How to Look Good on the Dance Floor

Do you want to know how to look like a star on the dancefloor?

Congratulations! Your in the right place and ready to dance the judges socks off!

Confidence is key!

Want to be more confident in your dancing?

First, you have to have confidence. Confidence is the key to looking great on the dancefloor! If you show your audience that you don’t believe in yourself they’re not going to believe in you! Being confident is the first step to looking like a pro on stage, if you are doubting yourself chances are your not going to perform to the best of your ability. Confidence helps you dance the best you can because you can give the dance your all and feel great about it! How do you get confidence? Stop thinking so much! Don’t overthink your dance or your costume or all the things that could go wrong, just forget all of your worries and DANCE!! Remember practice makes perfect, practice and practice your dance so you can feel great doing it! But when the time comes don’t overthink it. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Facials, Facials, Facials

Facials are very important to looking amazing on the dance floor! Have you ever watched a dance that was absolutely amazing where the dancer didn’t have some kind of emotion on their face? NO! because emotion is what makes dancing so great! Expressing emotion through dance is hard for some, and easy for others! It depends on the dancer. Even if your a pro at facials it can’t help to look in the mirror and practice! Practice your facials so you can feel comfortable performing in front of others and you can be confident. Also, take any opportunity you can to perform in front of others! This will not only build up your confidence as well but every time you perform make sure to practice your facials so you can become more and more comfortable with them. Facials make a performance look ten times better than a performer without, they can be very hard at first but once you get out of your comfort zone they come naturally. Just let whatever you feel when you dance take control!

Giving Your All

On the stage you should give everything you have. Make sure you leave it all on the stage! Even if your technique or skills aren’t the best putting all your energy into the dance makes it look amazing regardless. Always try your hardest during practice and build up your cardio so you can blow away the judges away on the stage! When you put your heart and soul into a dance it makes it looks so much better than when you just put a little effort into it. Not only will your skills look better when you put all your effort into it but all the parts in between will too! Giving your all puts energy into every movement, every step, and every motion you make it will magnify everything and make your dance so much more powerful! This is maybe the most important step to looking amazing on stage because without all your effort the dance will be missing something.

Being Prepared Physically

Looking good on the dance floor doesn’t just rely on confidence or effort, but also on how well you are prepared physically. There’s a lot of things you can do to make your performance look amazing!These are a few ways how:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice! Make sure to practice your dance so that you can build up your cardio and endurance. Practicing will give you the stamina you need to make it to the end of your dance and be able to keep your energy throughout the whole thing!
  • Eat a good dinner the night before your performance and a good breakfast! Make sure you fuel your body so you will have lots of energy for you performance!
  • Stay Hydrated! Make sure to keep drinking water even though you may be nervous.

Now You Are Ready!

Now you have all the keys to being an outstanding performer. Remember to be confident, don’t be afraid to use facials, give your best effort, and be physically prepared! Believe in yourself and the crowd will too and make sure you don’t stress yourself our before you go on stage! You’ve got this!

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