The Legend of Zelda

Some of the important history of The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an amazing puzzle game with dungeons that will help you along in the game.  The game series was first started by Nintendo in 1986.  The first game of the franchise of The Legend of Zelda is “The Legend of Zelda”.  The Legend of Zelda  was for the Nintendo Entertainment System and it has over 6.50 million copies sold.  There are 19 different games at the moment with The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild.  Most noteworthy, each game is an original story yet stays true to the story line of saving a princess.  Especially relevant, you play as Link, the hero, who usually has to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from a power crazed person. Hence, these monstrous villains usually are trying to rule or destroy the kingdom.

The Hero

Since Link is the hero of the Games he is a character that you can become very attached to as you travel in his journeys.  In most of the games, you learn about each of Link’s back stories and why they do the things they do.  Link is a small time town boy who somehow finds his way into the middle of the conflicts.  He is usually around 10 years old or 17 years old.  His hair color is between blonde to sandy blonde and is lanky and figures out how to fight.

Link is most notable for his famous Green tunic, his shield and The legendary Master Sword.   He always seems to have a friend to help him fight against the evil people.  An important tidbit is that most of the time Link is a mute.   In addition, he is also an orphan losing his father as he was a solider, and his mother trying to defend Link as she got him to the Great Deku Tree.

The Princess

Zelda is no ordinary princess for she is not helpless.  Though captured often, she fights and works very hard to protect her kingdom.  Zelda is the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia.  There are four goddesses and Hylia was the protector of the world.  Hylia passed down magical powers to help Zelda with her battles.   Another fact about Zelda is that she holds the Triforce of Wisdom which makes her very smart and wise.  It also makes her telepathic and increases her power when she uses it.  Lastly, she is able to create the best plans due to using her great powers.

Zelda and Link usually ends up fighting together in the end.  It seems there is a love connection between these two.  In some stories, it really shows, other games, not so much.  They do argue and fight like brother and sister but there is much more to it.

Main Villain

The main villain or bad guy most people will think about is Ganon or Ganondorf.  As the only male in his tribe, he becomes the king of thieves and traitors.  They are a  very dark, bad, scary, bottom of the pot type of people.  An interesting fact is that males are born only every hundred years and have red hair.   Ganondorf  serves the King of Hyrule after the Hyrule Civil War.  As a result, under that King, Ganondorf learned about the almighty Triforce.  So, the goddesses gave the almighty Triforce power to the people.  Consequently, with this knowledge, he planned a coup to kill the king and steal the Triforce.  This is where the Ocarina of Time takes place.

Important Defeats

Ganon is defeated and sealed in a sacred place called Sacred Realm in one story timeline.  The Triforce is usually stored in The Sacred Realm which is ironic.  Because Link was sent back to his youth, Ganon broke free and attacked Hyrule.  This resulted with the Goddesses flooding Hyrule and locking it away under the great ocean.  Once again Ganon tried using the Triforce to unflood Hyrule but before he could, the King of Hyrule wished that what wasn’t in the ocean was destroyed.

Another important defeat of Ganon was where Link took the Ocarina of Time away and Ganon attacks Hyrule with his tribe to steal the Triforce.  Ganon attempt was met with failure and he was sealed in the Mirror of Twilight. He escapes many centuries later and releases his vengence across the land.  Link’s new reincarnation eventually defeats him with the master sword.

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