How To Be A Better Dancer

Getting better at your dancing will improve lots of things! Improving your dancing has lots of different steps but is easy. Lots of the things you are about to read is common sense like, treat your body like a dancer, and have confidence. Those are important but there are so many more things that matter to. In this article you will read some of the most valuable information that a dancer could ever need. Keep reading to find out how YOU can become a amazing dancer.

Have Confidence

Having good and strong confidence is key to improving your dancing. Confidence means to be happy and loving the way you dance! Lots of kids don’t think that confidence doesn’t show on the outside but confidence shows to everyone around you. The judges can see, the audience can see and most importantly the people who your competing against. Just think about it if you walked into a dance competition and someone walked past you and you could tell she had her confidence bar set up high, I guarantee you would be intimidated. Having huge amounts of confidence is the most dangerous weapon you could have. You want to walk into the dance competition and have those girls want to idol to be you.

Treat you Body like a Dancer

Treating your body like a dancer is pretty self explanatory but its not as easy as you think.Start doing Pilates. Pilates develops long, lean muscles in the arms, legs, and glutes. Doing Pilates on a regular basis will help you get the kind of shape and strength you’re after. It will also increase your flexibility, so that you can move as fluidly as someone who dances, as well. Pilates exercises are also great for strengthening the core, which translates to better balance, a taut midsection, and a toned back.Do 30 minutes to an hour of cardio every day. In order to get into this kind of shape, you need to be at a healthy body weight. If you aren’t already there, regular cardio can help. The other component of this important factor is making sure that your diet is healthy. Make sure that the majority of your diet consists of fresh and raw foods and whole grains. Avoid eating things that come from a package as often as possible as they are usually empty calories (at best) and packed to the brim with sodium, which leads to bloat. Also make sure you are eating all the correct amounts of foods.

Have Passion

Having a passion for dancing will make someone be a better dancer. Dancing is not complete without passion and loving to go to dance every single day or whenever dance occurs. When the judges watch you dance you want to bring them back to there dancing days. All the awesome team memories and fun dances they performed and competed. If you show that on your face you will have that award within reach and all you have to do is perform to your fullest. Having passion for your dancing is easy all you have to do is think about all the hard work you have put in to your dance and its all for one thing. To win!!! If you really want to win it will show in your dancing and you will perform to your fullest.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Practice makes perfect! if you practice to your fullest it will show and all you competitions will be a piece of cake. One thing that will help you in practice is stretching A LOT. Every morning stretch, every night stretch and make sure at dance you stretch. It will help you get flexible and improve your dancing.  Practice your muscle memory. That way when you perform on stage and your mind goes blank your muscles will lead you through the performance. Practicing is also really good exercise and is fun. Who new you could have fun while your excercise!!

If you do all those things you will see improvement in your dancing. Remember to have confidence because then you will show everyone around you that you are the best dancer there. Treating your body like a dancer is very important to improve your dancing. Having passion while you dance will make the judges want to go join you on stage and dance with you. Remember to practice, practice, practice!!