The Pixar Theory

The Theories in the Mind of Pixar.

Many People have No idea what i’m talking about—and hopefully that is the reason why you are here.

The Pixar Theory is a theory that all the movies and stories made by Pixar, are all in the same universe or timeline if you will. This theory was thought of by a man named Jon Negroni. A Jon Negroni theory. If you think about it and if you have noticed it at all the Pixar movies have Easter eggs from their other movies or that allude to other Pixar things. That is what this theory is structured around. First things first, believe it or not, the theory is all based around the movie Brave. Which brings us to the first part of the theory.


The movie is all about how and why a girl named Merida got her mom turned in to a bear. Merida is guided by the Will of the Wisps to the old witch’s cottage. The witch tells Merida of a way to make her troubles with her mother go away. By doing what the witch told her, she turned her mother into a bear. You may be asking yourself, how does this have anything to do with all Pixar being on the same timeline? Well, in the witches cottage you can spot many Easter eggs; The pizza planet truck and Sully from Monsters Inc. Both of which are carved out of wood, since this movie is based in the 14th century.

The witch would always vanish though wooden doors. Over the centuries animals are being experimented on and slowly evolving to become anthropomorphic and gaining personification. Eventually, the magic from the Will of the Wisps would lead to the birth of the Supers.

The Incredibles

Also evolving are the humans. Which brings us to the 1960’s; the time of the Supers. Humans have evolved to have powers such as super strength, invisibility, speed, etc. Evolving in the world of technology or AI(artificial intelligence). Syndrome, the villain of the movie, creates a robot named the Omnidroid. The Omnidroid is a robot with high tech Zero Point Energy. He uses it to kill all existing Supers on the planet. The Omnidroid learns and adapts to the Supers it fights. Mr. Incredible eventually learns the Omnidroid will not take orders. It turns on Syndrome and starts attacking other beings in the city.  The AI turning on humans. Starting the war, animals vs AI., the toys start to absorb the high tech Zero Point Energy.

Ratatouille, Toy story, up, and Finding nemo. 

We now come to current day. Animals have sort of anthropomorphized and live among the humans. The toys are also gaining powers bringing them to life.  The toys start to learn that a humans love is another energy source that they can thrive on. They also learn that it is dangerous to be isolated from humans because it is their life source. Animals, as I said before, are now becoming anthropomorphized. Some having great intelligence. In the ocean we find that fish are incredibly advanced and there are signs of resentment growing towards humans for polluting the environment, stealing fish, and caging them. In Ratatouille, Remy discovers his love for cooking and displays human characteristics. Such as, walking on his hind paws, cleaning his hands, reading, and cooking.

Remy’s rat family does not approve of the humans and feels both fear and hate towards them.  At the falling of Syndrome, the technology for the Omnidroid was bought out and taken over by a company named BnL or Buy and Large.

In up, Carl’s house was purchased by BnL to expand the city. Which is later the same corporation that wipes out the earth by polluting it and shipping off all human life. Carl later meets Charles Muntz, his childhood idol, and finds out about the technology that gives animals the ability to speak. They then start to rise and fight the humans to stop pollution.

Inside out

In inside out, we see the way humans think and act. And going head on to the fact that humans are batteries. The most powerful emotion for a child is Joy, as seen by Joy being the main leader of Riley’s emotions. Most of Riley’s memories are positive, and this is because Joy is inherently a strong emotion for many children.


Now we move onto the fall of the humans and animals. After all humans have left and gone because the Earth is so polluted, machines have advanced so much that they are now alive. They are alive and feeding off the leftover human energy. The cars have come to life and taken the form and personality of their human owners. But once the energy runs out they die and go dormant until the humans come back in roughly 750 years. In cars 2, we see the cars go to Japan and we see evidence that Pixar movies are all on the same timeline. There is now an energy an crisis. A company named Allinol (BnL) makes a new type of alternative energy from human emotion. Oil ends off killing many of the cars and making the earth once again polluted. The world is now unsustainable to live on.


Earth is inhabitable and has been for a few hundred years. All caused by BnL that started in the 1950’s.  WALL-E is the only thing left on earth. Cleaning the earth to be hopefully one day habitable. WALL-E has become friends with a cockroach. Which has fulfilled WALL-E. The robots on the axiom are sucking the life out of the humans and making the humans pretty much robots. WALL-E and his love Eve save the human race and start a new beginning on Earth.

Bugs life

The plant in WALL-E is seen to grow in to a big tree. The same in A Bugs Life. Now insects can live longer and are very intelligent. They do not mention humans (because there are so little) or anything of the past. But there are animals that also have intelligence. Over about 500 years humans evolve so much that they turn into a dominant species.

Monsters inc. and Brave

After hundreds of years, animals evolve with humans and have created monsters, due to the radiation from BnL. But what BnL did not notice when they wiped out the human race, was that they needed human life for energy. They solve that by building portals or doors, as we know them in the movie. These doors are used to travel back in time to when humans were alive to collect screams and or laughs of children.

Which leads us to Boo.



Boo is a child. One that many people think is cute and innocent. But if we go back to the little old witch from Brave. She went though doors, was obsessed with bears and talking animals. And do you remember who else did those same things?

You may have guessed it already; Boo is the witch. After Boo’s obsession with Sully, she is the catalyst and the one to create this whole thing. Known as the Pixar Theory.


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