most important meal of the day.
  • Go to bed early! Don’t stay up late, it won’t benefit you at all.

Being physically prepared is definitely the most important. All the point that are already given are common sense but should definitely be taken seriously. You want to perform your very best at your competition and you can’t do that if your dehydrated, tired, and itchy costume, and you sure can’t perform on an empty stomach!

Confidence is key!

Your probably wondering how does this all tie into having confidence in your dancing, but it’s simple. These are the keystones to being a confident dancer. Confidence doesn’t just happen. Imagine working so hard for a certain dance step but just can’t get it. What do you do? Right, you work for it you most certainly don’t give up. Same idea with being confident and happy with your dancing. You have to work for it, it doesn’t just come. Dancers that are famous world wide don’t not have confidence, that’s one of the biggest reasons they look so good. Confidence shows on the inside and the outside. That is why it’s crucial to have it, Having confidence opens up the doorway to a happy dance career. Confidence is key!

Having confidence tells other people that you know that you are a good dancer. Now there isn’t a definition of being a perfect dancer, you have to write your own definition. Whenever you think that you are at the level you need to be at and perform the very best your capable of doing, that’s when you created your own definition of dancing!

Be confident in your dancing, and so will other people to!

Dancing is a way to tell a story and sometimes even make people cry.  Imagine going to a dance performance and watching someone dance who has no facial expressions, and has absolutely no confidence in there dancing. Dance performances are boring. Having confidence in your dancing lets people know that you love what your doing up on that stage and chances are they will love and enjoy it to!

I know when I go to dance performances of other people i’m in awe. If you want someone to look at you that way, confidence will be your best friend.

Now your ready!

I guarantee you that if you have confidence in your dancing you will see your improvement in the next couple days! Just always remember, confidence is key and if you always have confidence in your dancing you will be the best dancer at your studio! Remember to be physically prepared, mentally prepared, have confidence and your golden!

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