Popular Types of Dance

There are many different kinds of dance there are ballet,lyrical, jazz,Jazz funk and  hip hop and many more.There are a lot of types of dance but I will be talking about Ballet.I will be telling you the order of how you do things in those classes.

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Popular Types of Dance: Ballet

Usually in ballet you start out at the bar. What I mean by you start out at the bar is you have a bar next to  you that helps you to stay stabilized. When you are at the bar doing a combination you don’t grip the bar so you don’t fall . When you are doing combination you may want to grip the bar because some combinations are very challenging and you might feel like your going to fall. You have to use your core in the combination that is how you get strong. The bar is only suppose to help you a little. When you place your hand on the bar you want to be barely touching the bar.

In Ballet you usually will start out by doing a plea combination, When you do a the plea combination you will start out in first position.

What I mean by a position is there are different types of positions in Ballet. Their are first position,second,third,fourth,and five . Then you will do a tan-due combination. When you get done with a tan-due combination your feet are warmed up.

what to do when your feet are warmed up?

Then you will do a degage combination. When you are done with a degage combination you will then do a rond de jambe combination. When you are done that combination you will do a stretch combination. Some people do a stretch combination a couple combinations later. When done with that you will do a fondue combination. Those combinations are the simple basic combinations that you will do at the bar in ballet. In those combinations you are not just doing a rond a jambe you are also doing other ballet steps. You are just mostly doing that one thing in the combination. When you are done with those combinations you will be done at the bar.


What do you do at Ballet when you are done with the bar?

When you are done at the bar in ballet you will then go to center floor. Also you go to center floor you are warmed up you do harder things because you got warmed up. also when you were at the bar you did not just warm up you also stretched. How the bar is different than center floor is the bar helps you with balancing.

The Center Floor!

When you are at the center floor you will different turn combinations. You also might do similar combinations at the center floor that you do at the bar. Why would you do similar combinations at center floor? You would do them because it gives you a chance to do it without help of balancing. When done with turn the combinations you would do a adagio combo. That combination is a very hard combination that helps you with technical moves in ballet. Also it will help you with balancing because its just you doing the adagio with your ballet shoes and music. You have no bar to help you. Also some people will do kicks at the bar in ballet or do then in center floor, it just depends on the teacher.

Going to the side.

What does going to the side mean? Going to the side means in ballet literally going to the side of the floor in the room. When you go to the side in Ballet you will Be doing ballet combinations that you were taught across the floor. You will then be doing things across the floor that you learned at the bar and in center floor. You also will do things that you have not done yet because some things you do are traveling ballet moves. For example you will do leaps across the floor. An example of a leap is a brush leap. You do not just do a brush leap across the floor you do transition things in between the leaps you do. That is a basic ballet layout of what you do in a ballet class.

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