U.S. Basketball in the Summer Olympics

Dominate U.S. Olympic Basketball Team


There no question when it comes to Olympic basketball which team is the best. The U.S. team has established itself as the most dominate basketball team. It doesn’t matter whether it be Women’s basketball or Men’s. The dominance has been shown by the team’s impressive record.

The U.S. has continued to show its dominance with its record. No one can argue that they are best. The women’s team has gotten five straight gold metals in the sport. Every team knows that they are the team to beat. They try to beat the U.S. teams but to no avail.

U.S. Olympic Basketball

In the U.S. the NBA, National Basketball Association, is a professional basketball league. So when the Summer Olympics roll around it is no surprise that the best NBA players are chosen to participate in the Games. Other countries feel at times that it is unfair for the professionals to participate in the games. The problem for these countries is that there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to compete. All Olympic athletes spend their whole lives training. All of the participates in the games are “professionals”.

The women in the U.S. also have a professional organization known as the WNBA. Just because the league has less teams doesn’t make the players any less valuable and skilled. When the Olympics come around the top players are selected to compete. Women’s basketball was added following men’s basketball. The last six Olympics the women have taken the Gold and represented the U.S.

Basketball 101

All over the world kids are playing basketball. The goal of the game is to make the basketball in the basket. Basketballs are shot at the basket or backboard.  The backboard has a square painted on it. It also has a rim and a net that hangs from the rim. A man from Canada invented basketball. The game started with a set of basic rules that have evolved into the rules the game now has.

To start the game there is a tip off. Usually, the tallest player on each teams go head to head to see who can jump higher to claim the ball for their team. The referee throws the ball up in the air and both players compete for the basketball. The loser’s team has to play defense first whereas the winner’s team gets to start on offense.


Each team runs plays that they have learned so they can score. In they miss the shot they have to turn around and play defense. Players learn how to defend during practice and through experience. If the other team scores then the team gets the ball out of bounds and then has to pass it in. This when pressing in basketball truly comes into effect. The delay lets teams set up in their press that they have learned. Presses are meant to fluster the other team because of the pressure it puts on them. Frequently the pressure makes the players make bad passes that can be stolen.

Basketball is a physically exerting sport. It is tiring to constantly be running up and down the court. To deal with exhaustion teams can substitute players in. The substitute players are referred to as subs. In basketball five people are on the court for each team. Basketball teams have more players than five on them so they can substitute people in. Players are constantly running and hustling so subs are a crucial to a successful team.

How U.S. Olympians Get Their Start

Kids are always playing basketball. Whether they are playing on a rec team or for a competition team kids always have a good time. The whole point of a game is to have fun. Kids around the world love the game and devote all their extra time to it.

There are many opportunities for kids to play basketball in the U.S.. Kids can play AAU basketball or they can play in their local community on rec teams. Early basketball programs are numerous. In the U.S. programs are in every state.

The early basketball programs are where Olympic athletes usually got their start. They worked hard and practiced. Whenever they could they had a ball in their hand and were trying to get better. Also Olympic athletes got where they are through hard work and persistence. They fought through their challenges and came out on top.

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