gaming consoles

Gaming console’s

In the world there are many console’s like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo but did you think about how most of everything is a console the world has millions of little things that come down to the meaning of consoles.


The Atari’s PONG arcade machine

was popular in 1973 that Atari decided to market the game as a home console two years later in 1975. This gaming system was the first ever gaming system to go on market to become a home game console.


Xbox was release in 2001., owned by Microsoft this console was released in 2001. Ever since then Xbox has been one of the power houses of the console world. Their newest console include the Xbox One X but they had the Xbox 360, Xbox one, and the Xbox one s.

The Xbox 360 was released as the successor of the original Xbox in November 2005. By June 30, 2013 there was  78.2 million Xbox 360 consoles sold. The Xbox 360 had 512 MB ram: eight times the memory in the original Xbox for faster access to gaming software.  Also has better response times when you access your game in RAM rather than from the DVD or other optical drive.

The Xbox one is Microsoft’s third generation console. in fact they have made three new models. There is very little differences from the Xbox one S to the Xbox one. The Xbox one S is a slim version of its first design, it also has a 2 Tb hard drive. The news version is the Xbox One X released on November 7, 2017 and is the latest version of the Xbox One, adding native 4K support and boasting improvements in a number of games spanning the life of the console. As of this writing, the Xbox One S remains on the market alongside the Xbox one X.


The console was released by Sony on 3 December 1994 in Japan, 9 September 1995 in North America, 29 September 1995 in Europe, and for 15 November 1995 in Australia. The console was the first of the PlayStation consoles to come.

The PlayStation has had many different models and many new builds sins technology has advanced through the years. The news version is the Ps4 pro. Sony  also made other electronic devices such as TVs, Blu-rays, and AV systems.


Nintendo has a big part of millions to billions of people because Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Metriod series. The Nintendo has made many consoles including Wii and Wii U,  the Nintendo Switch, the GameCube, and the all of the Ds.

Games for each

The Xbox: has many first person shooters,  Call of Duty and Battlefield. The most know is halo. Halo is really the only big exclusive  game that they have. Xbox does have many  indie (smaller games) and they can be really fun.

The PlayStation: has first person shooters, destiny and star wars battle front.  Some big exclusives may include uncharted and horizon zero dawn. PlayStation as bonus perks and exclusive content.

For More Information on Call of Duty and Battlefield, click here.

The Nintendo: games are Mario, Mario cart, super smash bros, donkey Kong, and Kirby are just a few games that you can play.

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