Dance Brings People Together!

All over the world people use dance to come together. Dancing is commonly found on the holidays, special occasions, and is part of lots of peoples cultures all around the world. Cultures are a big part of peoples history. Cultures also have many different types of dance, it is called culture dance. There are thousands of difference cultures all over the world, all with differences.  Many cultures have popular food dishes some have different religions. But one thing they all have in common is they all have different cultural dances. They are all unique and different but all mean a lot to the culture. Lots of cultural dances bring people together. Long ago different cultures would dance and that was there way of communicating or telling a story with there body.

China’s traditional dances

Over the years china’s cultural dances have come and gone. Many of there dances are folk dancing, or dances that were once performed as rituals, performed in the imperial court, or just for entertainment. When you think of China’s cultural dance you probably think of the traditional dragon dance or lion dance.  Back in the Han dynasty the dragon dance was a ritual to pray to the gods in times of drought. Is china’s cultural dance boring? No but writing about sure is! Chinese dances are very important to the culture. Why you ask? Because they bring people together all over china!

India’s traditional dances

India’s dances consist of many things. Dance in India comprises numerous style of dances, generally classified  as classical, folk, semi classical, and tribal dances. Dance is very important to Indians because they use it tell stories with there bodies. How cool is that!! Have you ever told a story with your body? India also consists of Bollywood dances, aka belly dancing.  I know what your thinking, belly dancing? Ewww gross! But to many people, Indian belly dancing is very popular and they spend years training to be an expert at it. India has dancing that is usually very religious and contains a story behind it!

Philippine’s traditional dances

Philippine’s dances are based around the same genre: folk. They have many different types of sub-genres but are still focused on that one theme. They are based on nature or religion, basically any type of theme that has a meaning behind it. The Filipino dance genre remains truly to its ancient traditions and roots. The Filipino people don’t know how dance existed in their country. They have many tribes that consist of their own types of dance. Their dances don’t use musical instruments, the people make their own accompaniment such as stomping or clapping. The Filipino dances are very unique because they don’t fall away from their roots and move onto other dances.

Hispanic Traditional dances

Hispanic dances consist of Samba, Tango, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Cha-Cha is a Latin dance. These dances are very festive dances that Hispanic and Latino people often perform these dances. The Hispanic traditional dances involve two people dancing together. This eventually evolved into a sport called ballroom dancing that is common all over the world. The traditional dances that the Hispanic people do is very expensive. They have very expensive dresses that the girls wear. They often have real rhinestones and very expensive imported material, texture, and fringe. Hispanic dancing is so cool am I right!!!

Dancing is a beautiful thing, so many people all around the world use it to express themselves. Whether you dance good or bad all types of dance is welcome in these different, diverse cultures. One thing all cultures usually have is a type of dance whether its new or old its there. Dance is ancient at first it just started hand signals and eventually evolved into the whole body telling stories and just grew even more from there. As you can see there is so many different ways to dance, almost every culture has a different type and it is all so unique! All the cultures dances are unique, special, and exotic all in there special way. Dance can do magical things to people and the body. It can show and tell things words cannot. Dancing will always bring people together all around the world.