Top Drama Moments

Top Drama Moments:

It’s well known that 9th grade and all of high school is full of drama. Sometimes the effects of drama can be good while in other cases it can be bad. But, too much drama can be a real nuisance. Drama can set people off. Sometimes drama makes it so people get too emotional when the circumstances aren’t that big of a deal. But on the other hand, drama can be good because it causes action and people to be heard. Below are a list of Dramatic moments. Some of the moments show the negative side of drama while some may show the positive side of drama.

Moment #1:

Have you ever seen the movie Paul Blart. In the mall a fight broke out about one girl arguing whether or not she should have a piece of clothing. While, a different girl thought that she got it first. This is great example of negative drama because a fight broke out. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

Moment #2:

A positive moment of drama would be the play Romeo of and Juliet. The drama is so extensive that it creates a whole plot that attracts the attention of people. Also, when Juliet thought that Romeo was dead, she stabbed herself. But, in actuality, Romeo was still alive. And then ironically Romeo takes poison and also dies.  This whole dramatic experience shows that drama can teach us valuable lessons. Specifically, that we shouldn’t rush to conclusions solely on what one is feeling.

Moment #3:

Another great example of drama, and more or less boy drama, would be sports. Especially with the episode of players hitting other players. At  the biggest brawl ever was the Musketeers vs. Cincinnati. Players started talking smack and then things escalated into fighting. This is another example of small things causing huge problems. All due to drama.

Moment #3:

Rivalries have always been a great source of drama. One of the biggest rivalries in Utah is the BYU Cougars and the University of Utah. Have you ever attended a game between these two teams. If you haven’t, your not missing much. The drama level at these games are crazy high. Especially between the fans. When I was at the BYU bowl game between Utah and BYU I couldn’t help at laugh at all the drama. Fans all around us where talking smack to each other. Once again, I couldn’t help but laugh because the rival fans where fighting and acting like fools over something that’s not truly important.

Now for the MOst Dramatic Disney Movies:

According to google, the most dramatic movies include, “Forrest Gump, Titanic, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind,” and basically every Disney movie ever created.

Speaking of Disney movies, they are absolutely full of drama. These are also known as plot twists. (Which life is full of.) Yet all of these movies are very predictable just like these drama situations. Simply put apologies, an act of true love, or a true love’s kiss fix everything. This is what also causes drama. First off, many people argue that princesses always need a prince to save them, which obviously isn’t necessary according to many movies. Also many of these movies are just repeats of varied situations. That’s what drama is! Repetitive actions that cause for people to get angry like Ursula, maleficent, Prince Hans, etc. Don’t be like one of these villains. Yet don’t wait for prince charming to come and save you. Your choices define your life, not those around you. So this shows that you are in charge of your future and need to avoid this drama. Don’t be predictable and don’t hold grudges. Drama starts based off of jealousy, power, envying, etc. Just avoid those and then your life won’t end up as one of these top drama scenes.


Drama is defined as “an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.” The only thing to add is that usually these feeling are too exaggerated and cause problems. There are lessons to be learned form viewing dramatic moments. Drama between people can cause problems. Through the eyes of normal people, when other people are over dramatic, they have less reasons to believe them.

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