U.S. Volleyball Summer Olympics

 Volleyball in the Summer Olympics:

There are many wonderful sports we have in the Olympics, one of them is Volleyball. Volleyball has become more and more popular over the year. Volleyball is not a contact sport but it does require many different skills that some would not even realize. Many love beach volleyball, beach volleyball is also in the Olympics. In nineteen ninety two, beach volleyball was introduced at the Summer Olympics. In nineteen ninety six, beach volleyball finally became an official Olympic sport for both women and men. Men’s and women’s volleyball was introduced as an official sport at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964, although it was demonstrated as an unofficial event at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. Initially, teams played each other in a round-robin style where the team with the best record after all games are played wins.

 Facts about Volleyball:

  • The volleyball Olympic tournament has a very stable competition formula. The following rules apply: Qualification. Two teams qualify through the Men’s and Women’s World Cup.
  • Volleyball has been part of the Summer Olympics program for both men and women consistently since nineteen sixty four.
  • BrazilUnited States, and the former Soviet Union, are the only teams to win multiple gold medals at the men’s tournament since its introduction. The remaining five editions of the Men’s Olympic Volleyball Tournament were won each by a different country including JapanPolandNetherlandsRussia and the defunct Yugoslavia.
  • Volleyball turned one hundred and fifteen in two thousand and ten. Seventy five hours and thirty minutes is the time for the longest volleyball game ever recorded; the game took place in Kingston, North Carolina. That’s quite the workout!
  • Before volleyball was known as volleyball, it was known as mignonette.
  • In nineteen hundred, the first ball specifically designed for volleyball was created.
  • Kids can play on club volleyball teams.
  • During a match, volleyball players on average jump about 300 times. No wonder volleyball players are so fit!
  • Most volleyball players do not wear loose clothing.

Beach Volleyball Olympics:

  • Beach volleyball became an Olympic sport in nineteen ninety six for both men and women.
  • Some believe beach volleyball should not be a sport because some think that its just some game you play in the sand on a holiday.
  • Beach volleyball clubs began appearing in Santa Monica during the nineteen twenties.
  • Beach volleyball is the only Olympic sport that has a rule prohibiting players from wearing too much!
  • By 1927, beach volleyball was popular in Europe.
  • Beach volleyball can be both a benefit and a hazard.
  • Playing on loose sand can increase the effort expended to run a short distance and improve balance, but it also increases the risk of a fall.
  • While falling on sand is certainly less painful than falling on a gymnasium floor, rocks and broken glass hidden in the sand can cause serious injury.

Basic Rules in Volleyball:

  • Volleyball is a game with two teams of six players on each team separated by a net.
  • A player on one team serves the ball by throwing or releasing the an inflated ball and hitting it with his hand or arm from behind the back boundary line of the court.
  • The ball must travel over the net and into the opposites team’s court. That team can touch the ball up to three times in an attempt to hit the ball over the net and onto their opponent’s side.
  • Points are awarded to a team when the opposing team is unable to return the ball onto the opposing court.
Volleyball 101:

In volleyball there are many different positions you can play but there are also different requirements for each. There is also a Libero which are the best passers on the court. There is also the left and right front which are the best hitters. After the play the right back become the server. There is also a middle or middle blocker who are usually also really tall. The front row players are usually taller than the back row. Everyone in volleyball is usually pretty tall. Players in volleyball have to be able to play multiple positions because they are always rotating around. In the gym, most players wear knee and elbow pads to reduce the risk of injury.

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