What Has Stephen Hawking Achieved?

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest cosmologist and physicists to ever live. Everyone knows Stephen Hawking has achieved much but just what has he achieved.

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Stephen Hawking’s Awards

Stephen Hawking has achieved many medals awards and achievements in his life time. A medal has been awarded to Stephen Hawking being the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. This medal makes him one of the highest ranking civilians in the USA. He was also awarded a Copley Medal in 2006 due to his advancement in any scientific branch. Stephen Hawking was also awarded in 1988 a wolf prize in physics. Which is significant because only 1 wolf prize in physics is awarded each year. Stephen Hawking was given an Albert Einstein medal in 1979. He has won 12 or more medals and awards for his scientific discoveries.

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Stephen hawking achieving the presidential medal of freedom 2009.

What Has He found about black holes?

Stephan Hawking has found many new things about black holes and physics in space. This has really advanced science and knowledge of black holes. Stephen Hawking has also created Hawking radiation which black holes emit massive amounts of as they die. Hawking radiationĀ  is a type of radiation from black holes. Hawking radiation is always there but cannot escape until the black hole dies. Black holes are supposed to make heat based on the massive amounts of energy they create. Although heat is never detected in them because it cannot escape. This is what makes black holes so hard to find, because nothing escapes not light or heat or radiation.

scientists believe there is a black hole in the middle of our universe. Black holes have something that is called an event horizon and once you get past this there is no escaping the gravity of the black hole. Black holes only gain mass by sucking in things around it, but black holes die by basically decomposing they create so much radiation and energy that they slowly die and the event horizon gets smaller making them less able to collect mass. This is how black holes die they get to small and make a massive explosion equal to the explosion of 1 million 1 ton hydrogen bombs.

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What has Stephen Hawking found about physics in black holes and space?

Stephen Hawking applied the laws of thermodynamics to black holes using advanced mathematics and physics. Really though Stephen Hawking is a genius the way he managed to do this by mixing the science of the whole solar system in general and the science of atoms or smaller particles. Doing this was amazing because no one that has attempted it has succeeded so by doing it and showing other scientists how he has pushed forward many discoveries and achievements of other scientists. He has collaborated with many other scientists in finding out about black holes using many different kinds of science.

What has he been doing now?

In these times though his disability hasĀ  really effected his ability to discover new things. Since his disability has been hard on him he has been publicizing problems and ideas to people all over the world. All though he is not able to discover new things or do math as well as he used to he is still a genius. He can still do things and be useful to science and he can consider and comes up with solutions to real world problems. He has helped a lot in this sense and has come up with many solutions to problems people face now. Hawking has been working on a space craft to go to second Earth. He has also talked about how AI may destroy humans or take them over. Hawking believes people will destroy earth with new technologies and advancements in science.

Like i said Hawking is still a genius it is just hard for him to use his smarts because of how severe his disability has been to him. Stephen is still active today and trying to help. Although he is not listened to by many people and his publicity has died down in the years. Hawking’s disease has made him unable to do simple everyday tasks. Hawking has also died down in popularity because he has not been coming out with any huge discoveries in the years.