The weather now and before, Whats the difference?


The weather now and before, Whats, the difference?

The weather in the past,

The world is always changing but by how much? To find this out we need to go back at least two decades ago, since two decades ago the global weather and temperature has gone up six-tenths of a degree. Many ice caps have lost over 4.9 trillion tons of ice. Caps of ice melt because the world gets really hot and the ice caps do not like it so they try to sneaky man out of there. The effect of the ice caps melting have in fact made the sea level rise 3 inches. In 1997 the average temperature was 70.9° central park in June, in 2017 the average temperature in Central Park was 72.0°. The tempuratur has changed alot through the time and space. The earth gets how and then the ice and snow melts.

Hurricanes 1997 to 2017,

Hurricanes have been a massive danger to people that live on the coasts. The storms can be formed with a cold front. That mixes with a warm front and they collide and mix and turn and form a massive storm. The storm can reach very dangerous speeds and cause havoc on anything in its way. In 1997 hurricane Erika was a category  3. The storm reached 125 mph and lasted from September 3 to September 20th. In 2017 Maria was the worst storm that had come through. It reached up to 175 mph and caused havoc all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The cost of storms,

There are a lot of bad things that can come with natural disasters many things that come with them. The weather is the thing to happen in hurricanes is the loss of many peoples lives. When a  storm rolls over a city it can destroy everything, like hurricane Irma. Irma cost the government over $150 million in damage. Other effects of a hurricane can cancel huge sports events such as hurricane Harvey in 2017 canceled a BYU-LSU they had to relocate from Houston to New Orleans. Storms have changed the way we do things since the beginning of time which was long ago.

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Storm sizes, Whats the deadliest? Whats changed?

Of course there have been storms since the beginning of time so in 1971 Saffir Simpson made a scientific storm system. This system helped scientists in telling how big i storm would be. The storm is bad it can kill many people and do damage. The storms might have been not so bad back in the 1997. It was not as bad people got scared and did not go outside. But the storms can be helpful to the place the storm hits its spooky hurricanes. Tropical storms are very dangerous they go on the beach and will pull you away. Did they storms do any good to that city’s?

What causes these storms?

Storms are cause when cold fronts and warm fronts mix and make a very deadly scene. All of them can do a lot of damage and these have been going on for very long years and never have ended and never will end. I am trying to get all of these paragraphs very long so i can get through this blog post. Storms can be wet and cause people to get fat with too much water but storms can also get dry like the spiny thingy that go woo. Storms and weather can be a big disaster in the worlds economy. It can cost governments and tax payers a lot of money that is really hard to get back since the world is in debt.

Tropical storms,

Tropical storms are formed when the moon is at the right angle and it makes waves. The waves cause ocean drift which moves the wind and it collides with other wind to make a big wind. The big wind can be very dangerous since you are on an island. Try to be stranded so never be on Hawaii when a tropical storm hits because you wont live. The island or beaches hit by tropical storms loses a lot of crabs that fly away from the storm. Also the loss of dolphins in the ocean is traumatic.