How To Get Good Grades

Strategies to Receive Good Grades
  1. Make flashcards
  2. Ask questions about something that doesn’t make sense
  3. Study for tests! This will make a huge difference!

Making flashcards for a test or even just to study vocab, will help memorize things faster. When a big test comes, that could potentially increase your grade, your’e going to want to make sure that you are very prepared. That one test could increase your grade dramatically! When asking questions in class, it will help make sure that you understand things better or even help you learn about something that wasn’t making any sense at all. Studying for tests is a huge key to receiving good grades! I know, you would rather be doing something else than studying, but even taking 10 minutes could make a huge difference! All of these things can increase the grade, if you try! Strategies and study habits will help you with so many things. Being prepared will also help you. Bring things such as your backpack that has pencil and paper in it.

Effort and Focus

Effort a vigorous or determined attempt. Basically, even if you study for a hour, the effort is what really counts. Putting all of your hard work into an assignment and getting a good grade on it feels absolutely amazing! Focus is the center of interest or activity. When you zone out the rest of the world and put all of your thinking into something, that’s called focus. This is how you should do all of the schoolwork. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t have fun in class, but know where your priorities are. When effort and focus are put together, that’s when the good stuff begins. Good grades come from driven, hardworking individuals. Effort and focus will allow you to receive those good grades, and also to be a hard working, driven individual.


With patience, comes time. Teachers are very busy and can’t put in a test or assignment, that was retaken, in an instant. Trust me, I’ve been there. Patience is also a very good lesson to learn and it will come in handy in the future. This quality will increase your grades many different ways. The stress that comes from school can be calmed with patience. Patience can also help you with effective practice, so practically studying. Effective studying also ties in with effort and focus. Many qualities that you can learn come with learning how to study to receive good grades.  School can be very hard sometimes, but having a quality called patience can help you succeed!

Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself will help you conquer many things in your life span and it will help your grades tremendously. If you believe in yourself and have confidence grades could eventually come naturally towards you. If you doubt yourself, first of all stop, and secondly find something that works best for you to start having confidence. When you aren’t true with yourself, your grades are affected and your attitude will also change, which is not for the better, at all. Believing in yourself will allow you to do so many more things that you never thought you could do. Believing in yourself will help you with so many things in the future and in your schoolwork.

Teachers… they can be a pain!

Isn’t there always that one class that is very boring? Teachers can make or break the classroom. Some teachers love kids/teenagers and make the classroom so much fun, while others just read off the handbook! If one certain teacher is so confusing and you never know what’s going on, ask for help or go to another teacher who teaches the same topic. Teachers sometimes don’t understand that some topics need to be communicated more directly. Although, once you get those awesome teachers, make sure that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to understand things better!

Putting Everything Together

When all of these things are added together, good grades will start to appear. It may take some time, but in the end everything will work out if you just try. Effort and focus is what will mostly help you succeed, because with it will come studying and then good test scores! Patience, confidence, effort,teachers, and just a little bit of focus will definitely help you in the long haul. Remember, you can do it if you try and put forth the effort!