Should you read the Percy Jackson books?

Heck ya you should!! Percy Jackson books are great,they can help you feed your imagination. They have the adventure that a normal fairy tale book might not have. Also, they can kind of inform you about Greek gods and goddesses. It might not be perfectly accurate but it has good information. They helped me a lot when i had a test in my History classes and had to name the gods and goddesses. They could help you with that too. There isn’t just Percy Jackson

Should we make the books a Netflix series?

Next thing is, most of you here looking at this sight have read Percy Jackson. If you haven’t please kindly GET YOU!! Now we all know that the Percy Jackson movies SUCK. They didn’t even get the characters remotely right. I mean Percy definitely wasn’t 16 , he was 12. Anyway everyone in the fandom hate the movies. I agree. Then someone suggested that Netflix should make an animated series. Netflix made so many articles and petitions to see if they should really make a series. I don’t know what has happened to that but hopefully it makes it.

What the Percy Jackson Fandom thinks

Something else, we the people of the Percy Jackson fandom, know that in order to form a more perfect world a non-animated TV series based on the original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan be created.   The show will then be casted in such a way that the characters match the descriptions in the books, which include all of the details of each specific character (Ex: Luke’s scar). Then, the show will have each season based on a different book and be 10-13 episodes long. It will be available to watch worldwide. The show will be available to viewers on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon to increase production value.We do ordain and establish this petition for the Percy Jackson fandom.

 Make it animated

Something else, is that a lot of people think it shouldn’t be live action. They think it would be easier and faster to make it animated. They’ll have the fandom help write the script. They will have them draw the animated characters, revise the script. It would make the production faster. This is true. All of the shows that are animated come out faster because there will be less things to mess up on except the lines they characters have. There will also be less to edit out. Like all the mistakes they actors in a live action.

Take Voltron as an example. It came out faster than, say the New Girl episodes. It took less time to make Voltron, because the actors in New Girl had to look and talk to each other more than the “voices” of the Voltron cast, which means the actors have more of a chance to laugh at the others actions or lines. But, with Voltron,(or Percy Jackson if it happens) don’t really see the actions that the characters will be making, so it’s easier to not laugh in the middle of a “take”. So if the people of the Percy Jackson fandom want it to come out faster than go for the animated series. But if you want a “better quality” than go for the live action.

 Link to the petition

Also, This is the best place to sign a petition to get us the series on Netflix

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